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Cool Tech

Not sure a tattoo is for you? Ephemeral ink lasts a year then disappears

By using smaller ink molecules than does normal tattoo ink, and encapsulating them in a larger structure, startup Ephemeral has designed tattoo ink good for a year. The larger structure will eventually dissolve and the ink will flush out.
Cool Tech

Man from medieval times knocks a drone out of the sky with a spear

We've seen eagles and chimpanzees take down drones, but a spear-wielding man from medieval times? Now that we WEREN'T expecting. OK, he was dressed in period costume for a reenactment festival in Russia, but we're sure you'll…

How F1 pit-stop teamwork is helping to save babies’ lives 0:26

A team of medical staff charged with resuscitating babies noticed how their work in many ways mirrored that of speedy pit-stop mechanics, where every second counts. Hoping to improve its own procedures, the hospital contacted the…

Look out, Amazon! Nest open-sources OpenThread to snag more IoT partners

It looks like Nest wants to reestablish itself as a smart home leader -- the company has just open-sourced its Thread framework, a decision that could seriously accelerate the growth of the smart home market.
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CERN's 'Infinity machine' is one of the most precise measurement devices in the world

The European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) have turned to infinity to solve some of physic’s biggest problems, and built an infinity machine to help.
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Robopups, robopals and robolackeys hit the Robot Runway at CES Asia

The Robotics Runway at CES Asia 2016 brought out a parade of cute bots, from children’s learning robots to roaming TV bots, and dog-like luggage bots that follow you around.
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Exxon has a plan to capture carbon emissions, then use them to create energy

ExxonMobil and FuelCell Energy have teamed together to tackle fossil fuel-fired carbon emissions by building a device that capture and stores carbon in smokestack exhaust.
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Making the trip three times faster than cars, DHL drones tested in mountainous area

In tests in the Bavarian mountains, DHL's Parcelcopter delivery drones make deliveries more than three times faster than cars. The delivery range is 5 miles and the capacity is 4.4 pounds. The parcelcopter takes off and lands vertically…

Energy Department launches podcast, and chances are you’ll enjoy it, learn something

Move over, NPR, the Energy Department is now creating audio shows on demand, and in all seriousness, this one is pretty good. The first episode of the department's new production was released Monday, and it's called Direct…
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Eric the Robot could soon be brought back to life via a Kickstarter campaign

Who says reincarnation isn't possible? With Kickstarter, we can even bring dead robots back to life. But not just any old robot -- a new Kickstarter campaign wants to rebuild Eric, the very first automaton to emerge from the U.K.

Samsung’s Galaxy Surfboard is every bit as absurd as you imagine 3:15

Think the Gear VR is a cool accessory for your Galaxy S7? How about the Galaxy Surfboard instead? Slip your phone in the side, and you'll get notifications while out on the waves. Yes, really.
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Brazen Kickstarter scammer promised a $100 3D printer, built a house with funds

A Kickstarter campaingn that raised more than 600,000 Canadian dollars for a desktop 3D printer is telling its backers it's out of money, and that their investments were spent building a house in Saskatchewan rather than shipping…