Cool Tech

Sharp’s smartphone concept has the gorgeous rounded corners you’ve always wanted

Sharp has shown off a new smartphone concept called the Corner R, which has one feature other phones lack -- almost no bezel thanks to its rounded display. And boy is it beautiful.
Cool Tech

Small furry mammals inspired researchers to create groundbreaking wetsuit material

Could your next wetsuit be fashioned after the fur of hairy, semiaquatic mammals like beavers and sea otters? Quite possibly yes, if these researchers have anything to say about it. Here's why their work is exciting.
Virtual Reality

Fashion Week hosted an entire collection through Hololens headsets

London Fashion Week has played host to five Microsoft Hololens headsets, giving Martine Jarlaard the chance to show off her entire spring/summer 2017 collection, without a single garment in site.

Panasonic's new battery-less, wireless universal switch makes its CEATEC debut

In the future, you can stop getting up to turn on the lights. And at CEATEC, the future is now. Panasonic has unveiled a wireless and battery-less switch that allows you to control the lighting in a room from practically anywhere…
Cool Tech

Researchers replicate rogue waves under realistic conditions for first time

Researchers have previously been able to replicate rogue waves in perfect conditions. Now they've shown they can can create rogue waves in much more realistic conditions such as those found at sea.
Cool Tech

The chatbot will see you now: AI may play doctor in the future of healthcare

Startups are using intelligent machines to redesign the clinic, redefine the role of the practitioner, and reposition the patient in relation to her own health.

Fend is a unique folding bike helmet that banishes the bulk

Fend is a bike helmet with a difference. Not only could it one day save your life, it can also be folded up and popped into a bag when you reach your destination. Oh, and it looks pretty cool, too.
Cool Tech

Typhoon-powered wind turbine aims to siphon energy from a force of nature

Japan knows the power of typhoons all too well. Engineer Atsushi Shimizu hopes his new invention, the world's first typhoon-powered wind turbine, will help the nation power itself in the decades to come.

Verizon will begin using drones to bring 4G connectivity in emergency areas

Verizon announced it will be using drones to test new ways to bring 4G connectivity to emergency areas. The announcement follows a similar one from AT&T, who is exploring using drones provided by Qualcomm.
Cool Tech

Sleep-training wearable promises to give you a better night's shut-eye

There are plenty of wearable devices which claim to be able to track your sleep, but relatively few that promise to actually improve it. That’s where a new miniature wearable device called Thim comes in.

Duolingo’s bot with help you learn a language the natural way – by using it

Duolingo, maker of language training solutions, is joining the AI club with a new bot that will help you learn a new language by answering questions and engaging in conversation.
Cool Tech

Cybersecurity expert: Brain wave passwords bring major possibilities, risks

Some experts view brain wave detection as the next frontier in unbeatable passwords. According to a cybersecurity expert in the department of computer science at Texas Tech University, however, it's not as simple as that.