Cool Tech

Sort of like a Keurig for food, this machine makes meals in 30 seconds

The Genie, a new device about the size of a coffee maker, can turn five ounces of dehydrated ingredients into a delectable meal in 30 seconds. The machine is being geared toward convenience stores and cafes in Western countries.
Cool Tech

SpaceX’s new Pad Abort system is designed to make manned space missions safer

In a worst-case scenario --like, say, a booster failure-- the Pad Abort system would work like a jet pilot's ejection seat, allowing the rocket's passengers to blast themselves up and away from danger.
Cool Tech

You’d never guess it just by looking at them, but these sneakers are 3D printed

Past attempts at 3D printer footwear have looked like something from a bad sci-fi movies, but the latest sneakers from People Footwear could be worth your money.

Samsung wants to make the Avengers’ futuristic tech a reality

Samsung may be working behind the scenes to make the gadgets and gizmos from Avengers: Age of Ultron a reality. The company is particularly focused on transparent displays for use in future smartphones.
Cool Tech

PhoneDrone turns your phone into an autonomous quadcopter

Idaho-based drone startup xCraft has designed a wild new quadcopter exoskeleton that leverages all the sensor tech and computing power you already carry around with you inside your smartphone.

The recPOP Wi-Fi head-up display turns your smartphone into an infotainment center

A French company called RoadEyesCams has released the recPOP, a new type of head-up display for your car. Acting more like an aftermarket screen than a traditional HUD, the recPOP projects information from your smartphone onto a…
Cool Tech

Welcome to the future: This 3D printer uses living cells to print human tissue

A Philadelphia-based startup has produced a groundbreaking new 3D printer that uses a specially engineered ink that can be combined with living cells to build living, three-dimensional tissue structures.

The secret port on your Apple Watch … revealed?

The Apple Watch's theorized diagnostic port is possibly a whole lot more, and carries with it great accessory potential. One such accessory will charge your Apple Watch while you wear it using a flexible lithium-ion battery.
Cool Tech

Brilliant new imaging system gives soldiers hybrid thermal/night vision on the battlefield

Currently, soldiers need to to carry separate imaging systems for each function: goggles for night vision, and a special scope for thermal imaging. BAE's new RTA system fixes that.

ParkiT’s open spot detection technology is like an ‘X-ray for parking lots’

A Texas startup called ParkiT is looking to make parking more efficient and intuitive. By integrating a real-time web monitoring interface into existing camera systems, ParkiT’s tech could allow parking operators to supervise their…