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Turn buildings solar without compromising on style with ‘invisible’ panels

By ditching conventional solar panel design in favor of common construction material, the Italian company Dyaqua offers solar solutions in wood, stone, or cement. The company recently launched the product on Indiegogo.

Road ID app lets you keep tabs on your loved ones when they are out running

Road ID is a mobile app which offers a so-called eCrumb tracking service, allowing friends, family or anyone else you choose to track you in real-time on a map when you go running or biking.
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Naval Research Laboratory is teaching drones to use thermals to soar like birds

The Naval Research Laboratory has created software to allow unmanned planes to fly for longer than previously thought possible by using algorithms to locate thermals to surf -- much like how birds glide through the air.
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Mere seconds from landing on Mars, Schiaparelli lander’s signal goes dark

Scheduled to land on the surface of Mars on October 19, the European Space Agency's Schiaparelli lander lost contact with mission control mere minutes away from landing. It's currently unknown if the descent was successful.
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DARPA’s ultrapowerful Space Surveillance Telescope scans the sky for asteroids

This week the U.S. Department of Defense delivered a new, ultrapowerful telescope, capable of keeping an eye on the galactic flotsam and jetsam floating around our galaxy. And it's pretty darn powerful.
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The WristWhirl's unique interface could let you use smartwatches one-handed

WristWhirl is a smart user interface which lets smartwatch wearers perform common touchscreen gestures by using their watch-wearing wrist as a joystick. One day, all smartwatches could work like this.

BBC creates foundation for Micro:Bit, announces international launch

With new hardware and an international release planned, it's no wonder that the BBC has created a new seven-man foundation to continue its development. The little micro system that could is coming stateside in 2017 for the first time.

Bluetooth earpieces get a brand new bag in Sony’s new Xperia Ear

Sony aims to reinvent the dreaded Bluetooth earpiece with a fresh take in the new Xperia Ear. With a proximity sensor, accelerometer, and gyroscope, the new earpiece has high ambitions, including auto-transmitting news and weather info when…
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So what would happen if a drone hit a plane? The U.K. is trying to find out

Researchers in the U.K. are using real drones and planes to find out what kind of damage can occur in a mid-air collision. The study comes as aviation bodies in countries around the world look for ways to tackle rogue quadcopters flying…
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Your face is familiar — to the FBI. Its facial recognition database holds 117 million of them

In the years since it established a new identification system, a new report from published by Georgetown Law shows the FBI has apparently compiled a facial recognition database of roughly 117 million American adults.
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Ecobee3 Lite is a $169 smart thermostat that will pay for itself in a year

The price of smart thermostats is gradually creeping down, and at just $169 the new Ecobee3 Lite is one of the most affordable yet. And it doesn't cut corners when it comes to quality, either.
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With the ExoMars mission about to hit Martian dirt, here is what comes after

The European Space Agency's joint ExoMars mission with Russia's Roscosmos is in full swing. Starting this week, the Trace Gas Orbiter and the the Schiaparelli module will begin collecting valuable environmental data about Mars.