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Cool Tech

This NASA-backed startup is building a 3D bioprinter that makes human organs in space

“We were constrained by the timeframe of a weightless flight,” Eugene Boland, Techshot’s Chief Scientist, tells Digital Trends. “On the Zero G aircraft, you’re only weightless for around 25-30 seconds at a time."
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You can now react to VR experiences in 360-degree Facebook videos

The Facebook-owned Oculus has now made it possible for you to react to VR experiences. Because you have real feelings, and you should be able to share them even in an artificial world.
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This underwater drone lets you explore the deep blue without getting wet

If you're a fan of the oceans and want to explore 100 meters down but don't actually fancy going there yourself, this underwater drone should be just the ticket.
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Ditch your idiotic self-balancing scooter for a hoverboard that actually hovers

We've been waiting for hoverboards to hit the shelves ever since Marty McFly buzzed around on Mattel's device in Back to the Future II. The wait is over, however, and unlike today's two-wheeled impostors, these five hoverboards actually…
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The world’s largest Nerf gun is all your childhood dreams come true

Capable of firing darts at speeds of up to 40 mph, ex-NASA engineer Mark Rober's latest contraption is the world's largest Nerf gun. To propel the darts is a 3,000 psi paintball tank built into the gun's handle.
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The FAA’s new rules for commercial drones will likely hinder drone-based delivery

“The barrier to entry is definitely lowered,” Dr. Michael Braasch, a professor of electrical engineering at Ohio University and expert on drone technologies and FAA regulations, tells Digital Trends.
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The creators of this high-tech toothbrush claim it can clean your teeth in 10 seconds flat

Don’t have time in this busy, busy world to spend four minutes per day on dental hygiene? Not a problem, says dentist and inventor Aldo Dominici. He's created a smart toothbrush which promises to fully brush your teeth in just…
Virtual Reality

Getty Images is hopping on the VR bandwagon, building up a huge repository of stock VR content

“We are not surprised that Getty Images are embracing 360-degree photography,” Anthony Geffen, CEO of the award-winning Atlantic Productions, whose sister company Atlantic VR regularly works with virtual reality, tells Digital Trends.

Sevenhugs is bringing its sleep tracker for kids to US stores

Sevenhugs, manufacturer of the hugOne sleep monitoring system and smart home Smart Remote device, recently raised $14.6 million for its U.S. product launch. HugOne will be available in August 2016 for purchase in major U.S. retailers.
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Duke University engineers just built a robot that’s 10,000x faster at planning motion

“Motion planning seems easy for humans because we do it so fast,” co-creator George Konidaris tells Digital Trends. “But that’s deceptive; like a lot of problems in AI and robotics, just because it's easy for us doesn't…
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This brilliant 10-year-old kid built a fully functional 3D printer out of Legos and K’nex

One of the latest innovations in the 3D-printing world comes from a preteen who cleverly combined a 3D-printing pen, a bunch of loose Lego bricks, and a Lego Mindstorms EV3 kit to create a homemade 3D printer.
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To boost wind energy production, China needs to build turbines where the wind isn’t strong

Despite being a world leader in wind power, China consumes so much energy that wind supplied just three percent of the country’s overall electricity demand last year. But China has the potential to harness wind and exceed its 2030 goal by…