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Cool Tech

Humanoid robot can dive to great depths while human operator stays safe and dry

Developed and built by scientists at Stanford University, the OceanOne humanoid robot can navigate underwater with or without the help of a human pilot. It was designed to sensitively study coral reef and shipwrecks.
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The University of Florida just held the world's first mind-controlled drone race

The University of Florida has held the world's first brain-controlled drone race – on a ten-yard, indoor course – to test and refine brain-computer interface technology.

Worried about breaking your Surface Book? This case can survive a 4-foot drop

Wish your Surface Book had a thicker skin? Urban Armor Gear has a new case for Microsoft's laptop that should protect it from drops up to 48 inches on the side, face, or edges, without obstructing ports or fans.
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Don't be fooled by its cute exterior; This robotic guard can tase people who get unruly

The National Defense University in China unveiled the country's first "intelligent security guard," equipped with on-board cameras, an SOS button, and a taser.
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50 startups go to bat (and one walks home with cash) in the first-ever PitchfestNW

Debuting in 2016, PitchfestNW pits 50 hungry startups against one another for the attention of venture capitalists, and a grand prize that includes press, VC consultation, and cold, hard cash. Meet the five that made it to finals and the…
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Texting while walking? These in-ground traffic lights should get your attention

Can't make them come up to you? Go down to them. Such is the logic behind Germany's new traffic lights, which see distracted pedestrians and chronic texters, and raise them traffic lights that they just can't miss.

DARPA aims to make future military vehicles lighter, cheaper, and smarter

DARPA awarded contracts to eight organizations to develop technology for future military vehicles under the GXV-T program. It hopes to make future vehicles lighter, cheaper, and smarter.
Product Review

3DR Solo Drone Review

Fancy yourself more filmmaker than pilot? 3DR's Solo is the drone for you.
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Insect-inspired flotation system could save your drone from a watery grave

If you regularly fly your drone over water, or simply want more reliable landing gear for your flying machine, then check out the WaterStrider, an accessory that lets your drone float on water as well as cope with rough landings on rugged…

When Dyson makes a hair dryer, it’s going to be quiet, powerful, and pricey

At $399, the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer is pretty much exactly what you'd expect from the vacuum maker. It looks like a Dyson product and promises to be powerful, quiet, and lightweight.