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Cool Tech

Triton ‘artificial gill’ creators cancel $800K Indiegogo campaign, re-launch with new video

After conducting a veritable boatload of research, we were 99.9 percent sure the artificial gill technology was nothing more than high-octane snake oil. But as it turns out, Khademi and his co-conspirators weren't totally full of…
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Physicists just discovered a new state of matter called ‘quantum spin liquid’

The first evidence of so-called "quantum spin liquid" has been discovered in the real world, and it may have important applications to accelerate the viability of quantum computing overall.

Toyota Connected is making the driving experience more seamless than ever

Toyota Connected "builds on Toyota’s global vision of a future of mobility that is clean, safe, and convenient," relying upon Microsoft Azure's cloud technology system to power up 21st-century driving.
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Modder turns 1978 TV into Chromecast video and music streaming device

Nostalgia causes us to do strange things, but awesome things too. A modder has turned a 1978 TV set into a Chromecast-compatible device, allowing him to stream Internet TV and music from it.
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3D printing pen lets surgeons print implants during procedures 2:15

In the latest technological breakthrough allowing doctors to play deity more acutely than ever before, a new 3D printing pen has been prototyped to allow scientists to draw human stem cells with "extremely high survival rates."
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FAA relaxes certain drone regulations, letting quadcopters fly higher

Thanks to newly relaxed rules announced by the Federal Aviation Association (FAA), both commercial and government drones will be allowed to fly up to 400 feet in the air, double the previous limit of 200 feet.
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Watch out, trees! This #KillerDrone has a chainsaw

We've already seen a gun-wielding drone and another with a flamethrower attached, so perhaps we shouldn't be too surprised to learn that someone has now fixed a chainsaw to one.
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Watch Blue Origin’s reusable rocket land flawlessly for a third time 1:51

Blue Origin on Saturday nailed its third launch and landing in five months using the same New Shepard rocket, and it's now posted a video on YouTube showing key moments from the successful mission.
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U.S. Navy’s sub-hunting drone ships will hit the open ocean this summer 1:51

Drones may known for their prowess in the skies, but they'll soon be turning the open seas into their turf as well. The fleet of unmanned ships are the Anti-Submarine Warfare Continuous Trail Unmanned Vessels
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The Wright Brothers’ original ‘Flying Machine’ patent has been found

Patent number 821,393 for a "Flying Machine," signed by Wilbur and Orville Wright, was found in a special records storage limestone cave in Lenexa, Kansas. Officials believe it was a misfile, as the document was originally meant to go to…
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Skydivers in wingsuits collide, and it’s all caught on a GoPro

Skydiver Sebastian Leal was critically injured in a collision with another diver just a few seconds after exiting the plane. The entire incident was captured on his GoPro, from the jump all the way down to the ground.