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Cool Tech

AI app may predict conflict between couples before it occurs, scientists say

Bickering isn’t abnormal but it’s often unproductive, so most people want to avoid petty fights with their partner if possible. Someday soon a smartphone app may help by predicting conflict before it occurs.
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From lab-grown steaks to plant-based blood, science is taking the animal out of meat

With the world's population booming, scientists are hard at work figuring out new ways to feed more people in a sustainable and ethical way.
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A French presidential candidate is using his ‘hologram’ to reach more voters

While campaigning politicians can easily live-broadcast major speeches to audiences at multiple venues, a French presidential candidate has gone one step further and is calling on his 'hologram' to help spread his message.
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Kickstarter arm-mounted jet drive will propel snorkelers through the water

Like something out of a James Bond movie, Scubalec is a new Kickstarter crowdfunding project for a handheld, arm-mounted personal jet drive, designed to propel intrepid users through the water.
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Smart bandage uses nanosensors to track how a wound is healing

Researchers at the United Kingdom’s Swansea University have developed a new smart bandage capable of tracking how a wound is healing and sending that data back to doctors via 5G technology.
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Facebook’s newest tech will let you type with your brain and hear with your skin

Facebook announced during day two of its F8 developer conference that its Building 8 hardware lab is working on technology that will one day allow you to type with your thoughts and hear through touch.
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Shock wave? Tsunami? Debris? Here’s how an asteroid will probably kill you

A new study has answered a question you never knew you had: If a deadly asteroid struck Earth, which one of its effects — heat, flying debris, tsunamis, wind blast, seismic shaking, or cratering — would most likely kill you?
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This tarantula-inspired hexapod robot was built in its inventor's garage

Built in its creator's garage, the MX-Phoenix is a spider-inspired robot that uses 18 different motors to crawl over uneven ground. According to its creator, it could be used for "search and rescue" missions.

Verily launches Baseline in hopes of building a model of perfect human health

Verily Life Sciences, a subsidiary of Google parent company Alphabet, will recruit 10,000 participants for a four-year study of human physiology. It aims to gain insight into conditions like heart disease and diabetes.
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Space debris problem is getting exponentially worse, say scientists at annual conference

In under 25 years, the amount of junk big enough to destroy a spacecraft has more than doubled, according to scientists who met at the seventh European Conference on Space Debris in Germany this week.

Sure, the Mavic Pro is a great flyer but now it's a great ground camera, too

Adventure photography company PolarPro unveils new accessories for getting creative with the GoPro Hero5 and splitting the frame above and below the water, while turning the DJI Mavic Pro into a capable shooter from the ground.
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Concussion-monitoring tech moves beyond the gridiron with new sensor

Athlete Intelligence expanded it line of concussion-monitoring technology with the Cue Sport Sensor, a sensor small enough to fit on a headband and versatile enough to be used in almost any athletic endeavor.