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Cool Tech

Ride in the sky: Airbus says it will test airborne taxis as early as 2017

Airbus has turned to its innovation branch, A3, to lead the Vahana project, an effort to develop autonomous flying vehicles that could shuttle passengers and cargo from point A to B for around the cost of a taxi ride.

Samsung launched 6 devices today, including the Galaxy Note 7

If you thought today was just the launch of the Galaxy Note 7, you thought wrong. Samsung is launching five other devices as well, including the Gear 360, Gear VR, Connect Auto, Level Active, and IconX.
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What 3 Words is literally putting everyone on the map

For the nearly four billion people who live in an area with poor or no official location system, having an address is a luxury. What 3 Words, a London-based company, has provided a way for all of these people to finally be on the map.

Smart outlets may be making life easier for everyone — including hackers

Smart devices are on the rise, everything from refrigerators to doorbells is being designed to smartly sync and make life easier. Smart outlets are one of these new devices that are becoming increasingly popular.
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NASA will hand over the ISS to a private company in about a decade

Digital Trends confirmed that NASA Deputy Associate Administrator for Exploration Systems Development Bill Hill suggested that the space agency hopes to hand over the keys of the International Space Station to a commercial owner within 10…
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The Force is most definitely with this ultra-detailed 3D-printed lightsaber

No-one is racking up geek cred this week like 3D printing guru Sean Charlesworth. Not only did he design his own 3D-printable custom lightsaber, but he even put the files up online.
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‘Interscatter communication’ could help your brain implant talk to your iPhone

Researchers at the University of Washington have created a way of letting next-gen wearables and implants communicate with the outside world using 10,000 times less power than regular Wi-Fi.

Get one of the world’s smallest camera drones for 50 percent off

The Skeye Nano Drone is one of the world's smallest camera drones, yet despite it small size, we found this drone was fun to use and took respectable video. You can currently buy this pint-sized drone for just $25, a savings of 50%.
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Here's 6 helpful chatbots that prove conversation machines can do more than just talk

From changing the way kids learn in schools to picking you out the perfect meal for you this evening, here are the seven of the most interesting chatbots doing the rounds at the moment.

Nokia drops the price of its Ozo virtual reality camera by $15K

After selling its mobile business to Microsoft two years ago, Nokia is reintroducing itself with great fanfare with the debut of the Ozo professional VR camera. And now, they're dropping the price by $15K.
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Mobile brain-scanning helmet will allow subjects to be studied while on the go

Scientists have developed the world’s first wearable PET scanner -- making it possible for them to analyze the inner functions of the brain while subjects are on the go. It could help probe the mysteries of the human brain.
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One giant leap for robots: NASA opens Space Robotics Challenge registration

The first astronaut to set foot on Mars may be greeted by a robot. At least that’s NASA’s plan with its Space Robotics Challenge, a $1 million prize competition that asks roboticists to develop astronautic robots.