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Cool Tech

Drones could soon be buzzing about at an airport near you – on leashes

Drones at airports are strictly prohibited, with nobody keen to find out what happens if one gets sucked into the engine of a passenger plane. A couple of airports in France, however, have found a clever way to use them for…
Health & Fitness

Beakor combines seven bike gadgets into one must-have device

It's surprise that cameras are being incorporated into gadgets for every sport, and cycling is no exception. The new cycling light-camera combo Beakor is a perfect example, and a live rearview is just one of its plethora of features.

NASA’s Mars rover shoots a 360 photo that looks curiously like Earth

Mars may be more familiar than we think -- at least in photos anyways. A recent 360 photo shot by NASA's Curiosity rover shows messes and buttes similar to those in the southern U.S.

You literally can’t mess this up — meet Nanofarm, the box that grows crops for you

No green thumb to speak of? That's no problem at all if you have a completely self-sustaining garden. And that appears to be what Atlanta-based startup Replantable is promising with its Nanofarm, a glass box that grows food for you.

Swipe left for a blanket: Digital Hand uses Microsoft’s Kinect to design furniture

Created by industrial designer Nate Asis, the Digital Hand uses Microsoft's motion-sensing Kinect device to uniquely design home furniture. As of now, the project allows someone to design a table, plate, and blanket.
Cool Tech

Is professional drone racing about to take off, or is it just a hobby?

Digital Trends attended event in Brooklyn, NY to document a new sport, drone racing. Speaking with experienced drone racers, and trying it out ourselves, we find out if drone racing can become a sport.

Smart technology is making it easier to sell homes

Smart home technology is all about making your life at home easier, but one company, Coldwell Banker, is capitalizing on these desired conveniences to make selling your home easier.
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University of Kansas football coaches see plays from the bird’s eye view of a drone

The newest members of the University of Kansas football team are actually camera drones, and they're helping to eliminate the blind spot in practice videos. Using four DJI Phantoms, the team now has a bird's-eye-view replay to analyze.
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Tech-loving fraternities (and sororities) can now indulge in robot beer pong 2:12

Pongbot is a robotic cup holder that turns your run-of-the-mill beer pong into a game of moving targets. If Terminator’s T-800 wanted to pledge a fraternity, this Kickstarter project would be part of his application.
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Astronomers want to create an artificial solar eclipse to study the sun

Astronomers at the European Space Agency want to induce an artificial solar eclipse, using tandem satellites to block out the sun and study its elusive outer atmosphere for hours on end.
Cool Tech

Virtual reality obstacle course could help seniors avoid falls

A third of adults aged 65 or older takes a tumble at least once per year, but researchers have been investigating whether a virtual reality obstacle course could help vulnerable seniors better avoid potentially nasty falls.

In Wyoming, this vertical farm is growing crops even in the winter

If you're looking for an alternate pastime to skiing during the bleak months of Wyoming, you can garden. There's a new project blooming in this cold state, and it's called Vertical Harvest.