Cool Tech

This brilliant Lego PC case isn’t a novelty, it’s a technical marvel

Lego and PC enthusiast Mike Schropp has put together a build for the ages, combining his undisputed mastery in both fields to create a gaming PC that's utterly unique, inside and out.

New York City drivers will now be able to pay for parking meters via phone

One of the last remaining vestiges of pre-mobile payment times is finally joining the 21st century -- the much dreaded parking meter, a ubiquitous sight along New York City streets, is finally letting you pay via your smartphone.
Home Theater

YouTube to livestream Google's AI playing Go world champion Lee Sedol

YouTube will livestream the high-profile Go match between Google's AlphaGo AI and world champion Lee Sedol. The series of five contests will take place next month in Seoul, South Korea, with the winner set to pocket $1 million.
Cool Tech

Injured Panthers linebacker playing in the Super Bowl with 3D-printed arm brace

Carolina Panthers linebacker Thomas Davis broke his arm a few weeks ago in the NFC title game, and is now slated to play in Super Bowl 50 on Sunday, thanks to a new 3D-printed arm brace.
Cool Tech

A robot golfer just nailed a hole-in-one for the first time ever

A robot golfer called Eldrick – yes, it's name after Eldrick "Tiger" Woods – dazzled the crowd at a Phoenix Open event on Thursday with a spectacular hole-in-one over 163 yards, making it the first bot ever to achieve such a…
Cool Tech

This tent has a shocking secret that could keep you alive in a storm

To help outdoor enthusiasts find safety during a sudden storm, industrial design student Kama Jania from Finland's Aalto University has created a new line of ‘Bolt’ lightning-proof tents.
Cool Tech

InsideCoach smart soccer ball aims to keep kids active 3:51

While anyone can use the InsideCoach smart soccer ball to improve their skills, its creators are especially keen for kids to give it a kick around. With so many teens swapping sport for video games, it's hoped the high-tech ball…
Cool Tech

Massive genetic study from 23andMe suggests there might be a ‘morning person’ gene

A huge study conducted by genetic analysis company 23andMe suggests that there's a "morning person" gene. Morning people are less likely to suffer from depression and insomnia, they are usually slimmer and they report needing need less than…
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MIT engineers have developed a new kind of RFID chip that’s nearly impossible to hack

MIT and Texas Instruments have developed unhackable RFID chips to prevent common security hacks and fix vulnerabilities in the existing technology. Their ferroelectric crystal material is stops hacks like side-channel and power glitch…

Creators of the VR porn controller explain why they suspended Indiegogo orders

The VirtuaDolls virtual reality controller takes VR porn to a whole new level of immersion. The device was so popular that its maker had to suspend the IndieGogom campaign to account for all of the new demand.
Cool Tech

Scientists have sequenced the bed bug's entire genome in search of clues on how to kill it

If researchers with the American Museum of Natural History and Weill Cornell Medicine have their way, we might not have to worry about these annoying – and painful -- pests for much longer.