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Heat vision for every occasion: Flir launches 5 cams for phones, drones, and homes

Flir's new thermal cameras include two third-generation Flir Ones for iOS and Android, the brand-new Duo and Duo R cameras for drones, and the rugged C3 designed for home and building inspections.

The Smart Moto Airbag Vest gives motorcyclists a fighting chance in crashes

Gear manufacturers like Dainese already produce suits and jackets with built-in airbag technology, but In&motion wants to make such technology more accessible by cutting the price nearly in half with the apt-titled Smart Moto Airbag Vest.

Popular YouTuber shows how the 1980s' gaming 'light guns' actually worked

In his latest video, popular YouTuber 8-Bit Guy shows us how two “must-have” bits of 1980s' gaming tech -- the Light Pen and NES Zapper gun -- actually worked. It's surprisingly fascinating stuff.

Need a screen in the kitchen? Samsung puts a tablet in even more fridges

Samsung is doubling down on its brainy appliances. At CES 2017, the company announced it would add its Family Hub 2.0 technology to three more refrigerator models to help make your kitchen a little bit smarter.
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Watch a 3D printer build a cube from a vat of goo … using a phone screen

Taiwan's T3D is showing off a new 3D printer that uses light-sensitive resin and your smart device's screen to print out 3D objects. It will go on sale later this year for a fairly affordable price of $299.

Lightweight, flexible solar panels may be more efficient than competitors’

After years of research and development, Sunflare says it has successfully mass produced light, flexible, and affordable copper indium gallium selenide solar panels, which can be installed with ease on practically any surface.

Griffin's smart appliance line includes a toaster, coffee maker, and a mirror

Known for devices accessories, Griffin Technology announced the Home Collection of connected appliances including a toaster, coffee maker, and mirror. App-powered and Bluetooth enabled, they are designed to enhance daily living.
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Here's how to build your very own working Star Trek-style tractor beam

Do you want to try building your very own functioning tractor beam using no more than a 3D printer, Arduino and some other easily obtainable components? Well, look no further -- your lucky day has arrived!
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The Flow is a crowdsourced, portable air-quality monitor aimed at urban dwellers

Lasting 12 hours on a single charge, the portable Flow air-quality monitor measures all the major pollutants, plus crowdsources your data with that of others on a street-level map.
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Take off your virtual reality headset and give the HoloLamp a whirl

HoloLamp is a portable, self-contained augmented reality experience that's sort of like virtual reality goggles without the goggles. The device is on display at this week's Computer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.
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Ability3D's Innovative 3D printer uses MIG welding and CNC milling to create sturdy metal parts

What do you get when you combine additive and subtractive manufacturing? The result is a hybrid computer-controlled milling machine and metal 3D printer, being shown off this week at CES by startup Ability3D.
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Experimental robot car in Tokyo is driven by moths in search of a date

Scientists at the University of Tokyo’s Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology have built a robot car, which can be controlled by silkworm moths in their quest to find an attractive mate.