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Cool Tech

One-handed teenage violinist receives customized 3D-printed prosthetic hand

A one-handed 14-year-old violin player named Sarah Valentiner has become the recipient of a 3D-printed prosthesis that allows her to play the violin with a greatly increased range of motion.
Cool Tech

Researchers successfully make an OLED screen out of fabric

We are still far from having truly wearable displays, but thanks to Korean researchers, that future isn't as far off as we thought. They have created the first OLEDs that are truly wearable.

Portable river turbine could trigger a ‘riverlution’ in clean energy

Canadian company Idénergie has developed a portable river turbine, which promises to turn a river’s flowing water into up to 12kWh of daily power. Here's what you need to know about the ultimate off-the-grid solution.

Natural Balance self-watering planter makes caring for houseplants effortless

Featuring an innovative water reservoir that tips over when a plant requires watering, the Natural Balance planter is a unique take on self-watering tech, and has already achieved its fundraising goal via Kickstarter.

Whip around the track in VR: Ferrari Formula 1 team tests 360-degree cameras

The Scuderia Ferrari Formula 1 spent a few laps this past weekend testing out a 360-degree camera as it whipped its car around the Yas Marina Circuit during the free practice sessions for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.
Cool Tech

Cotton coated in graphene-based ink may support a sustainable, cheap wearable

Researchers from the Cambridge Graphene Centre and Jiangnan University, China have designed a wearable motion sensor using cotton coated in graphene-based ink. The cheap, sustainable technology could find applications from healthcare to…

MIT algorithm can predict the (immediate) future from still images

A team of researchers from MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) have developed a system that can predict the following events in images and generate videos to depict them.
Health & Fitness

Siren Care wants to help you manage your diabetes with a smart sock

Taking care of yourself sometimes takes a bottom-up approach, and here to help with that is Siren Care, a diabetic health-tracking startup with a rather novel approach to wellness. It all starts with a smart sock.

The Senstone is a pendant that will translate your voice memos into text

If youre going to talk to yourself, you might as well remember what you're saying. A new wearable wants to help you do just that. Meet the Senstone, a piece of jewelry that combines form and function.
Health & Fitness

New high-tech skin patch tests sweat to keep you healthy and hydrated

Ever wished sweat could be more than just a drippy annoyance? Researchers have been working on a new skin patch that tests perspiration for health concerns. This quarter-sized sticker keeps track of electrolytes and could one day test for…
Cool Tech

Getting a new drone this holiday season? The FAA has made a video just for you

Drones are expected to sell in huge numbers this holiday season, with the choice of affordable options ever greater than last year. In a bid to promote safe flying, the FAA has just released a short video with some helpful advice…
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This anti-drone gun looks beastly, but it’s actually quite gentle

Anyone flying their drone in a restricted area that saw a security guard prepping the DroneGun would probably think their life was about to come to a messy end. But luckily this badass bazooka-like contraption isn't anywhere near…