Cool Tech
Cool Tech

Watch this amazing dog-drone help to promote a small town in Japan

A town in Japan has attached a set of propellers to its mascot dog for a marketing video promoting local sights. The dog-drone must surely be the first of its kind in the world, and should help to pull in a few extra tourists.
Cool Tech

Starbucks’ $150 Ember mug will keep your coffee at the perfect temperature

You may like the idea of keeping your coffee at a constant temperature for the whole time you're drinking it, but would you be willing to shell out $150 to make it happen? Ember Technologies hopes the answer is yes.
Cool Tech

Disney scientists design high-tech room that charges mobile devices wirelessly

How about living in a house that starts charging your mobile devices the moment you walk through the door. We're talking about free-roaming wireless charging, and Disney Research has just designed a room that can do it.
Health & Fitness

Extend Fertility's egg-preservation services are fully operational in the U.S.

Meet Extend Fertility Medical Practice, branded as “a one-of-a-kind, specialty egg freezing practice." By offering egg-freezing services at low prices, it promises a way to accommodate women looking to start a family … later.
Cool Tech

The Sentinel is a robot designed to make police traffic stops safer

Prompted by the shooting of two police officers during routine traffic stops, Sentinel's creators built a robot that can carry out remote inspections and report back findings to officers.
Cool Tech

If you've got a 469-foot long yacht, be sure you pay for it in full

For what amounts to less than four percent of the total cost, or $16.3 million, a Russian billionaire's superyacht is seized in Gibraltar. Dwarfing the second longest sailing yacht, the 469-foot Sailing Yacht A is 110 feet longer.
Cool Tech

BYU’s origami-inspired Kevlar shield pops up in seconds to block bullets

Life-saving origami, anyone? Engineers at Brigham Young University have developed an origami-inspired, lightweight bulletproof shield capable of quickly unfolding to protect officers from gunfire.

Pod 3 is a modular GPS tracker for use with virtually anything

The Pod 3 is a GPS tracking device that can be attacked to pretty much anything, including pets, vehicles, bikes, and luggage, which can then be tracked using a smartphone from anywhere on the planet.
Cool Tech

Vitastiq uses electro-acupuncture to measure your vitamin levels — but does it really work?

Without pricking your skin, the Vitastiq uses a non-invasive and painless electro-acupuncture method to measure essential vitamin and mineral levels and wirelessly send the data to a mobile app.
Cool Tech

Scorpion S3 electric hoverbike looks terrifyingly fun

Do you want to travel from point A to point B, but worry that your vehicle isn’t nearly terrifying enough? If so, you may want to check out Hoversurf’s fearsome single-seat electric hoverbike.

This Flter device promises to protect you from the internet’s prying eyes

A new company wants to simplify security with Flter, a cylindrical network device that it claims will “filter” the internet. The device is on a Kickstarter campaign to garner support.
Cool Tech

Meddsy is the 'next-generation' first aid kit with practically everything in it

Backed by a team of team of doctors, soldiers, and survival experts, a new Kickstarter campaign wants to keep people well prepared in case of emergencies with a “next-generation” first aid and rescue kit called Meddsy.