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Cool Tech

Lockheed Martin’s modular ATHENA laser weapon is headed to production

If you're not familiar with the ATHENA system, all you really need to know is that Lockheed has been working on it for the past few years, and demonstrated its power a few months ago by disabling a truck with it

Lumo Run smart capris and shorts will change the way you run

Lumo Run running wear "incorporates the personal attention of a running coach with the professional data of a lab — all within the lining of your shorts to help you achieve your best."
Cool Tech

NASA’s New Horizons probe just found blue skies and frozen water on Pluto

After discovering water on Mars recently, NASA just announced New Horizons detected traces of water on Pluto during its recent flyby of the dwarf planet. The agency also released a series of beautifully colored photos of the planet.
Home Theater

LG slashes prices on OLED TVs, bringing the next-gen tech closer to premium LED TVs

OLED TVs are getting more affordable. LG has announced that in addition to growing its OLED family, it has slashed prices on certain series by 30 to 45 percent.

Rent an Apple Watch from ByeBuy, the Netflix for fickle gadget fiends

Want a new Apple Watch? Or maybe a ZenWatch? Or maybe an LG? Like Netflix for the latest gadgets, ByeBuy lets you try before you buy -- or just keep on trying.

This laundry-folding robot may take hours, but at least you don’t have to fold laundry 0:32

Folding laundry takes forever, especially if you have a robot do it. The Laundroid takes about five minutes to fold a T-shirt, but, hey, at least it saves you from having to do the chore.
Cool Tech

NASA’s plan to save the world from an asteroid? Ram it with a rocket, of course!

A joint effort between NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA) has manifested itself in a project known as Asteroid Impact & Deflection Assessment (AIDA), and at the heart of the project is the plan to ram an asteroid with a spaceship.
Cool Tech

Fonesalesman features its FurniQi furniture to facilitate wireless charging

If you like the idea of wireless charging built into your furniture then you need to check out Fonesalesman's new FurniQi range. The first release is a side table with Qi wireless charging capability.
Cool Tech

Four-legged walking robot uses a drone sidekick to map and avoid difficult terrain 1:38

Drones at the Autonomous Systems Lab at ETH Zurich have a new job -- they accompany a walking robotic and give it a pair of long distance eyes.
Cool Tech

Go inside Drew Barrymore’s InStyle shoot in first-ever VR cover shoot

For most of us, the closest we'll ever be to a fashion shoot comes in reruns of America's Next Top Model. But thanks to the wonders of Jaunt VR, you can now join Drew Barrymore on her cover shoot with InStyle Magazine.

The oCase is the smartphone cover that allows you to receive messages with scents

What if your friends could send you a message that included that smell of that tasty dinner they are about to devour? That is now a reality with a new smartphone case called the oCase.
Cool Tech

No motor? No problem for Dremel’s new vacuum-powered rotary tool

A motor-less power tool seems a bit oxymoronic, but thanks to Dremel’s latest innovation, you can now own your very own rotary multi-tool sans motor for the seriously bargain price of $30.