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Health & Fitness

Artificial pancreas that uses smartphone app and sensor may be diabetes game-changer

“The sensor continuously monitors your glucose levels, then sends this information to a smartphone, where an algorithm calculates how much insulin is needed to keep the blood glucose in the safe, normal range,” Dr. Eric Renard told…
Cool Tech

Only on Mars! Why the odd dunes spotted by Curiosity can’t occur on Earth

All eyes are on Jupiter as Juno dove into the gas giant’s orbit yesterday, but last week scientists announced an intriguing finding from Mars – close-up observations from NASA’s Curiosity rover revealed a unique kind of wind-sculpted…
Virtual Reality

First Japanese VR porn festival ends prematurely, due to overcrowding

Japan's first VR porn festival ended not with a bang but with a whimper. Attendees mobbed the exterior of the expo -- far too many in fact -- persuading the organizers to shut it down before even a fraction of them had entered.

Google’s DeepMind will soon apply artificial intelligence to the detection of eye diseases

Google's DeepMind division announced a partnership with the U.K.'s Moorsfields hospital that will see millions of eye records analyzed for commonalities. It's part of the outfit's ongoing DeepMind Health initiative.
Cool Tech

Belgian researchers sniff out nerve gas and pesticides with an electronic nose

Belgian scientists have developed a hyper-sensitive “electronic nose” to help sniff out extremely low concentrations of chemicals like pesticides and nerve gas. How low are we talking? Drop-of-water-in-an-Olympic-pool low.

Researchers argue AI can fool the Turing test without saying a thing

By falling silent during the Turing test, artificial intelligence (AI) systems can fool human judges into believing they’re human, according to a study by machine intelligence researchers from Coventry University.
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A robot that sucks just won an Amazon technology competition

The day when Amazon’s distribution centers are operated entirely by robots came a step closer this week after a Dutch-built robot took top prize in the company’s latest picking-and-packing contest.
Cool Tech

Watch synthetic bones being 3D-printed in this amazing demo

A sub-$9,000 3D bioprinter set to make its debut later this year, the Aether 1, makes some very bold claims for itself -- including its ability to outperform rivals with price tags in excess of $250,000.
Cool Tech

This Kevlar iPhone cable is supposed to survive anything … so we blew it up 3:42

Zus recently used its Kevlar-reinforced charging cable to tow a car -- but we wanted to put it to the test and see for ourselves just how strong it is. How much abuse can this cable really take?
Cool Tech

Algorithm will determine if people are lying to you in emails. Honest

Could an algorithmic lie detector one day be as ubiquitous a part of our email systems as spell check? Possibly so, suggest researchers Stephan Ludwig, Tom van Laer, Ko de Ruyter, and Mike Friedman in a new study into automated deception…
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Flightradar24 wants to make it easy to track drones around the world

“Our mission statement is to track all aircraft around the world, regardless of whether they are manned or not,” Fredrik Lindahl, Flightradar24's CEO, has told Digital Trends.
Cool Tech

Yes, it’s possible to plant ‘Inception’-style experiences into people’s brains

“This method may be applied to reduce or eliminate association of some specific cue and fear,” researcher Takeo Watanabe told Digital Trends.. “For example, it could be used to reduce or eliminate bad memories developed in a…