Cool Tech

No CS degree? No problem, you can still build a mobile app with Semble

You don't have to have a CS degree in order to create a powerful application for your smartphone. Meet Semble, a new app-creation tool empowering people everywhere to bring their ideas into the hands of others.
Health & Fitness

Track your activity, and inactivity, to get a better night’s sleep with FitSleep

FitSleep is the intelligent sleep companion that claims to result in "superior nights of sleep." This sleep tracker promises to keep tabs on your sleeping patterns "by logging heart rate, respiratory rate, and other vital signs."

Smart cat wheel injects Raspberry Pi tech into your cat's workout

Cat wheels have kept domestic felines fit and active for decades, but this DIY project puts a technologically advanced spin on the traditional design with the addition of a Raspberry Pi.
Cool Tech

Looking for a fun electronics project? Here’s 10 easy Arduino-based gizmos you can build

If you really want to show off your DIY skills, Arduino projects can be useful, beautiful, and downright impressive. Unfortunately, some also require some serious skill. Check out 10 of our current favorites.
Cool Tech

Fun on a 25 mph, electric-powered, two-wheeled cup holder — it even has a seat

With a 20 mile range and 25+ mph top speed, the battery-powered Lithium Cycles Super 73 electric bike has fat tires good for riding on the street or beach. A retro look, cup holder, and phone charger port just add to the 73's…
Cool Tech

Weekend Workshop: How to turn your old laptop into an LED wall lamp

Broken laptops collecting dust in a closet are as common as anything, so why not turn that old piece of hardware into an LED wall lamp? Simply follow this step-by-step walkthrough and you'll have your own in a matter of hours.
Cool Tech

Robot workers are showing up in malls, hotels, and parking lots

Robots capable of autonomous movement while completing assigned tasks are beginning to appear on sidewalks and in parking lots, hotels, and stores. Used for security, delivery, and inventory, they may also displace humans who currently do…
Cool Tech

The latest tool in the NSA's toolbox? The Internet of Things

On Friday, the National Security Agency told an audience at Washington's Newseum that it's looking into using the Internet of Things and other connected devices to keep tabs on individuals.
Cool Tech

Here’s 8 of the juiciest portable solar chargers that money can buy

Looking for a gizmo that'll help you charge your phone while you're out and about? Check out our list of the best solar chargers in the biz, whether you're looking for beefy functionality or a lightweight alternative.
Cool Tech

Can’t see the stars? You’re not alone — 80 percent of the world can’t either

The stars at night may be big and bright deep in the heart of Texas, but for 80 percent of the world, that's apparently completely untrue. In what may be one of the most tragic effects of humanity's presence, we've managed to block…
Cool Tech

History was just made — Solar Impulse 2 completes U.S. flight

The city that never sleeps had another reason to stay awake early Saturday morning, as the Solar Impulse 2 touched down in New York City, completing a historic flight across the United States.