Cool Tech

480TB of storage in a single chassis: check out the Backblaze Pod 6.0

Need some extra storage? You can build a 480TB server, if you really want to. Backblaze designed it, and open sourced the hardware, so anyone crazy enough to try can buy the parts and get started.

Extend your phone’s battery life and storage capacity with the KuPower

Sleek and silver, the KuPower not only recharges your phone and serves as an external storage drive, but also diagnoses the health of your phone's battery. Head on over to its Kickstarter to learn more.
Cool Tech

Drones are delivering drinks at a cafe in the Netherlands

The only way to make bars better? Have drones deliver the drinks. That, at least, is the premise behind the world's first drone cafe, which has just opened its doors in the Dutch city of Eindhoven.
Cool Tech

Drones are helping scientists find biofuel-producing plants

Researchers studying sorghum plants as a biofuel source are turning to drones as a way of collecting data about their crops. The drone surveillance program for plants is being developed by smart drone technology pioneer Near Earth Autonomy…

MINI’s URBAN-X startup accelerator envisions a better life for city dwellers

MINI and HAX have announced the first nine companies in its URBAN-X startup accelerator program. Each company pursues technology solutions intended to provide better lives for city dwellers.
Cool Tech

iBubble, an autonomous drone camera, takes users under the sea

First came the camera. Then the underwater camera. And now, there's the diving drone camera. As tech continues to reach new heights, we're exploring new depths of the seas thanks to the iBubble, the autonomous underwater camera.
Cool Tech

Bad news, terrorists: UW’s new long range bomb-sniffing system can fit onto a drone

New technology developed by UW Madison uses a small fusion device to detect bombs, mines, and other objects up to three feet underground. Questions on its safety and effectiveness remain, however.

Forget fossil fuel, an aquarium in Alaska is using salt water to heat its whole building

A carbon dioxide system heated with seawater replaces oil burners in a massive museum and research facility in Alaska. The system will save as much as $15,000 a month and more than a million pounds of carbon emissions annually.

The OaSense smart shower head uses presence-sensing detectors to conserve water

Using presence-sensing detectors, the OaSense smart shower head conserves water by stopping the flow of water when someone steps out from underneath it. It's raised just shy of $20,000 of its $75,000 goal on Kickstarter.

China’s Baidu, Changan enter the autonomous vehicle fray

The race towards driverless technology is now seriously burning up the pavement. The international competition is on like never before as China pursues the development of its very own autonomous vehicles.

Value your sleep? HowLoud tells you the ambient noise level of any neighborhood

To help you "hear" your house before you move, entrepreneur Brendan Farrell has created HowLoud, a service that calculates the loudness factor for neighborhoods in urban areas and assigns a Soundscore based on the results.