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Cool Tech

Ability3D's Innovative 3D printer uses MIG welding and CNC milling to create sturdy metal parts

What do you get when you combine additive and subtractive manufacturing? The result is a hybrid computer-controlled milling machine and metal 3D printer, being shown off this week at CES by startup Ability3D.
Cool Tech

Experimental robot car in Tokyo is driven by moths in search of a date

Scientists at the University of Tokyo’s Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology have built a robot car, which can be controlled by silkworm moths in their quest to find an attractive mate.
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Watch out Post-it Notes, Mangoslab’s Nemonic printer is coming for you

The small printer looks just like a stack of adhesive notes, and with thermal printing technology is able to print out your notes in less than five seconds.
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Low-tech padlock gets a modern update with the BenjiLock

Fingerprint readers are a staple among mobile devices, but they rarely make their way to padlocks. BenjiLock's forthcoming device will allow users to utilize up to four distinct fingerprints when it launches in the third quarter of 2017.

Monitor your pet's location, activity continuously with the Whistle 3 smart pet tracker

The Whistle 3, Whistle's next-generation smart pet tracker, combines location monitoring with continuous activity tracking. Multiple geofencing safe places let owners set up electronic boundaries for instant alerts.

Incase x DJI Drone Pro Pack is the do-anything case for aerial photographers

Now on display at CES, the Incase x DJI Drone Pro Pack is built around a custom compartment that securely holds a Phantom series drone, with sufficient extra room for the required accessories and other photographic gear.
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With a built-in molecular spectrometer, this phone can identify any material

Changhong's H2 smartphone allows you to scan just about anything, from body mass to food and drink, even to verify an object's authenticity. The device is expected to be available at some point in 2017.

Smells of rose and sandalwood lull you to sleep with the Oria from Sensorwake

Meet the Oria from Sensorwake, described as a "smart, intuitive, and nonintrusive device that improves sleep quality and recharges our personal batteries using the power of scents."

Sevenhugs’ Smart Remote has raised more than $1 million on Kickstarter

A new smart remote control from Paris-based Sevenhugs promises to revolutionize the way you control your smart home appliances. It launched on Kickstarter last year and has earned over $1 million in funding from more than 6,000 backers
Cool Tech

Consumer project measurement tasks could become easier with Plott’s Cubit

Plott, a newly formed consumer subsidiary of the NWi construction measurement and design platform, introduces Cubit, a project measurement tool for consumers. Cubit has a laser measuring device, a smart distance wheel, and an organizational…

Smart, camera-packing lightbulb could be used to catch home invaders

French lighting company Bell & Wyson has unveiled a new lightbulb that features a built-in security camera capable of recording and streaming live video to your Android or iOS smartphone.

Wireless charging startup Energous unwraps Bluetooth speakers, hearing aids

Wireless charging startup Energous announced partnerships with device manufacturers at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The integrations include a Bluetooth tracker, a stylus, and a hearing aid.