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Pro cyclo-cross rides into ‘technological doping’ scandal

Still brushing itself down following its highly damaging doping scandal of recent years, the sport of professional cycling has just ridden straight into another mess that the sport's governing body is describing as "technological doping."
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The Hovervault fire-resistant bag may save your home if your hoverboard explodes

We wondered how long it'd take for a company to respond to the issue of exploding hoverboards. First up is an Australian firm with its "Hovervault" fire-resistant bag designed to prevent flames taking hold should your board suddenly…
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Wales tests a generator that uses ocean tides to power 10,000 homes 5:14

The first tidal generator is being tested off the coast of Pembrokeshire, Wales. When fully operational, a system of nine DeltaStream turbines are expected to generate enough energy to power 10,000 Welsh homes.

These new clothes from Guess make putting on lotion as easy as getting dressed

Thanks to a new design from Guess, your latest pair of jeans from the Jeancare collection are going to do much more than keep you covered -- they'll slim your butt and thighs and will also hydrate, nourish, and soothe your skin.

Google parent Alphabet posts record-crushing fourth-quarter 2015 earnings

The final quarter of 2015 saw record revenue for Alphabet, the parent company of Google. And based on market capitalization, Alphabet has now surpassed Apple as the most valuable company on the planet.
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Oros insulates gear with the same Aerogel NASA uses in space suits 3:25

Launching on Kickstarter this month, the folks at Oros have utilized NASA-inspired SolarCore aerogel to achieve industry-best outerwear insulation capable of standing up to the harshest of winter weather.
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Dutch police have trained eagles to take down rogue drones

There's a reason eagles are the emblem of the United States, and now, they're proving their mettle in the Netherlands, where they're being trained to take out illegal drones. Seriously.

This printer searches Instagram for your #hashtag, then prints out free photos

The next time you hold a big party or attend a cool event, this fun Instagram printer -- which prints out free photos when you use a special hashtag -- could be the center of attention.
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Freeze chamber death prompts scientists to re-examine the safety of cryotherapy

Freezing yourself (while still alive) never sounded like the best or most comfortable of ideas to me, but now that cryotherapy is gaining traction, researchers are looking into ways to make the potentially dangerous practice safer.
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UNICEF Innovation Fund is looking for open source tech startups

Never has there been a better time to use technology for good. On Monday, UNICEF announced the inception of its Innovation Fund, the purpose of which will be to invest in open source technology startups.

Microsoft is making a digital Atlantis by putting data centers under the sea 2:38

Keeping our data close at hand without impacting the environment isn't easy. Microsoft's Project Natick has a novel and unusual solution to the problem -- put the data center under the sea.