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NASA is about to send a 3D printer into space

In the not-too-distant future, astronauts could be printing their own equipment and parts whilst in orbit. After extensive testing, NASA is sending its first 3D printer into space this weekend.

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Bio-reactive expiration labels could spell the end of spoiled food

Bump Mark, winner of the UK regional James Dyson Award, is a clever new expiration label that decays at the same rate as the food inside of a given package -- thereby giving you a better idea of when something has gone bad


What can I help you with? Ford bringing Siri to your dashboard with the help of Automatic

Automatic, the same company that brought you the Smart Driving Assistant and Web Dashboard, is bringing Siri into your car. If you drive a Ford or Lincoln newer than 2011, you’re in luck.


This modified Oculus Rift can make the floor transform in front of your eyes (without LSD!)

Using a top-mounted video camera and some custom-built software, this modified Oculus Rift headset can overlay new textures onto any flat surface

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Tag Heuer is ready to class up smartwatches, set to release first model in 2015

Luxury watch maker TAG Heuer wants to build a smartwatch, but doesn't want to simply copy the Apple Watch, or any other device on the market. We could be set to see the watch's debut in March next year.


Awesome tech you can’t buy yet, for the week of September 14, 2014

Check out our roundup of the coolest crowdfunding projects and product announcements that hit the Web this week. You can't buy this stuff yet, but it sure is fun to gawk!

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Equil Smartpen 2: One digital pen to rule them all, turning ink and paper into digital files

Thanks to the Equil Smartpen 2, lovers of the old-fashioned way of writing and drawing have a nifty bridge between the tangible and the digital: a high-tech pen that captures whatever you write or draw and turns it into a detailed digital file.

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The miniature radio that could link the Internet of Things

A Stanford professor has produced a working radio-on-a-chip that costs pennies to make, is incredibly small and doesn't require any batteries to run, coming soon to a connected device near you.

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Under pressure: How Pencil will become even more life-like in iOS 8

We caught up with the creator of the Pencil iPad stylus while at IFA 2014, and he not only showed us what it looks like in action, but filled us in on the new functionality that will come when iOS 8 is released.

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DARPA invests in a super-light exoskeleton for soldiers

Unlike other exoskeletons that are heavy and cumbersome to use, the Soft Exosuit is lightweight and able to match the movements of the wearer. It's the latest project to attract DARPA funds.

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MIT’s miracle graphite sponge uses solar energy to efficiently sterilize water

Researchers at MIT have developed a sponge made of graphite and carbon foam that floats on water and efficiently converts solar energy into steam. This simple discovery could make it easier for remote populations to gain access to clean drinking water.

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Here are the best places to watch tonight’s Northern Lights show

Curious if you'll be able to see tonight's aurora, caused by the massive solar flare that happened a few days ago? Check out this guide to pinpoint the best location

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Watch out, Tesla: the CANbus Triple may revolutionize automotive hacking

Whether it’s a Chinese firm remotely controlling a Tesla Model S or leaked iCloud photos, hacking is a poignant issue in and out of the driver’s seat. Interface designer Derek Kuschel has created a device called the CANbus Triple, which allows drivers to…


This ‘sensory substitution vest’ could help deaf people hear through their skin

By capturing incoming sounds and translating them into vibrations felt through the skin, this high-tech vest might one day help deaf people regain their hearing -- without dishing out for spendy cochlear implants

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Uh oh. Did Carnegie Mellon University just steal Audi’s Matrix Beam headlight tech?

The selective headlight technology, developed by CMU’s Robotics Institute, uses a camera and several individual projectors to avoid shining light directly into a driver’s eyes. The system can even detect rain, road signs, and other reflective surfaces to…