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Cool Tech

Sound science: Ecologists use drones to document songbirds in tough terrain

Cutting-edge ecologists at Pennsylvania's Gettysburg College have demonstrated how drones can be used as bio-acoustic recording devices for helping survey changing songbird populations.
Virtual Reality

Stryker is using Microsoft’s HoloLens to design operating rooms of the future

Microsoft's HoloLens AR solution is perhaps the most advanced in terms of becoming a part of the real world. Stryker, which is using HoloLens to redesign the operating room, provides a clear example of the potential of AR in this…

Samsung's C-Lab readies breakthrough VR apps for debut at MWC

Samsung has announced it is preparing four exhibitions for next week's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, from its Creative Lab department, specializing in new and inventive uses for virtual and augmented reality.

This solar-powered smart wallet features RFID-blocking technology, too

You take it everywhere you go, so it better not weigh you down. We're talking, of course, about your wallet. Here to ensure that you have one that is not only slim but also secure is Ekster.
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Microchipped bumblebees show that worker bees act a lot like humans

Bumblebees fitted with microchip backpacks have offered researchers a unique glimpse into the hidden world of colonies. As it turns out, when it comes to carrying the workload, bees behave a lot like human beings.
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Space buffs drool as NASA announces a major 'discovery beyond our solar system'

NASA will host a news conference on Wednesday to discuss recent discoveries of planets beyond our solar system. The even will begin at 1 p.m. ET. The public are invited to ask questions via Twitter with the hashtag #askNASA.
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First step to future vaccines? Mice that glow like fireflies

Scientists at Stanford University have come up with a way to make mice glow in the dark by engineering them to produce firefly proteins. And it could just turn out to be a major advance in the development of future vaccines.

Wheels? Where BMW’s Hover Ride Concept bike is going, we don’t need wheels

BMW’s Hover Ride Concept is a full-size flying motorcycle based on a Lego model. BMW says it has no intention to build a production version, but it could be a glimpse into the future of transportation.
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Have fun responsibly with the pocket-sized AlcoMate Breathalyzer

With spring break nearly upon us, it may be time to consider how to keep ourselves from having a little too much fun. Here to help is the AlcoMate Breathalyzer, a pocket-sized breathalyzer.
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Watch this amazing dog-drone help to promote a small town in Japan

A town in Japan has attached a set of propellers to its mascot dog for a marketing video promoting local sights. The dog-drone must surely be the first of its kind in the world, and should help to pull in a few extra tourists.
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Starbucks’ $150 Ember mug will keep your coffee at the perfect temperature

You may like the idea of keeping your coffee at a constant temperature for the whole time you're drinking it, but would you be willing to shell out $150 to make it happen? Ember Technologies hopes the answer is yes.
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Disney scientists design high-tech room that charges mobile devices wirelessly

How about living in a house that starts charging your mobile devices the moment you walk through the door. We're talking about free-roaming wireless charging, and Disney Research has just designed a room that can do it.