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Cool Tech

Weekend Workshop: How to make a kick-ass pocket slingshot in an hour

Using nothing more than a hacksaw, an old soda bottle, and an ordinary balloon, anyone with a free hour this weekend can easily construct their very own marshmallow-shooting pocket slingshot.

Canon develops new CMOS sensor that combats ‘rolling shutter’

Canon announced it's developed a brand new CMOS sensor with a global shutter. This new technology could help to fix a few of the flaws CMOS sensors have traditionally had compared to CCD sensors.
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Flare is an AI powered home security system that recognizes friend from foe

Flare is part camera, part AI, part IoT accessory, created by BuddyGuard. The company bills its product as “the first home security system powered by true artificial intelligence."

Weekly Rewind: A mega tech merger, Paris bans cars, and more

In the tech world, a lot happens in a week. So much news goes on that it's almost impossible for mere mortals with real lives to keep track of everything. That’s why we’ve compiled a quick and dirty list of the top 10 tech stories from…
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The Marine Corps is ready for laser weapons, but officials say they need to shrink them first

The Marine Corp is only the latest division of the Armed Forces to express interest in directed energy weapons, but current systems are just too big. That may change soon, however.
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Man brings retro Curta calculator back to life by 3D printing one over 18 months

Charlotte, North Carolina-based software engineer Marcus Wu has used his 3D-printing prowess to bring the vintage Curta calculator back to life -- over the course of 18 months and 240 printed parts.
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Case IH’s self-driving tractors are the Terminators of the agricultural world

Anyone who thought Google’s puny self-driving car was the most badass autonomous vehicle around has clearly never seen agricultural equipment manufacturer Case IH’s newly unveiled robotic tractor.

Trends with Benefits: IFA, iPhone 7, and SpaceX’s no good, very bad day

Excitement for next week's iPhone 7 unveiling is peaking and the latest set of very credible rumors are certainly worth talking about on this week's show.

You can videoconference like never before with Hello

Meet Hello, branded as an affordable, all-in-one, 4K TV communication platform that connects to any television set and allows you to control your smart home or office devices with your voice.
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Luigi the robot ventures into the sewers so you don't have to

MIT's Underworlds project has resulted in Luigi, a sewer-diving robot, capable of acting as a smart, remote control sampling pole by venturing into manholes, controlled via iPhone app.
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We found the best 4 hoverboards (and how to avoid the ones that explode)

With widespread reports of cheap, knock-off Chinese hoverboards exploding, these self-balancing scooters may be getting a rough reputation. They're not all bad, though. Ride in style with our picks for the best -- and safest -- hoverboards
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Self-cleaning towel uses the natural power of silver and bamboo

Powered by natural antibacterial agents silver and bamboo, this is the world’s first dermatologist-recommended self-cleaning towel. And it's hoping to clean up on Kickstarter as well.