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Cool Tech

Watch as an e-cigarette explodes in a man’s pants in a NY City store

New Yorker Otis Gooding switched to e-cigarettes because he thought they'd be safer than smoking the real thing. But following his terrifying experience with the gadget this week, he may be reconsidering his decision.
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Magic Candy Factory lets you 3D print any shape as gummy confections

With retail stores all over the world, the Katjes Magic Candy Factory offers sweet-toothed customers the chance to 3D print any shape in gummy candy form. Could this be the gateway to 3D-printed food?
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Whether you want a backpack or briefcase, the Hackpack on Kickstarter is for you

You're a versatile (wo)man of the world, so why should you be limited by something as simple as a bag? That appears to be the question that motivated the development of the Hackpack, heralded as the "world's best…
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Amazon Echo-controlled game room is an envy-inducing feature meant to be shown off

A game room company has come up with a way to make our dream basement even dreamier by adding voice control, courtesy of an Amazon Echo smart assistant, Raspberry Pi and Logitech Harmony Hub, to the mix.
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Food-production startup promises meat without murder by growing it in labs

Intriguing foodie startup Memphis Meats previously debuted a meatball grown in a lab. Now it wants to fulfill its mission of growing a variety of meats in labs. Here's how you can help.
Product Review

Hover Camera Passport drone Review

The Passport drone is like having a 65-foot selfie stick.

Adobe's Project Sky Replace could be Photoshop's next big feature

Adobe demonstrated a sneak peek of Sky Replace at Adobe MAX this year. The simple tool can automatically replace a boring or overexposed sky in a photo, but the underlying technology is more complex than it sounds.

How not to dispose of old floppy disks

Got any old floppy disks you want to get rid of? Then it's probably best you don't drop them onto the spinning blades of an upturned lawnmower. Although doing so can admittedly result in some rather striking slow-motion footage.

Chronos high-speed camera blasts through Kickstarter target in just a few hours

A high-speed camera that can capture footage at a whopping 22,000 frames a second and costs a surprisingly reasonable $2,500 hit its Kickstarter funding target on Wednesday within just a few hours of going live.
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MekaMon robots battle in augmented reality so you don’t have to clean up carnage

MekaMon robots, the product of startup Reach Robotics, use a combination of augmented reality and articulated figures to bring robot battles to life. They start at $330 ($600 for a pack of two).

Kickstarter bike pedals secure your feet using adjustable magnets

A new Kickstarter campaign is offering smart, adjustable bike pedals which use magnets to attach rider’s feet to their bicycle pedals. Here's everything you need to know about this neat alternative to clip-in pedals.
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MIT engineers made an innovative artificial muscle out of fishing line

Many artificial muscle materials are either too expensive or fragile for most practical applications. That might change thanks to a new design by MIT researchers, whose relatively simple and inexpensive solution is to heat nylon…