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Starbucks' wireless charging can perk up your phone, but needs more time to brew

Starbucks stepped into the future with its wireless charging trial at select coffee shops. It gives us a tantalizing glimpse at how convenient widespread public wireless charging…

  • Pros: Charge your phone while you drink coffee , Free to use…
  • Cons: It’s not available in every branch , Most phones will need…

The coolest stuff you didn’t know you could get at the hardware store

Your local hardware store harbors tons of little tools, materials, and parts that most people have no idea exist, but are ridiculously useful to have in your tool shed, so we went ahead and rounded up a few of our favorites to put together this list.


Jorno’s Bluetooth keyboard isn’t just comfy, it’s tiny enough to take everywhere

Jorno's foldup keyboard connects via Bluetooth to most phones and tablets. It's super small when you fold it up, and it's very easy to use, though the keys are a bit cramped. We gave it a whirl to write this article.


Brick Street View turns Google Maps into Lego

Here's an impressive hack to explore over the weekend. Put together by Swedish designer Einar Öberg, Brick Street View turns Google's Street View imagery into something much more blocky.

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Awesome tech you can’t buy yet: $9 computers and $5 smartphone microscopes

Check out our roundup of the coolest crowdfunding projects and product announcements that hit the Web this week. You can't buy this stuff yet, but it sure is fun to gawk!

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Amazon’s drones will track you down using your smartphone

Thanks to a recently published patent application, we now know a little bit more about Amazon's Prime Air drone delivery program — including how these flying robots will be able to find you.

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AT&T is transforming how you connect your car with your smarthome

AT&T aims to make its technology the backbone of the emerging Internet of Things (IoT) world. Its voice recognition software will let a driver talk to the various smart devices in his or her home.

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The Surface 3 is an upgrade from its predecessor, but its price will sneak up on you

Microsoft’s entry-level Surface has always played second fiddle to the supercharged Surface Pro, but the new Surface 3 runs full-blown Windows 8.1 just like its Pro sibling. Does…

  • Pros: Sturdy, inviting design , Light for a 2-in-1 PC , Excellent…
  • Cons: Feels heavy when used as a tablet , Disappointing…

Doody Duty: London cops are DNA testing dog poop to track down lazy owners

A borough of London has announced plans to partner with U.S.-based BioPet VetLab for a pilot project that requires dog park users to submit DNA cheek swabs for their pets, allowing park wardens to test any stray dog poop they find.

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Fizzics promises to pour a perfect draft-beer head, straight from the bottle

There’s a science to pouring the perfect beer, and the creators of the Fizzics have distilled into one machine. Their raising funds on Indiegogo right now, and you can get one for $149.


The blind will soon be able to identify their loved ones using this one-of-a-kind cane

Three Birmingham City University students developed a new cane that will allow the blind to be guided to their loved ones using facial recognition technology. The students plan to demo the cane later this year.


Jaguar Land Rover’s eye-tracking tech lets you control your wipers with your eyes

Jaguar Land Rover has published a patent detailing a new eye-tracking technology. It’s not about distracted motorists or drowsy travelers, though, this system tracks the driver’s eye movements to engage the rear wipers at the optimal time.


Panasonic’s Toughbook tablet is helping rescue crews save lives in Nepal

Developed by the DHS Science and Technology DIrectorate (S&T) and NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), FINDER and Panasonic's Toughpad H2 tablet PC are helping rescuers find people buried under rubble in Nepal.


Open up a whole new (virtual) world with Samsung’s $200 Gear VR headset

The Gear VR, Samsung's first venture into the world of virtual reality, can now be yours for $200 -- provided you own a Galaxy Note 4 already, because if not, you'll need one of those too.


Going somewhere? Pack these gadgets with your passport to stay connected abroad

Your smartphone is useful only if it has a connection. When traveling, here are several affordable tech solutions to help stay in contact with home.

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