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Cool Tech

Watch this eagle take down a drone with a spectacular ‘talon punch’

When Aussie Adam Lancaster sent his drone skyward recently, the last thing he expected was for an angry bird to come from nowhere and take it down with a powerful "punch." Despite the high-speed collision, the bird, unlike the…
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Want to get inside a musician’s head? GE’s Neuro VR makes it happen

Getting into someone's brain has never been as exciting or looked as beautiful as it does through the futuristic lens of GE's Neuro VR, which uses MRI scans to create a 3D experience of the brain like never before.

En garde! MagneTag may be the Laser Tag of the future

Meet MagneTag, effectively electronic tag with magnets, that leverages "an advanced system of wearable magnetic field sensors" to provide you with hours and hours of friendly (or unfriendly) fun.
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Google reveals a tiny, disposable monitor that tracks glucose levels

Google has announced a partnership with medical device company DexCom to build a wireless glucose monitor the size of a bandage. It'll connect to the Cloud for health analyses and is designed to be "disposable."
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These MIT robots deliver beer in the best use of technology ever 3:22

Before robots take over the world, we should put them to good use, right? At least, that seems to be the rationale behind the latest robot-oriented project at MIT, through which engineers have programmed robots to deliver beer.
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Built by engineers at MIT, the HERMES robot combines machine strength with human agility

It's the best of both worlds, really -- a robot that moves and reacts like a human. In the never ending quest to turn man into a machine (or vice versa), engineers at MIT are moving yet another step closer by developing HERMES.

This invention could turn your body into a touch sensitive control panel for your phone 4:37

Scientists have developed a pressure-sensitive, second-skin control system for your mobile device, that could mean almost any part of your body could be turned into a touchable control panel.
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Ever wanted to see Earth from space? SpaceVR is sending a camera into orbit so you can

Explore space from the comfort of your couch with SpaceVR, a new Kickstarter project sending "virtual reality cameras to space so anyone can explore the universe" that already has 102 backers.