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Google (Alphabet?) and DexCom are working on bandage-sized glucose monitor

In Google’s continued expansion into the realm of healthcare, the Internet giant has now announced a new partnership with glucose monitoring company Dexcom to develop a wearable glucose monitor.

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Forget cold turkey — play Tetris to reduce cigarette cravings

It's good for what ails you. Researchers at Plymouth University and Queensland University of Technology in Australia found that people who played Tetris reported reduced desires for drugs, food, and even sex.


Unorthodox “Ferrolic” clock displays the time with magnets and ferrofluid

The display creates numbers by switching magnetic fields on or off behind the screen. When these electromagnetic zones are selectively switched on to form the clock's individual digits, the ferrofluid follows and settles into pools wherever the magnetic field…

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Got friends? Then you've got free Wi-Fi with the Karma Go personal hotspot

The Karma Go is a 4G LTE hotspot with a twist: You don’t pay for data you don’t use, and sharing gets you rewards instead of burning up your data.

  • Pros: Sleek and simple packaging , No monthly fee , Earn…
  • Cons: Low average speeds , Only 100MB of data out of the box

Upgrade your commute to class with these clever car accessories

The school year is just around the corner, and that means back-to-school shopping is upon us. We're not focusing on No. 2 pencils and notebooks here, so we’re counting down the best car gadgets for the upcoming school year.


‘Mother robot’ builds children that evolve and get better with each new generation

In an astounding video recently released by scientists at Cambridge University, a "mother" robot is shown constructing her own "children" out of mechanized blocks, then testing them to see which ones are most well-suited for survival.

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iRobot’s robot lawn mower is back on track after FCC grants a waiver

Hate mowing the grass? Roomba-maker iRobot is one step closer to bringing its robot lawn mower to market, thanks to a waiver from the FCC, which will now allow the firm's devices to transmit low power radio signals.


Watch this eagle take down a drone with a spectacular ‘talon punch’

When Aussie Adam Lancaster sent his drone skyward recently, the last thing he expected was for an angry bird to come from nowhere and take it down with a powerful "punch." Despite the high-speed collision, the bird, unlike the drone, was fine.

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Want to get inside a musician’s head? GE’s Neuro VR makes it happen

Getting into someone's brain has never been as exciting or looked as beautiful as it does through the futuristic lens of GE's Neuro VR, which uses MRI scans to create a 3D experience of the brain like never before.

Cool Tech

En garde! MagneTag may be the Laser Tag of the future

Meet MagneTag, effectively electronic tag with magnets, that leverages "an advanced system of wearable magnetic field sensors" to provide you with hours and hours of friendly (or unfriendly) fun.


Google reveals a tiny, disposable monitor that tracks glucose levels

Google has announced a partnership with medical device company DexCom to build a wireless glucose monitor the size of a bandage. It'll connect to the Cloud for health analyses and is designed to be "disposable."

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