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Cool Tech

Watch an AI bot instantly learn all the details to 'Game of Thrones' plotlines

As "Game of Thrones'" season 6 Sunday premiere draws near, fans of all shapes and sizes -- including artificial-intelligence bots -- are doing all they can to recap season 5 as quickly as possible.
Cool Tech

Air Force builds rocket-powered maglev sled capable of traveling at speeds up to 633 mph

A team from the 846th Test Squadron at the Holloman Air Force Base set a new world record for maglev vehicles with a 513 mph run on March 4. They then broke that record again two days later with an even faster run of 633 mph.
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Drones, Apple clones, and a robot named Pudding at China’s first-ever CE Week

Big names like Sony, Samsung and even Huawei sat out China’s first CE Week, but the smattering of smaller brands in attendance showed off an amusing array of oddities.

10 billion articles of clothing and footwear are going to go smart

Your clothes are about to get real smart. Thanks to a brand new partnership between Fortune 500 packaging company Avery Dennison and Internet of Things startup Evrythng, we'll soon be inundated with connected clothing.
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Aerotain’s blimp-inspired Skye drone won’t injure people if it crash lands

To address the perplexing issue of how to protect people and property from drones that get out of control and fall to the ground, Swiss company Aerotain is seeking inspiration from blimps, creating a modern drone with an inflated…

Zilker is a smart irrigation system you hook up to your hose

With summer fast approaching, your plants may soon need extra attention. Zilker has launched a Kickstarter campaign for its smart irrigation device, which controls water use based on weather and other factors.
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Elon Musk is looking into self-driving buses

Elon Musk is known for his forward-thinking ways, but now, he's looking to address one of the most salient issues any city dweller must face -- traffic. And how does he propose to do it? With self-driving buses, of course.
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Don’t throw away those Livestrong bracelets — they may still come in handy

Silicone bracelets à la the Livestrong era may seem like the ultimate throwback, but thanks to an injection of some pretty interesting low tech, they are now making quite the comeback.
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Remember the drone that hit a plane? Here’s what it really was

There was widespread alarm in the British aviation industry earlier in the week when it seemed a drone had hit a passenger jet for the first time on record. However, an official is now saying that rather than a drone, it may actually have…

Pique promises to cut the time it takes to make cold brew from 12 hours to 10 minutes

Love cold-brew but can't remember to plan a full day ahead to make it? GE's subsidiary FirstBuild will turn to Indiegogo for its Pique col- brew coffee maker in June. It makes a full pot in just 10 minutes.

Turn your patio any crazy color you want with iLumi’s new outdoor LED

The iLumi BR30 Outdoor is a smart LED light bulb that is rated to be protected against dust and water. That means you can change your outdoor lighting to all kinds of crazy colors.
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The U.S. Army looks to anti-missile technology to help protect its fleet of tanks

To help protect its tanks without adding more cumbersome armor, the U.S. Army and Marine Corps plan to test an anti-missile technology system called Trophy. The system was developed by the Israeli defense company Rafael.