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Cool Tech

Explore the Martian surface with NASA’s Street View-style 360-degree imagery

Street View gets everywhere, though it hasn't been to Mars (yet). NASA's Curiosity rover is already there, and it's kindly snapped a bunch of images to create an awesome 360-degree view of the Martian surface.

Phones with 7-day battery life are actually coming soon, says fuel-cell maker

A British tech firm says it's developing hydrogen fuel-cell technology that's small enough to fit inside a smartphone yet powerful enough to keep it running for a full week. It says it could be ready for commercial use within two years.

Neit debuts world’s first collapsible, hard case suitcase

Premium quality luggage brand Néit developed a line of suitcases that can be collapsed to nearly 70 percent its original size, making it convenient to store away when it's not in use.
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Dominate winter with this fully automatic snowball machine gun 6:29

Mark Rober, a former NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory engineer, recently took to YouTube to show off how he fashioned a snowball machine gun out of a leaf blower. Better yet, the plans are available online for anyone to build.
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This revolutionary 3D scanner digitizes your limbs to make custom braces and casts 1:47

A student-developed 3D hand scanner called the Curatio just may herald the beginning of a truly customized arm brace, and with a little bit of luck and a lot of hard work, we may just be able to create things that, you know, fit.
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Could 3D printing be hazardous to your health? New study claims it might be

Some of the printing filaments used by 3D printers might be hazardous to your health, new research indicates. Questions still remain, such as if ventilation or proximity to the printer makes any difference.
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This projector-powered augmented reality game takes climbing to a whole new level

Jon Cheng had a brilliant idea to improve his rock climbing skills and have fun while doing it. Using some basic web programming and a projector, he turned the climbing wall of his local gym into a mini-arcade game.

The Connected Sleeve is the prettiest wireless phone charger you may ever see 0:26

At the intersection of smart technology and suave design sits the Connected Sleeve from De Rigeur, a new wireless smartphone charger that is as a beautiful as it is functional. Back it on Kickstarter!
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This is the world’s fastest mobility scooter, and it goes over 100 mph

This is not your grandfather's mobility scooter, unless your grandfather's wheels were seriously turbo-charged. Affectionately named the "Rascal," this mobility scooter proves that getting older doesn't have to mean getting…

Check out this pro skier’s stunning 360-degree video shot with a ‘selfie string’

Swiss pro freeskier Julian Vuignier has created an awesome action video using nothing more than an iPhone 6 and a piece of string. Swinging the phone around his head as he performs a series of stunts, the results are, to put it…
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This room-service robot is a real hit with hotel guests

A room-service robot called Relay is proving a hit with hotel guests with a penchant for high-tech gadgets. Currently trundling around the corridors of 12 hotels across the U.S., the bot-on-wheels delivers a variety of items and doesn't…
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A North Korean satellite passed over Levi’s Stadium after the Super Bowl ended

A North Korean satellite, the second of two confirmed by NORAD, passed over Levi's Stadium about an hour after Super Bowl 50 ended.