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Cool Tech

Solar-powered liquid battery hybrid prototype could be major breakthrough

A new device combines a solar cell with a large capacity liquid battery, skipping the electricity-making process in favor of transferring the harvested solar energy directly to the battery's electrolyte.
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Apple is reportedly making progress on its Siri-powered Amazon Echo competitor

Earlier this year, rumors surfaced of Apple working on a Siri-powered Amazon Echo competitor. Now that device has reportedly entered prototype testing, though that’s no guarantee the product will ever be made available to consumers.
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The Revolt 1 personal flying machine will get you to the office in style 2:09

Want to own your own flying machine? Revolt 1 is a new electric, app-controlled paramotor looking to raise funds on Kickstarter. And its creator is convinced it's the future of travel.
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Bioengineered bacteria could be used to 3D print food and tools on Mars

A synthetic biology project called CosmoCrops wants to use bacteria to make it possible to 3D print everything needed for a respectable space mission in space itself. Here's what you need to know.
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Robots will soon be delivering groceries in Washington, DC

Compared to Amazon's ambitious drone delivery plan, Starship Technologies' solution for last-mile delivery is a little more, you might say, down to earth. Using self-driving robots, the firm is about to trial grocery delivery in the…
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Cornell’s water-powered CubeSat could be the future of space exploration

At NASA’s Cube Quest Challenge, Cornell University’s Cislunar Explorers aim to send its innovative water-powered satellite in orbit around the moon and the team's program manager told us exactly how it plans to do so.

Working transporter beams photons just under four miles away using dark optics

Researchers have created a transporter capable of teleporting photons just under four miles. It used an entangled pair of photons and dark optic cables installed by the city of Calgary.

Some of the finest minds in AI descend upon London’s deep learning summit

Artificial intelligence has never been as present -- or as cool -- as it is today. And, after years as a relative outcast, deep learning has become the most successful and popular machine learning method around.

Visiting Volkswagen’s breathtaking car towers should be on your bucket list

Volkswagen's car towers in Wolfsburg, Germany, are among the most impressive car-related buildings in the world. Join Digital Trends as we take a tour of the towers to find out how they work.

ULA points to SpaceX’s recent launch woes as the reason why it should win contract

United Launch Alliance is pointing out rival SpaceX's recent rocket explosions as why the military should choose its services instead, claiming 111 straight successful launches.
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Australian child golf prodigy takes down drone with a single swing of her club

Eight-year-old Ruby Kavanagh has a swing that rivals golfers five times her age. Her swing is so good that the junior golfer was able to knock a Yuneec Typhoon H hexacopter drone out of the sky with a single drive.

Sleek and easy to fly, GoPro's Karma is a drone for the masses

We spent some time with GoPro’s first drone, the Karma. Our full hands-on impressions and thoughts on the company’s first foray into flying cameras!