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QuickStix aim to make you a master of chopsticks

Your days of dropping food from your chopsticks may be numbered. QuickStix has launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for its new reusable chopsticks, which aim to make you a pro.

Before China becomes a tech superpower, it needs to face its copying conundrum

China wants to be a tech superpower, but a well-known reputation for shamelessly copying innovators is giving the country’s manufacturers a bad name, and obscuring their own innovations.

Luckily for this plucky pro climber, LG vacuum cleaners suck hard

Is it really possible to use suction from vacuum cleaners to scale a sheer building? LG wanted to find out, so it gave two powerful cordless models to a pro climber, and pointed her at a 33-story glass skyscraper.
Cool Tech

NASA is about to inflate the space station’s first-ever expandable room

The International Space Station is about to get some new floorspace. On Wednesday NASA will inflate the station's first ever expandable room as part of a two-year trial that could lead to the living pods being used in future human missions…
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Hoverboard with built-in cereal bowl is as absurd as it sounds

If you're always rushing to get to work on time and arrive having had no chance to wolf down breakfast, then a hoverboard like this one should sort you out good and proper.
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India joins the space race, successfully launching its first reusable shuttle

The space race is on, and India is its latest participant. On Monday, India's space agency announced the successful launch of a prototype of its reusable space shuttle, marking a first for the nation.

Say goodbye to passwords on Android: Trust API could launch by the end of the year

Is there such a thing as a password-free world that's truly secure? You bet there is. Android developers will soon be able to use Google's Trust API to ensure you will never have to type a password again.
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DARPA is developing an underwater GPS alternative that relies on sound waves

DARPA is inviting proposals for an underwater navigation system that relies on acoustic sound waves in order to replace GPS, which doesn't work underwater. It could help submarines executing military operations, maintenance robots, and…
Cool Tech

Google’s newly launched Magenta Project aims to create art with artificial intelligence

Inspired by the competitive success of AlphaGo and the cultural appeal of DeepDream, Google plans to expand its AI further into the humanities with the creation of the Magenta project.

Getty Images uses random stock photos to re-create 4 famous faces

Getty Images' latest ad campaign uses its massive archive of stock photos to recreate portraits of four famous people, using photos of random people’s faces. The idea was to show off how much variety is in Getty's portfolio.

SolarBook harnesses the power of the sun to charge your creative mind and devices

The SolarBook is a notebook that doubles as a portable charger that uses natural sunlight to charge your devices. If you're intrigued, the notebook/portable charger is now open to pledges through Kickstarter.

No more shirking! Prototype wearable can tell if you’re pushing it to the limit

A team of scientists and engineers have made a prototype wearable which knows how hard you're training, thanks to measuring lactate, an essential indicator of our body's reaction to exercise.