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Cool Tech

Meet VIPIR, a robotic pair of eyes for satellite repairs

NASA is developing VIPIR, a remote-controlled, camera-laden robotic repair system that will service satellites and other spacecraft in distant orbits. Controlled by technicians on the ground, this robot crew will perform most…

Want a smartwatch without the stupid look? This clever disc upgrades any watch

If you love your regular watch, and hate smartwatches, but still secretly want smart functionality on your wrist, then the Chronos could be for you. It's a tiny disc that attaches to conventional watches, and enhances it with…

Lytro’s new ‘Immerge’ camera may revolutionize how virtual reality is recorded

Lytro, the company that pioneered light-field camera technology, announced it is developing a VR camera solution. With its light-field technology, Lytro says the new Immerge can create experiences with sense of depth, making it seem more…
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This giant quadcopter drone launches fixed-wing UAVs, then retrieves them with a skyhook

Boeing subsidiary Insitu recently unveiled its Flying Launch and Recovery System which allows a quadcopter drone to successfully launch and retrieve fixed-wing UAVs by utilizing a pulley system.
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These guys hacked a 3D printer and turned it into a high-precision tattoo machine

A French design team hacked a 3D printer with a tattoo needle to create an autonomous tattooing robot. Makerbot design precision allows the robot to convert any image uploaded to the software into a fully printable tattoo.

The PuzzlePhone is the modular smartphone that will satisfy your inner geek craving

Wouldn't it be cool to own a smartphone that you could easily upgrade or repair? The PuzzlePhone, from Finnish startup Circular Devices, aims to make this a reality with its modular design components.
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NASA just released this awesome 4K video of thermonuclear activity on the sun

NASA just released this awesome 4K video of the sun that shows the celestial body at a level of detail that will blow your mind.
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Is that really you? More companies are turning to voice biometrics for security purposes

No amount of security is too much security when it comes to our bank accounts, and now, your own voice may serve as that added layer of protection. Technology known as voice biometrics seems to be the next big thing.
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This handheld DNA sequencer could let regular civilians analyze genetic material

A portable handheld DNA sequencing device called MinION will let regular civilians analyze any genetic sample from anywhere in the world, but controversial applications could transition uses from genetic science into dangerous eugenics.
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Vents on this bio-skin clothing open as you sweat, powered by ancient bacteria 1:17

BioLogic's biofilm clothing project prints fabrics with a layer of Natto cells. The bacteria expands when exposed to humidity so that clothing morphs as the wearer sweats to cool the body down naturally.
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Facebook AI Research teams share new milestones and developments 3:00

Facebook's AI Research team is working on a number of developments including groundbreaking research that gives machines the technology to provide images with descriptions allowing blind people to see what's going on.
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Rail-launcher-assisted satellite launch goes awry in Hawai’i and crashes

I hate to say "I told you so," but when it comes to the "painful failure" of the "repurposed Cold War-era military rocket," otherwise known as the Super Strypi, I think everyone could've said the same thing.