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Cool Tech

New technology turns every flush of yours into usable biocrude oil

By utilizing a new sewage treatment technology called hydrothermal liquefaction, researchers have found a way to turn human waste into usable biofuel. The tech could revolutionize the globe's sanitation.

Homebuying startup makes it easy to buy a house with your friends

Buying a home can be complex enough if it's just you alone. Things get even more complex when there are multiple purchasers involved, like a group of friends buying a house together. Thankfully, a new startup wants to help.
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Get the best deals at the lowest prices with our favorite Cyber Week deals

The Cyber Monday sales event has transformed into Cyber Week. That said, many of these discounts are featured all week, or at least until the stock is depleted. Here are our favorite deals so far, whether you're looking to pick up a 4K TV…
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To fix failing veteran health care system, the VA looks to artificial intelligence

On Tuesday, Flow Health announced the formation of a five-year partnership with the VA to build a medical knowledge graph with deep learning to inform medical decision-making and train artificial intelligence to personalize care plans.
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Bitcoin anonymity no longer guaranteed; summons served to U.S. exchange

Coinbase, the largest U.S. Bitcoin exchange, was served with a John Doe summons demanding 2014 to 2015 customer transaction records. The IRS argued in federal court that customer anonymity argued a basis for concern about tax evasion.
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Watch this terrifying robotic LaserSnake destroy a nuclear power cell 1:46

What kind of hardware do you call in to help decommission an old nuclear power plant in England? If you're anything like the real-life decision makers, the answer is obvious -- a laser-wielding giant snake robot.

Take off a few strokes with PuttView's augmented reality putting solution

Have you ever spent all your time lining up your putting line, only to have the ball miss the hole? Thanks to a company based in Germany, that might be a thing of the past. What's the secret? Augmented reality.
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Boeing looks to drones and augmented reality tech to fight wildfires

Fighting wildfires is a dangerous business, which is why Boeing wants to give us better tools to combat them with. Utilizing drones and augmented reality headsets, it's created a futuristic fire monitoring solution that works very…
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H2 … oh my! MIT researchers just discovered a strange new property of water

Despite its abundance, water remains a mysterious substance with a host of strange properties. A new discovery from researchers at MIT just added to the anomalies — even at high temperatures, water freezes solid when placed in tiny tubes.

Apple may deploy drones to monitor street signs and construction in Maps

In its latest effort to outdo main competitor Google Maps, Apple is reportedly making use of drones to populate its map data more efficiently and effectively than its more traditional crew of minivans is able to do.
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Nike’s power-lacing shoes hit stores today, but good luck finding a pair

They've been a long time coming, but Nike's much-anticipated "self-lacing" HyperAdapt 1.0 sneakers are finally hitting stores today. But getting hold of a pair of the $720 shoes will be no easy task.

Smartduvet doesn't think you should make your bed and will do it for you

Most people wouldn’t peg making their bed as their least favorite chore, but at least one person out there hated it so much that they sought to automate the entire process. From that, the Smartduvet was born.