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MakerBot upgrade: New 3D printers offer bigger prints at faster speeds

MakerBot has unveiled a series of new printers, the Replicator+ and Replicator Mini+, offering larger prints, faster speeds, and quieter volumes. The printers were unveiled alongside new MakerBot apps and a new filament.
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Google has a new plan to fight internet trolls, and it starts and ends with AI

Conversation AI uses "machine learning to spot the language of abuse and harassment -- with, Jigsaw engineers say, better accuracy than any keyword filter and at a faster speed than any team of human moderators.

Sevenhugs and its sleep tracker is now available in the U.S.

Sevenhugs, manufacturer of the hugOne sleep monitoring system and smart home Smart Remote device, recently raised $14.6 million for its U.S. product launch. HugOne will be available in August 2016 for purchase in major U.S. retailers.

GoPro takes off with a new foldable Karma drone, Hero5 cam, and more

GoPro has made its biggest announcement to date: the reveal of its highly anticipated Karma drone and new Hero5 cameras with advanced features. The company is also launching a new cloud-based subscription service.

Wired or wireless, indoors or out, this home security cam works anywhere

The Canary Flex is a strikingly attractive home security camera that can operate indoors or outdoors, wired or wirelessly. With an optional LTE mount, it can even work in remote locations beyond Wi-Fi range.

Real-flame smart candle requires no matches — just your smartphone and an app

Meet the LuDela, branded as the world's "smartest and safest real-flame candle," one that can be lit and controlled by a smartphone, eliminating the need for matches. Stone Age, meet digital age.
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SpaceX still on course for a manned mission to Mars ‘in 10 years, maybe sooner’

SpaceX boss Elon Musk is as determined as ever to get a "meaningful number of people" to Mars in 2026, or maybe sooner. In addition, the entrepreneur said that its under-development reusable rocket system could one day take it "well beyond…
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Facebook nabs modular electronics startup Nascent Objects to help it build hardware faster

Facebook just bought modular hardware startup Nascent Objects to integrate into its secret project Building 8, led by former DARPA director Regina Dugan. Could Facebook be planning a modular device like Google's Project ARA?
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Amsterdam gets ready to test self-driving boats to transport goods and people

Amsterdam may not have much interest in self-driving cars, but using Roboats for the city's 100-plus kilometers of canals could have many uses. The city is partnering with three universities in a five-year robot boat test program.
Product Review

DribbleUp Review

With the DribbleUp, your fade-away jumpshot may never be the same.
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Software engineer creates his own face-tracking desk fan, and says it’s a breeze

Software engineer Devin LaCrosse recently built a Raspberry Pi-powered desk fan, capable of tracking a person’s face as they move and blasting cool air in their direction. And you can build one, too.
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Researchers in the U.K. link the way people walk with personality types

In a new study, researchers have created a way of measuring for aggression based on a person's walk alone. It could be used to help predict violent individuals based on their swagger.