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Cool Tech

DiMoDA is a virtual reality museum that you don’t want to miss

In a truly immersive experience, audiences can now visit DiMoDA either in real life, where they will see a virtual reality exhibit, or they can stay at home and see the art through Mac and Windows apps.
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Cell phone towers might be getting replaced by Philips' new streetlights

Los Angeles has announced a new partnership with electronics giant Philips to build 100 4G LTE streetlights, capable of connection you to the Internet. The deal is part of a larger collaboration to build sustainable and efficient energy in…

No Wi-Fi? No problem for Google Maps, which just introduced offline search

Google just introduced offline navigation and search. "Now you can download an area of the world to your phone, and the next time you find there’s no connectivity ... Google Maps will continue to work seamlessly,"
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Watch MIT’s nifty shape-shifting bot transform into all manner of gadgets

One of MIT's latest creations is a remarkable shape-shifting robot that can quickly transform itself into a range of devices, including a phone, smartband, lamp, ruler, and even a tool for fitness training.
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The east coast’s ambitious maglev train plan is moving forward

As California starts work on a super-fast rail service to speed up transportation between LA and other cities, officials on the East Coast are examining a maglev train plan that could reduce journey time between DC and NY City to a fraction…
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Google takes VR fun to more schools with expansion of Expeditions program

Google said Monday it's taking its VR Expeditions program to more schools in U.S. cities – including Portland, Orlando, New Orleans, and Las Vegas – while outside the U.S. it's coming for the first time to schools in Canada, Denmark…
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Watch this Australian guy fly his jetpack around the Statue of Liberty

Australian businessman and jetpack co-inventor David Mayman showcased the new JB-9 jetpack, achieving a world's first by flying around the Statue of Liberty.
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The world’s largest 3D-printed drone is also its fastest, clocking in at 150 MPH

A team of engineers just unveiled the world's largest and fastest 3D-printed drone at the Dubai Airshow, revealing an unmanned aerial vehicle which clocks in at a blistering 150 miles per hour.

Satoshi Nakamoto, mysterious inventor of Bitcoin, nominated for Nobel Prize

The inventor of Bitcoin, who goes by Satoshi Nakamoto online, has been nominated for the Nobel Prize in Economics. But no one knows who Nakamoto, a name that's presumed to be an alias, really is.