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Cool Tech

VetiGel, the magical goop that can stop bleeding in seconds, ships to vets next month

A new gel made from algae may revolutionize the way we heal by halting blood flow from an open wound in seconds. The new product enhances the body's own clotting fibers, creating a mesh and stopping bleeding. It works equally well for both…

Watch the mess disappear with Jisiwei S+, a robot vacuum with a camera

Vacuuming your house is the least of what the Jisiwei S+ can do. The robot also functions as a security system, thanks to its motion detector, camera, and app that allows you to monitor your home from a distance.
Cool Tech

NASA says a simple greenhouse will allow astronauts to grow food on Mars 2:58

After announcing it found the strongest signs of water on Mars to date, NASA acknowledged astronauts could cultivate plant life on the planet by constructing small, inflatable greenhouses.

Make your own internet of things with this modular phone kit

Watch phones are played out like polka dots. Why not a necklace phone? Or keychain phone? RePhone is a series of phone kits made up of modules, the software to control them and enclosures to hold them. It's up on Kickstarter right…
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Super Bat drones keep animals safe and put poachers on notice from 15,000 feet

African poachers may find it difficult to hide in the near future as drone technology joins the fight against this illegal hunting practice.
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Google brings VR field trips to classrooms around the world

While schools would no doubt love to take all their students to fascinating, faraway destinations, logistics and costs can get in the way. That's why Google has come up with Expeditions, a kit that enables virtual field trips to some…
Cool Tech

New medical makerspace lets hospital staff literally invent their own high-tech tools 2:34

Texas' John Sealy Hospital opened the doors to its new MakerNurse lab, the first dedicated makerspace in a U.S. hospital for health care providers which could change the landscape of healthcare services.
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Minority Report comes true: Hitachi just developed real-life crime-predicting technology

Hitachi's new Predictive Crime Analytics system uses information from weather systems, social media, and public transit to help it predict when and where crime might happen in particular cities.
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Want to put the moon in your living room? Now you can with Luna

For those of you who look up into the night sky and want nothing more than to create the same ambience in your home, look no further. The Luna is here to answer your wildest hopes and dreams.
Home Theater

Netflix made a Netflix and chill button to aid your binge-based hookups

Anyone who's ever invited someone over to "Netflix and chill" will be intrigued by the new Netflix Switch. The DIY project will provide a simple button that helps get your home ready for a successful movie night ... or whatever's…
Cool Tech

A river runs through it: NASA finds evidence of running water on Mars

NASA announced today that Mars has seasonal rivers of flowing water, increasing the odds that the planet can sustain some forms of life.

Microsoft’s VR Kit to challenge Google Cardboard for entry level VR dominance

Microsoft might have put most of its eggs in the augmented reality basket with its Hololens headset, but that doesn't mean it's ignoring virtual reality. Its VR Kit is designed to offer developers a low cost way to work on VR projects.