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Is that a charger in your pants? BauBax’s smart clothing juices up gadgets wirelessly

BauBox's new Kickstarter campaign promises to deliver vests, pants, and purses that wirelessly charge your smartphone on the go. They're compatible with the Qi standard. You can back the campaign now to get yours.
Cool Tech

Good luck trying to counterfeit one of these nano-watermarked Swiss watches

It isn’t always easy to tell a fake product apart from the real thing. Even trained eyes often have to fall back on expensive technology to validate whether an object, such as a watch, is genuine or a counterfeit.

Microsoft thinks gesture controls could be the best input medium for VR

Microsoft wants to put more than just hand-tracked controllers in games, it wants to put your whole hand in, by pioneering new short and long-range distance tracking of fingers and thumbs.
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Melting mountains: How lidar and 3D printing helped create incredible candles

Cascadia Candle Co makes 3D topographical beeswax candles from lidar scans of real northwestern mountains, but turning datasets into solid wax required a lot of tech.
Android Army

Parking and traffic problems could soon be alleviated with Sidewalk Labs' Flow

Flow is a tool built by Sidewalk Labs, a startup owned by Alphabet, Inc. Documents show that Sidewalk Labs has proposed the smart city tool to the city of Columbus, Ohio, to better direct its traffic and parking.
Home Theater

Control live sound or just jam out with these fully wireless, AR earbuds

Doppler Labs unveils the latest evolution of its sound-altering wireless earbuds, the Here One. Available now for pre-order, the Here One can alter the sound around you, play music, amplify or cancel noise, and more.
Cool Tech

Tour de France officials will use thermal imaging to catch ‘bike dopers’

Thermal imaging cameras will be at the Tour de France, but they won't be used to record spectacular images of racers. Instead, the cutting edge camera technology can detect bike doping, where riders hide motors within the frames of their…
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One of these poems was written by an AI — can you guess which one?

Artificial intelligence has competed against humans as novelists, go players, hackers, and pathologists. Now, AI algorithms have taken on the role of poet through the PoetiX competition,
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Sperm whales in Caribbean more chill than counterparts in the Pacific

Partly because they stay closer geographically but also due to clan cultural differences, Caribbean sperm whales hang with buddies more than Pacific whales. Whale clans can be differentiated by the dialects they use to communicate with each…
Cool Tech

Cozmo is like a lovable Pixar character come to life on your desk

Anki has created the robotic companion of your dreams: Cozmo, an AI-powered companion that's capable of conveying realistic emotions. It can play games, too, and entertain itself with dice-sized blocks.
Cool Tech

Will future buildings be built from artificial bone and eggshell?

We need to find a less energy-intensive way to process concrete and steel, or we need to develop new buildings materials that are more energy efficient -- two researchers from the University of Cambridge are working on it.

This programmable, open source outlet can do things that off-the-shelf smart plugs can't

Excited by the idea of an open-source, Arduino-based outlet, capable of remotely controlling your various household devices? Then you'll definitely want to check out the Portlet, which you can program to control your various household…