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Are aliens trying to contact us? Signals from faraway star have experts buzzing

A discovery by Russian radio telescope operators in 2015 has the astronomy community buzzing about potential evidence of aliens. But don't hold your breath, as it may just be military radio interference.
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NASA's EmDrive thruster just took an important leap forward 0:59

NASA's futuristic, physics-defying EmDrive thruster may have just taken an important leap toward silencing its critics, by reportedly passing a rigorous peer review process with a forthcoming paper.
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Motion-detecting smartphones can discover a deadly quiver in your heart

A team of researchers from Finland is pushing the smartphone even further into this realm of medicine with a new smartphone-based method to detect the dangerous and sometimes fatal heart condition of atrial fibrillation.
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This artist attached himself to a giant robot to paint his latest masterpiece

Dragan Ilic, a 68-year-old Serbian artist, recently strapped himself to a giant industrial robot to be used as a human paintbrush. It has something to do with man's ever-increasing reliance on machines, apparently.

Stop digging for your keys — the 2nd-gen Kevo Smart Lock has you covered

Kwikset is on its way to a keyless future, and has now announced the launch of the second-generation Kevo Touch-to-Open Smart Lock. After all, haven't you locked yourself out one too many times by now?

Code in formation: New York City teachers are using Beyonce to learn JavaScript

As part of an $80 million initiative to bring computer education to every New York City public school student, computer science educator Emily Thomforde developed Bey Script to help teachers learn Javascript so they could then teach it to…
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Smart sensor and machine learning could help diagnose voice disorders

A smart sensor and machine learning algorithms could help the 1 in 14 working-age Americans who suffer with damaging voice disorders, claims a fascinating new research project from MIT.
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A huge artificial wave pool may help make Perth a top surfing destination

Australia is known to have some of the world’s best surf towns. Perth is not one of them. But an artificial lagoon may soon offer ideal conditions for hanging 10 Down Under year-round.
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Part quadcopter, part plane, Parrot’s Swing minidrone is an aerial enigma

For drone maker Parrot, X marks the newest spot. That is to say, the newest minidrone to come out of the French company is the Parrot Swing, a sort of hybrid quadcopter that can take off vertically, but can fly horizontally.
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Watch and learn: Machines taught to learn through observation

The new method was inspired by the famous Turing test, which was first proposed by the father of computer science, Alan Turing, in 1950. It’s creators have called it “Turing learning."
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This smart anti-concussion football helmet was created by a 19-year-old student

A 19-year-old Texas Tech student, Alberto Garcia, has created an Arduino-powered smart football helmet that could help protect players from concussions by using stabilizers and smart sensors.

Qeexo wants you to use your knuckles, not just your fingertips, to control your phone

Why just use your fingers to control your phone when you can use ... your knuckles? That's the question, or one of many, that the folks at Qeexo are asking. FingerSense from Qeexo lets users use their knuckles to control their…