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Next-gen clean water filter finally compact enough for the home 2:47

WaterO could offer the smart, connected, compact water filtration choice for the future. Utilizing the previously unwieldy technique of reverse osmosis, WaterO is a powerful water filter that can filter sea water or lead-tainted…
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Despite 540-to-1 odds, a swarm AI system correctly predicted the Kentucky Derby 'superfecta'

Swarm AI, which uses insect-inspired cooperation to help groups of humans make decisions, has correctly predicted the Kentucky Derby winners against 540 to 1 odds.

Souvenyr analyzes your thousands of photos to track down the best shots

With all the cameras we have, it can be easy to take thousands of photos at an event, after which you generally have to go through them to get rid of the duds. Souvenyr, however, can sort through your photos for you.
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Captain America superfan created an electromagnet shield that bounces back

Hacksmith James Hobson created an electromagnetic shield that boomerangs back to his arm after banging up bad guys and bouncing off walls. It's made of aluminum and electromagnets, but otherwise it's just like Captain America's…
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One-of-a-kind electric ‘cycle cam’ bike helped film Deadpool’s flashiest scenes

A one of a kind 'cycle cam' helped film some of Deadpool's most exciting motorcycle chase scenes. About 150 pounds of equipment was mounted on a fully electric ZF9 motorbike so stunt driver Regis Harrington could capture the…

Get amped! The Ampple protective case triples your iPad’s volume

If you take your iPad out a lot and struggle to get a decent volume, Ampple may be for you. Ampple is a case for your iPad that has built-in speakers, offering as much as three times the volume of the standard iPad speakers.

Withings’ Go fitness tracker costs just $80, and you can buy one online now

Meet the Withings Go, a surprisingly affordable fitness tracker with an E Ink multi-screen display that is perpetually turned on. For just $80, you’ll have a device that will track steps, distance, running, swimming, and your sleep.
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From phones to drones, here’s what we’re expecting from CES Asia 2016

Digital Trends touches down in Shanghai this week for CES Asia 2016, an upcoming technology show that highlights the best and brightest from China’s booming electronics industry.
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MIT researcher’s artificial skin will make you look 10 years younger

A team of MIT researchers has developed an artificial skin that could make you look years younger. Besides its potential for cosmetic use, researchers hope to use the second skin in a variety of medical applications.
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Blue Origin’s POV video shows its rocket’s rapid return to Earth

Blue Origin has released a few videos of its New Shephard rocket landings, but this one's a little different. The team behind the reusable launch system recently attached a camera to the rocket itself and filmed New Shepard's…
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New wireless charging tech may enhance your next phone, thanks to FCC approval

Truly wireless charging could be on its way thanks to the FCC's recent approval of an early version of Energous' wireless charging tech. While the tech that was approved doesn't offer fully wireless charging, it is the first step.