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Trends with Benefits: Sassy robots, NASA’s planetary defense force, and Netflix

The Digital Trends crew chats about Netflix, robots, NASA's new planetary defense plan, and the next industrial revolution.

GoFundMe to award $10,000 to whoever raises the most money for Flint, Michigan water crisis

GoFundMe, the world's largest personal fundraising site, plan to donate $10,000 to the campaign which raises the most money to help the Flint, Michigan water crisis. GoFundMe campaigns have already raised more than $180,000 in donations.

MIT researchers want to use a transparency equation to make cheaper smart windows 1:21

MIT researchers found a way to predict a material's transparency based on its thickness and amount of stretch. They want to use that equation and a common polymer to make smart windows cheaper.
Health & Fitness

Now you know when: Track your fertility with the Femometer smart thermometer 2:10

The Femometer is all about empowering women. Whether you're trying to get pregnant, trying not to get pregnant, or just want to have a better understanding of how your body works, the Femometer can give you that control.
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Scott Kelly celebrates 300 days in space with water pong

Using two hydrophobic (literally, water fearing) paddles, Scott Kelly bounced a "ball" of water back and forth to celebrate his 300th day in space, proving that you really can entertain yourself with just about anything.
Cool Tech

Amazon will refund your hoverboard purchase, according to CPSC

Amazon has started to offer refunds for hoverboards bought on the shopping site, as more and more reports of explosions start to hit the Web. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission revealed the refunds program.

Leaving home? These smart light bulbs repel robberies by mimicking your patterns

Your house doesn't have to look empty just because it is. ComfyLight has launched a Kickstarter campaign for its smart LED light bulbs, which mimic your patterns to make it appear that you're home when you're not.

United Science’s eFit will 3D scan your ear to give you perfectly-sized earbuds

Everyone has differently-sized ears, so it can be hard to find a pair of decently-sized earbuds that fit -- that is, unless you 3D scan your ear. United Science's eFit 3D scanning tech can do that, and may soon come to a retailer near you.
Cool Tech

SpaceX’s Dragon capsule for astronauts blazes through crucial hover test

SpaceX wants to brings its Dragon 2 capsule back to Earth in the same way it's trying to do with its Falcon 9 rocket, using thrusters for a gentle ground landing. Working toward the goal, engineers recently put the capsule through…

Kickstarter finally has an Android app

Kickstarter has just launched an app for Android, three years after rolling one out for iPhone and iPad users. Better late than never, though saying that, the initial offering is pretty basic. More features are promised, so sit tight.