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Google Classroom is hoping the new year will be the best one yet for teachers and students

In 2017, the classroom is embracing technology like never before. And now, Google Classroom has rolled out a number of updates to better the experience for students, teachers, and administrators.

Adobe is working on a voice assistant for editing photos with Lightroom

Adobe's research team has created a teaser video of an unreleased version of Lightroom mobile that lets you edit photos using a voice assistant, like Apple's Siri or Amazon's Alexa.
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3D-scanned ‘trillennium man’ predicts what evolution has in store for us

A project from the U.K.’s University of Oxford has created an online 3D model that shows how mankind has evolved over the years and even predicts how we might continue to do so in the future.
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Startup Transmit Security wants to bring biometric authentication to more people

There is a new startup that wants to make security less of a hassle and more of a sure thing. Meet Transmit Security, a security company looking to bring biometrics to the masses.
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Real-life Spider-Man coming soon: Artificial spider web can be grown in labs

Researchers in Sweden have developed a technique for growing large quantities of artificial spider silk in labs using bacteria. Now we just need Spider-Man-style web shooters to go along with it!

Don't upgrade your phone — just upgrade your phone case with the Zee Smart Core

You don't need to get a new phone to upgrade your mobile experience. You just need a smart phone case. Meet the newest device from Hello Zee -- an "intelligent universal Zee Smart Core"

Bellus3D ups the selfie game with frightenly accurate 3D scans of your face

3D scans of your own face to try on makeup or create custom avatars could be easier to find this year if this new startup is successful. Bellus3D has the hardware to take scans from your smartphone -- now they just need software developers.
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University student builds AI system to create new baby names, hilarity ensues

Blessed with a little bundle of joy, but not sure what to name him or her? Then why not let an algorithm do it? That is the idea of a Brown University student who has created an AI for just that task.

Munro Motor single passenger ebike tops out at 28 mph and infinite style points

With a nod to Indian Motorcycles, Munro Motor introduced its beautifully styled ebike. The speed tops out at 28 mph so you won't set any speed records but the range is 60 miles with two battery packs.
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The sound of 103 micro drones launched from an F/A-18 will give you nightmares

At the California test site, the 103 Perdix drones released from three F/A-18 Super Hornets demonstrated sophisticated swarming behaviors, including collective decision-making, adaptive formation flying, and self-healing.
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Illumina's new machine may bring the cost of genome sequencing to under $100

Illumina — a DNA sequencing company — unveiled a machine called the NovaSeq at the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference this week. With it the company hopes to bring down the price of sequencing to less than $100.

Google Assistant can now take screenshots, but not by voice command

Google's artificially intelligent bot, Google Assistant, will soon feature more robust third-party integration, meaning that it can help you control your entire digital life -- not just your Google life.