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Cool Tech

BAE Systems built a crazy new UV laser sensor that could change how aircraft measure airspeed

BAE Systems has developed a smart sensor which uses lasers to measure aircraft speed. BAE has already successfully trialled the system in a low-speed wind tunnel and on ground vehicles. Here's how it works.
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An 18-year-old kid built this ridiculously impressive drone, and its up for pre-order

Created by 18-year-old recent high school grad George Matus, the world's fastest consumer drone is now available for you to preorder. And it even comes with its own app store.
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China’s supersized ‘Xianglong’ surveillance drone gets ready to soar

China has a growing drone fleet, and it is going to be even bigger very soon. The Asian nation is beginning production on one of the country's largest surveillance drones -- the Xianglong "Soar Dragon."
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Virtual reality app could help train women to negotiate higher salaries

A new VR tool that allows women to practice negotiating higher salaries has been demonstrated at the White House.

Wait a minute, Doc. Are you telling me you built a hot tub, out of a DeLorean?

The DeLorean is already a classic car, with a unique look, but if you slap a bunch of blue LED lighting on it, as well as a number of thematic additions, then pop a hot tub in the back, you have the perfect present for a Back to…

IBM's Watson has landed a customer assistant job at Macy's

Customers at department store chain Macy's will soon be able to ask IBM's question answering computer system Watson for shopping assistance, thanks to a new pilot program.
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Rhinologists are training medical residents with creepy 3D-printed skulls

3D-printed models of the human skull allow doctors and med students to see, feel and, understand dimensions of real human geometry. It could be especially useful for rhinologists, who need to send cameras down a patient’s nasal cavity
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Kepler finds 104 exoplanets in the largest single haul of confirmed planets

While you're out collecting Pokémon, an international team of astronomers has been tallying 104 new exoplanets, with four of those offering promise as potentially rocky, habitable worlds.
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There is now a flying surveillance drone for … your home

Cardinal Robotics has developed a new drone designed to keep an eye on your home both while you're inside and while you're away. It weighs under two pounds and contains a 14-megapixel camera capable of shooting full 1080p video.
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Reading coverage on the RNC? It might be coming from bots

It's only Day 2, but the Republican National Convention already seems to have solidified its position as the most dramatic political event in recent memory. And at both the Washington Post and Buzzfeed, coverage is coming from robots.
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Showing off? SpaceX says it wants to land three rockets at the same time

Not content with bringing one rocket safely back to Earth at a time, SpaceX says that with its powerful new Falcon Heavy rocket it'll need to land three at the same time. In preparation, it's now seeking permission to build new…

Jooki is a Skylanders-inspired jukebox that will get your kids grooving

Jooki, a Kickstarter project from startup company Muuselabs, is a kids' jukebox activated by physical figures. It starts shipping to project backers later this year, and to retail in 2017.