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This creative wearable is a nail in the London Underground Oyster Card's coffin

This jewelry design graduate has found a far more convenient and creative way to use an Oyster Card on the London Underground. She has taken the chip from inside the card, and put it in a set of false nails.
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Snowden developing iPhone battery case with hidden spy tool

To detect revealing mobile transmissions that could be used to locate journalists, Edward Snowden and hacker Andrew “Bunnie” Huang are developing a spy monitoring tool that doubles as a battery case.

Be polite or be labeled as rude on Candid, a new anonymous social network

On Thursday, yet another anonymous social network launched on both the iOS and Android app stores, but this one comes with a twist -- on Candid, you have to be nice. That's because content is curated and moderated by AI.
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Scientists have found a chemical-free way to extend milk’s life for up to 3 weeks

Researchers have discovered a way of heating milk for less than a second to extend its shelf life for up to three weeks. The milk is currently being produced and distributed for sale. Here's how it works.

New computer vision tech shows what you'd look like with any hairstyle

Dreambit builds on facial processing and three-dimensional reconstruction technology to show how a person would look with different hair. Not only will it help you pick your new 'do, it may help in finding missing persons.

Gravity helped the Hubble telescope shoot this mesmerizing deep space photo

The Hubble Space Telescope recently shot photos of the deepest views in space using something almost as simple as gravity. Galaxy Abell S1063 is so large, it creates a magnifying effect of the galaxies behind it.

'Jason Bourne' car chase scene is equally exciting behind the scenes

What’s more exciting than a car chase scene? Apparently, the process of filming one. This short, behind-the-scenes video from the upcoming 'Jason Bourne' movie may make you jump more than the actual finished scene will, itself.
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Astronomers confirm a huge, X-shaped bulge at the center of the Milky Way

There’s a massive bulge at the center of the Milky Way galaxy and it’s not just happy to see us. The X-shaped structure has been theorized for years, but was finally observed by two astronomers, with a little help from Twitter.

The lamps of the future will do more than just glow

Judging by these entries for the 2016 Dyson Awards, and a few others, we have been drastically underestimating the capabilities of the common lamp. Here are eight products and concepts that rethink what modern lighting could be.

LG is reportedly taking on Samsung with a foldable phone of its own

It looks like Samsung has some competition -- LG is reportedly working on a foldable phone to be released sometime next year. In fact, the company is said to have outfitted one of its factories to mass produce these foldable phones.
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Revolutionary new brain map identifies nearly 100 new regions

Researchers involved with the Human Connectome Project have announced that they’ve created a brand-new map of the brain that doubles the total number of areas previously identified in the cortex.