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Cool Tech

A German designer’s AR pingpong table reacts to every shot

We've come a long way since the 1970s, both in terms of our political relations with China and in terms of technology, and now, one interaction designer has created an augmented reality tool that can take your pingpong game to the…
Cool Tech

Supercharge your next camping trip with BioLite’s new solar panel and LED lantern

To test out BioLite's new ultraportable solar panel and slim LED lantern, we packed them out for a weekend-long camping trip in Arizona. Check out the video to see how they held up!
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Bioluminescent sharks use their glow to communicate in the deep, dark ocean

Bioluminescent sharks use their green glow to communicate with each other at extreme ocean depths, intensifying brightness the deeper they swim.

Smarten your style with these 6 pieces of high-tech smart jewelry

Bracelets, rings, and necklaces aren't the same as they once were. Check out our picks for the best smart jewelry, whether you're into notification vibrations or in-depth fitness metrics.
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Incredible DIY synesthesia mask gives you the ability to smell colors — without taking drugs

Zachary Howard invented a synesthesia mask that lets you simulate what it's like to smell color, one of the many types of crossed senses that synesthetes experience. Thanks to Howard's step-by-step instructions, now you can make…

The 5 best women’s gadget bags for form, function, and fashion

People should be able to judge your (Mac)book by its cover. Check out our picks for the best gadget bags for women, so you can finally pick up a purse that combines form, function, and style.
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Heliofloat is a flexible, football-field-sized solar panel that floats in the ocean

The latest idea for green power is the Heliofloat, a floating platform that would function as a sea-based solar power station. This idea is being developed by engineers at Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien).

This amazing cardboard creation puts your cat in the White House

Give a cat a cardboard box and it'll either sit in it or systematically destroy it. A Dutch company making cardboard playhouses for cats sincerely hopes it's the former, and looking at its extraordinary creations, you can…
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Watch in awe as thousands of cargo ships traverse the world’s oceans

Check out this amazing interactive map showing thousands of commercial ships plying the world's oceans over the course of a single year. It was created to highlight the environmental impact of the shipping industry and to encourage research…
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New panoramic Mars video puts you on the red planet before Elon Musk

The day humans step foot on Mars is still a ways off, though a new panoramic video from NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab offers the next best experience if you're at all curious about what it might be like to actually visit the red…
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Camping with BioLite’s new cook stove attachments is like having a portable kitchen in your pack

Remember BioLite? The company that took the outdoor market by storm a few years ago with a camp stove that ran on twigs? Well as it turns out, the company hasn't just been resting on its laurels since then. Over the past couple…