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Pokémon Go technology is everywhere

Results from Deloitte’s annual survey of mid-market technology trends shows how ubiquitous the technology is. Of the 500 mid-market companies surveyed, 89 percent said they were already using AR in their business.

Upstate New York's amazing 'ReActor' house is like a home on a seesaw

Architect-artists Ward Shelley and Alex Schweder have built a house that tilts and rotates in response to prevailing wind conditions and the varying weight distribution of its occupants.
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Your Facebook photos could be betraying important biometric data

Researchers in the security and computer vision fields from the University of North Carolina suggest that all it takes to get past certain facial recognition technology is some Facebook stalking and 3D rendering.

Smart flooring tiles can track your steps and and generate power for your home

Smart flooring has lots of potential, from tracking your steps to keeping tabs on loved ones who might slip and fall. Thanks to its price, it's a bit out of reach for most homes, but it's cropping up in a few businesses.
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In exactly one year, we’ll bear witness to the “Great American Total Solar Eclipse”

Get your sunglasses ready. There's a giant solar eclipse headed our way, and it's slated to be the biggest and best ... ever. Dubbed the "Great American Total Solar Eclipse," this natural phenomenon is precisely a year away, NASA says.

Why the world's fastest quantum computer … really isn't a quantum computer

Over the past six-and-a-half years, Lockheed Martin has made steady upgrades to its Quantum Computation Center — and now the company has a potent 1,152-qubit rig at its disposal. But it's not exactly a quantum computer.
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Microsoft Kinect camera helps assess symptoms in multiple sclerosis patients

Researchers at McGill University have created a motion-recognition algorithm that lets the Microsoft Kinect camera help evaluate walking abnormalities in patients with multiple sclerosis.
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Weekend Workshop: Become champ of your office with this DIY Nerf rocket launcher

Be the envy of your office whenever a random Nerf dart war breaks out with this easy-to-build DIY Nerf rocket launcher made out of little more than some PVC piping, foam pool noodles, and cooking oil.
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From mini jackets to wearable coolers, if you dream it, DevisePDX can build it 3:20

In our first episode of Got It Made, host Ezra Cimino-Hurt checks out the unusual projects of DevisePDX, from crafting action-figure jackets to insulated soccer bags.
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Company founded by 15-year-old wants to help the blind browse the web

Earlier this week, Braigo Labs launched a beta version of its service aimed at helping the visually impaired and blind recognize text on images. It's the first release of a larger overall platform aimed at making the web more accessible.
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Machine learning, satellite data look at nighttime lights to gauge poverty in Africa

Researchers at Stanford University are using machine learning and satellite data to develop a detailed “poverty map” of Africa by looking at areas where there there are few nighttime lights.