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Cool Tech

New app lets kids turn 2D drawings into 3D-printable models with ease

How do you introduce kids to 3D modeling? A new app called Doodle3D Transform promises to let users easily turn regular 2D drawings into fully fledged, 3D-printable models. And it looks kind of awesome.
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China can't tell us when or where its first space station will fall to Earth

After six years of service in testing systems for a future larger station, China's prototype station dubbed "Heavenly Palace" will fall back to Earth sometime in 2017. Where will it land? We don't know yet.
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Alien life? Maybe not, but NASA says there’s ‘surprising activity’ on Europa

NASA will announce Monday what is being billed as "surprising evidence of activity" and the possible discovery of a subsurface ocean on Jupiter's moon Europa, it said in a statement.

Think beer can’t get any better? Fizzics’ Waytap device will make you think again

The technological revolution has brought some big changes, but this might be the most exciting yet for anyone fond of a good brew. Meet the Waytap, a new portable draft beer system that promises to “enhance the flavor of any canned or…

Who certified the exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7 safe? Samsung did

You may assume anything you can buy in a store is safe, but safety certifications like UL are actually totally voluntary, and some of them don't mean nearly as much as you think they do.
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Nifty worm-based indoor composter was designed by algorithm

A new composter called the Biovessel wants to do away with regular indoor compost bins in favor of one run by “ecosystem engineers,” aka your garden-variety earthworms. Oh, and it's designed by algorithm.
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Study: Doomed stars emit cosmic ‘echoes’ while devoured by black holes

Astronomers may soon be able to better detect elusive black holes by following flares of light "echoed" by devoured stars through cosmic dust, according to two recently published studies by NASA.
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Hyperlocal weather app Dark Sky brings its forecast maps to the web

Dark Sky offers beautiful weather maps and hyperlocal weather predictions, seemingly more accurate than your local weather. Now it's available for free on the web, with even more cool features.
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Apple has filed a patent for a paper bag, really

Apple has filed patents for a myriad of tech stuff over the years, from VR goggles to a wraparound phone display to a tablet cover with a built-in screen. Its latest one, however, is for a paper bag.
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Thought control used to release drugs contained in nanobots into living host

No, it’s not a scene from a 1980s David Cronenberg horror/sci-fi movie: researchers really have managed to use human brain waves to remotely control drug-releasing nanobots inside a live cockroach.
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Ghost Minitaur is a 4-legged, affordable robot that can traverse almost any terrain

A robotics startup has created a four-legged, direct-drive robot called the Ghost Minitaur that's capable of running and jumping on tough terrain, reorienting itself after falls, and even climbing fences.
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3D-printing startup working with Peugeot to rethink the ways cars are made

A 3D-printing startup called Divergent 3D has just inked a letter of intent with top automaker Peugeot to bring its 3D metal printing technology to the factory floor. Its goal? To rethink the way cars are built.