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Cool Tech

Italian teens’ vending machine turns plastic bottles into cell phone cases

A group of Sicilian teens wanted their peers to recycle their plastic bottles, so they created a vending machine with a 3D printer. Called the MyProGeneration, the machine converts the bottles into cell phone cases.
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Here are the top 10 emerging technologies of 2016, according to the WEF

The Forum’s Meta-Council considered criteria from the chance to improve lives, revolutionize industries, and protect the planet, while recognizing the likelihood that 2016 is a turning point in these technologies becoming more widespread.
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Americans are more worried than excited about biomechanical body augmentation

From augmented infants to intelligence, the consensus was that emerging biomedical breakthrough which push the limits of human potential are far more worrying than they are exciting.
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The U.S. Navy is looking to mussels to help develop underwater glue

The Office of Naval Research is funding an investigation into the creation of underwater glue. And, to make things even more challenging, the glue would be designed to switch between adhesive and non-adhesive states.

Mercedes-Benz's new augmented reality app will aid first responders

The Mercedes-Benz Rescue Assist app uses augmented reality to let first responders see inside vehicles and plot the best way to rescue occupants. 3D models of vehicles show things like fuel lines and high-voltage wiring.

New beta software automatically tags and captions historic images

Much of the world's history is still in physical form, but Gado Images is working to teach computers how to automatically tag and caption historic photos to give museums a leg up in digitizing (and monetizing) large archives.

Like magic, Plotagraph Pro software creates animation from a single photo

Cinemagraphs are traditionally created from short videos, but a startup has developed a way to craft them from a single image. Photographer Troy Plata and artist Sascha Scheider demonstrated how the upcoming program works.
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Best laid plans of mobs and men: The 5 biggest crowdfunding failures of all time

Some crowdfunding projects have turned out to be too good to be true, frustrating backers and leaving them with empty wallets. Here are a few of the worst offenders to date, from Skarp Technologies to Magnus Fun.
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Watch a giant house-building robot lay 1,000 bricks per hour

Fastbrick Robotics wants to shake up the world of Bob the Builder with a new bricklaying machine that can build a house four times faster than a human. Don't believe it? Check out this time-lapse video of the robot in action.
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3D-printed 'Sovereign Armor' is the most amazing cosplay creation ever

Lumeclaster fantasy designer Melissa Ng has created an astonishing 3D printed suit of Sovereign Armor, boasting 91 individually printed pieces with embedded LED lights. Seriously, you need to check this out.

Start a smart home for under $50 with these inexpensive upgrades

A smart home doesn't have to be an expensive one. These gadgets may not be able to handle every task, but you can add a number of automation features to your home for less than $50.
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PiBorg's Raspberry Pi racecars are built by you, powered by AI

In Cambridge in the U.K., a company called PiBorg is hosting the world’s first autonomous (toy) car racing international grand prix. And you can enter it, for the right price.