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This ambitious Canadian company plans to build a space elevator out of inflatable Kevlar cells

If Canadian company Thoth Technology makes good on its patent, it will soon unveil the world's first space elevator, which will replace a lot more than stairs -- it will replace entire rocket launchpads.

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Candle Charger is a tiny thermoelectric generator that powers your gadgets with fire

The Flamestower company's newest gadget is just finishing up its Kickstarter campaign. The Candle Charger does exactly what it sounds like: It turns the heat of a candle and five ounces of water into an electric charge, in this case, conviently funneled to a…

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What’s for dinner? NASA funds research for turning poop into astronaut meals

This news may be hard for astronauts to swallow, but NASA recently announced a number of research grants for university-led projects, one of which involves looking at ways to turn human poop into food for space travelers on missions into deep space.

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We strolled down a sensor-studded smart street

The smartphone connected high street shopping experience is coming, but the tech has some way to go before it’s ready for prime time.


India is now home to the world’s first airport that runs entirely on solar power

After a great deal of development and construction, the country's Cochin International Airport in the southern state of Kerala is now officially the world's first airport thats runs exclusively on solar power.

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Drop the linens, take the TV: Wedding registries are getting much techier

Putting together a wedding registry can be fun, especially when you stick to things you want and not just what you think you're expected to put on there. Technology is playing a bigger part in modern wedding registries, so go ahead and put a TV on there.


This strange new bike can be pedaled in six different ways

The bike doesn't change shape, the bike chain ring mod allows riders to pedal by pumping their legs instead of rotating, or stroke with both feet in parallel, thereby activating different muscles. The system opens up a range of options for training, rehab…

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Biking home from the bar? Only after you blow into this breathalyzer bike lock

The Alcoho-Lock is a breathalyzer U lock that warns your friends when you blow into it. If you're sloshed, the companion app alerts a loved one that you're about to ride drunk so they can talk you out of it.

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Groundbreaking new superconductor works at the warmest temperature yet

According to a study recently published in Nature, a group of researchers at the Max Planck Institute for Chemistry in Mainz, Germany successfully created a material that exhibits superconductivity at -70 degrees Celsius

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Turn off the dark with this mirror that scatters sunlight around the room

If parts of your home are dark even during the brightest part of the day, Lucy, a smart mirror, will redirect the light. It tilts its mirror to follow the sun and shuts itself off at night.


Bubl Technology says 360-degree camera now in hands of all early adopters

The Bublcam is a small 360-degree spherical camera that lets you capture panoramic photos and videos similar to Google Street View. After a successful Kickstarter campaign, the company announced all pre-orders have been shipped to customers.


Protect your fertility with Wireless Armour, the new smart underwear for men

Wireless Armour is the underwear "that aims to protect male fertility against 99.9 percent of harmful electromagnetic radiation emitted by Wi-Fi devices, including smartphones and laptops."