Cool Tech

Discover something new with Blippar’s latest app redesign

Blippar, the augmented reality visual search app has just launched a redesign of its interface, adding bubble layers, which it says refocuses the app on discovery over simple identification.

London’s first-ever naked restaurant strips away the tech as well as the clothes

Dining at London's first-ever naked restaurant means casting aside not only your clothes, but your smartphone, too. The new eatery is keen for diners to get back to basics and to have a night out "without impurities." So make sure you scrub…
Cool Tech

Haunting infrared footage of Las Vegas was made with a modified Sony RX100 IV

Filmmaker Philip Bloom used a modified Sony RX100 IV to create an experimental infrared video while driving around Las Vegas. Using the camera's advanced 250fps slow-motion capabilities, the short film grants an otherworldly…
Cool Tech

CSI: The Ocean? Researchers study seafloor ‘fingerprints’ to gauge storm surge

Storm surge is one of Mother Mature's most powerful and destructive phenomena. Researchers at the University of Delaware are studying ripples on the seafloor to better understand its behavior.

Once something you only saw on ‘Top Chef,’ sous vide hits shelves at Target, Best Buy

Now that you (or your parents) can buy an Anova immersion circulator at Target and Best Buy, will sous vide cooking finally go mainstream? Here are a few reasons it might.

Lenovo’s foldable phone prototype snaps onto your wrist like a slap bracelet

Foldable phones are increasingly becoming a possibility, with Lenovo planning on entering the race to create a foldable phone and tablet. The Taiwanese demoed a prototype at Tech World, and will announce a product in the fall.
Cool Tech

China has plans to construct an underwater 'research lab' 10,000 feet below the South China Sea

Over the past couple of years, China has constructed artificial islands on reefs in the South China Sea. Now they’re planning construction of a sea lab some 10,000 feet underwater.
Cool Tech

White House asks AI experts to help with America’s prison overcrowding problem

“We have built a system that is too large, and too unfair, and too costly – in every sense of the word – and we need to start to change it,” heralded the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy’s Lynn Overmann on…
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ULA is launching the world’s biggest rocket today. Here’s where to watch it live

There's a top secret satellite launching this afternoon, and you can watch it firsthand. Sort of. At 1:59 pm ET, a Delta IV rocket will send what is likely a spy satellite into space on behalf of the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO)…
Virtual Reality

The Void, Sony Pictures, and Madame Tussaud to present Ghostbusters: Dimension VR experience

Teaming up with the open-plan Virtual Reality pioneers at The Void, Madame Tussaud and Sony Pictures are launching a Ghostbusters experience next month, which will culminate with visitors blasting ghosts in VR with their very own proton…
Cool Tech

Basketball-loving kid gets a 3D printed hand designed specifically for shooting hoops

Young amputee Logan turned to UCLA's 3D printing club and AIO Robotics for help when he wanted to play basketball and needed a hoop-shooting hand. The team used the Raptor Reloaded prosthetic hand from Enabling The Future as their template.

Got accessories? Think Tank’s new drone backpack makes room for them

While most drone cases don't leave much room for extras, the latest Helipak from Think Tank accommodates both a 17-inch laptop and a tablet, plus plenty of other flying and shooting gear.