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Drone holiday gift guide

Drones are all the rage right now, but with so many of them buzzing onto the market nowadays, choosing a good one for a gift can be a daunting task. To help you make the right decision, we’ve put together this quick guide to the best drones for every budget.

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Remember Wall-E? You could film it for real in Amazon’s new fulfillment centers

Amazon announced that 15,000 robots from Kiva Systems will be deployed in 10 fulfillment centers in order to combat the holiday rush. Don't fret, humans: Amazon will also bring aboard 80,000 seasonal workers.

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This iPhone case stinks, but in a good way

Ever been in a perfume emergency? Where you really, really needed a quick spray? The AromaCase could be the solution to those frightening situations, as it holds a small amount of your favorite perfume.


Next-gen elevator goes sideways as well as up and down

The humble elevator has been going up and down, and up and down only, since its invention 160 years ago. To make it more efficient, and to make better use of space in the buildings of tomorrow, a German firm has come up with a revolutionary design.

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Pick me! Pick me! Google wants Austinites to fight for fiber, recruit neighbors

Google lays out its plans to expand Google Fiber into Austin, TX. The company is offering three different service plans with reasonable pricing for up to 1 Gbps Internet, a TB of cloud storage, and 150+ channels, all Comcast-free.

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SwiftKey creates a personalized keyboard for Stephen Hawking

Keyboard experts at SwiftKey have been working with Professor Stephen Hawking for the last two years, and have created a bespoke keyboard system which is so accurate, it has doubled the scientist's speech rate.


Cold Control: Coldplay’s new video will let viewers change the plot on-the-go

Coldplay's new interactive music video for "Ink" allows viewers to pick the plot of the video as they watch. A litany of choices let you run through over 200 possible outcomes.


This amazing app and camera adapter offers eye exams anywhere in the world

Indiegogo campaign Peek Retina offers a smartphone camera attachment that helps doctors conduct eye exams in remote parts of the world. It syncs with an app to help the doctor see the problem.


Awesome tech you can’t buy yet, for the week of November 30, 2014

Check out our roundup of the coolest crowdfunding projects that hit the Web this week. You can't buy this stuff yet, but it sure is fun to gawk!

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‘Subconscious’ Pizza Hut menu knows what you want before you do

A new tablet-style menu being developed by Tobii Technology and Pizza Hut uses state-of-the-art eye-tracking technology to work out your favorite toppings from nearly five thousand combinations.

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Sitpack is a compact seat you’ll want to have when you wait in line for the next hot device

If you recently found yourself waiting in line for a must-have device or lining up to ensure you got in on some Black Friday deals, you might want to have a seat – one that you can put in your pocket and have with you whenever you find yourself in a long…

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Support the Mission Critical 3D display, get a ‘mind-blowing’ glasses-free 3D monitor

A small display manufacturer called DTI with a bundle of NASA contracts under its belt wants your financial help in the making of a glasses-free 3D monitor.


Forget smart watches and glasses, smart clothing will be the hottest trend of 2015

The holiday season is kicking off, but we could get our first glimpse into next year's big tech trend in January. Smart watches may be the hot topic of 2014, but smart clothing could steal its thunder by next year.


Reports of drones flying close to aircraft on increase, FAA data reveals

Despite the fact that drone flights are banned within five miles of U.S. airports, an alarming number of sightings have been reported by pilots in the last six months, with some coming perilously close to aircraft.

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