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Move over Amazon Go, this shop is unmanned 24/7

Started in Europe, Wheelys 24/7 is an unmanned retail store that's just opened a new outlet in Shanghai. Customers open the doors, scan their items, and pay using just their smartphones.

Do you know if you're fertile? You may be able to use your phone to test that

The bright minds at Harvard University created a device that allows men to measure their ability to procreate with nothing more than their smartphone. But it's still a ways away from public introduction.
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VR system can help treat people with social anxiety and speech disorders

24-year-old Product Design student Gareth Walkom has developed VR software designed to help individuals work through social anxieties and speech disorders by confronting a range of virtual scenarios.
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Spinach leaves are the secret ingredient for growing heart tissue in a lab

What's the best platform for growing healthy heart tissues in a lab? According to a new bioengineering research project, it may be good old fashioned spinach leaves. Popeye would be proud.
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These new lenses give you superhuman sight, let you see colors with greater clarity

Metamers are colors which appear to be identical, but which actually possess different spectral compositions. A team of researchers have invented a pair of glasses that let us tell the difference.
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Hyperloop Transportation Technologies is building a full-size hyperloop passenger capsule

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies announced the construction of its first hyperloop passenger capsule, raising the stakes in the contest between HTT and the other prominent emerging hyperloop company, Hyperloop One.
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Coffee table-sized mechanical Pong game is the coolest Kickstarter in forever

A year ago, a band of friends created an awesome mechanical tribute to the legendary Atari game Pong. Now they've found a manufacturer and are offering it on Kickstarter. Seriously, you need to check this out!

How the Dot braille smartwatch could keep the visually impaired connected

Few smart devices are designed with the visually impaired in mind and touchscreens don't help the matter. The Dot however could change that, as the first smartwatch with a connected, braille interface.

Cinemood, the pint-sized projector for your pint-sized kids, now coming to U.S.

It may seem like retro technology, but there's nothing antiquated about this new pint-sized projector. Meet the Cinemood, a mini-projector designed specifically with families in mind.

Fly over Mars with this incredible video created from NASA stills

This Finland native would love to see landscape photos of Mars, but since that won't happen anytime soon, he created his own variation. Using images from NASA's HiRISE and 3D mapping techniques, he created an incredible fly-over…
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Texas grand jury finds that a GIF can be considered a weapon

In a first-of-its-kind case, a Texas grand jury this week ruled that an animated GIF can be used as a deadly weapon. The decision stems from a December 2016 incident in which a GIF was sent with the intention of causing a seizure in the…
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NASA’s PUFFER is a cute origami-inspired robot that goes where big rovers can’t

Engineers at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California are developing a small scout robot called the Pop-Up Flat Folding Explorer Robot (PUFFER) to accompany the next generation of Martian rovers.