Cool Tech

Volvo and Autoliv are creating a new company to sell self-driving car software

Volvo is partnering with Autoliv Inc. "to set up a new jointly owned company to develop next-generation autonomous driving software." It hopes to develop advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous drive (AD) systems.
Cool Tech

3D images offer a virtual glimpse at objects found aboard the sunken Mary Rose

History buffs can now study the remains of sailors and artifacts discovered aboard Henry VIII’s sunken warship, the Mary Rose. The high-quality, virtual objects bring to life the maritime experience, nearly 500 years ago.
Health & Fitness

Get a truly personalized multivitamin 3D-printed for you by Multiply Labs

Your daily multivitamin regimen is about to get a lot more ... regimented. It's all thanks to a startup called Multiply Labs and its personalized, 3D-printed pills that not only meet your specific health needs, but your schedule as well.
Cool Tech

Juno images reveal that Jupiter’s poles are unlike anything NASA imagined

Dipping as close as 2,500 miles above Jupiter’s clouds, NASA’s Juno spacecraft snapped the first images of the gas giant's north pole. It took a day and a half for the agency to download the six megabytes of data transmitted back to…
Cool Tech

An android that was designed to test NASA's spacesuits will be sold to the highest bidder

This PDAD’s workdays may be over but its future as a sought-after Space Age artifact is just beginning. The robotic model will be sold by RR Auction in a 10-day auction, beginning September 15.
Cool Tech

This drone takes off like a quadcopter and flies like an airplane

Quantum TRON is a commercial drone able to take off and land vertically like your average quadcopter, but which then converts into an airplane in mid-air. This is the drone James Bond would fly!
Cool Tech

Humanoid robots are helping travelers at a Tokyo airport

Visit Tokyo's Haneda international airport anytime soon and you might run into one of its humanoid robots. Built by Hitachi, the EMIEW machines are trundling about the terminal buildings guiding and assisting travelers as part of…
Cool Tech

Is DJI about to unveil an entry-level foldable drone called Mavic?

Leaked images suggest DJI may be about to unveil a new entry-level drone called Mavic. Unlike its other offerings, the suggestion is you'll be able to fold away this particular copter, a feature that would make it DJI's most portable to…
Cool Tech

Europe finally found its comet-conquering Philae probe, after a year and a half hunt

Philae, which made history as the first to ever land on a comet, was dismissed as lost when it had trouble getting enough sunlight to charge its batteries. But now, we know where it is, and recovery has never looked so sweet.
Cool Tech

How a beauty contest judged by robots could one day improve your life

Never mind beating us at chess or potentially bringing about the Singularity, Artificial Intelligence is now being used to judge the world's first AI beauty contest by using smart algorithms to analyze 6,000 contestants.
Cool Tech

A teenager may select the site where NASA’s next Mars Rover lands

If Alex Longo peaks in high school, he won't have done too poorly for himself. After all, it's not every day that NASA allows a teenager to potentially pick the landing site for the next Mars Rover.
Cool Tech

Avoid feeling hot with this new high-tech textile that promises to cool your skin

A team of scientists at Stanford have developed a textile derived from plant material that is reported to "cool your body far more efficiently than is possible with the natural or synthetic fabrics in clothes we wear today."