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Beyond Ink pen Review

A pen James Bond might use? Beyond Ink is a pen and stylus … with a few other tricks inside.
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Cornell University research finds life could exist on Saturn’s moon Titan

With an average temperature of -290 F, Titan has plenty of water ice but hardly any water vapor, due to water’s very low vapor pressure. That means any life that might exist would have to be non-water based — that is, is unlike any life…
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Robots are learning navigation skills by being trained to hunt prey

The newest king of the jungle? It's not a big cat. It's a robot. Scientists at the Institute of Neuroinformatics at the University of Zurich in Switzerland are teaching robots how to behave like predators.
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GM and NASA’s ‘RoboGlove’ may soon help factory workers fight fatigue

General Motors is licensing the "RoboGlove" technology it developed in concert with NASA to Swedish medical tech company Bioservo. The company hopes to use it to assist industrial workers.
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Military may one day ‘grow’ drones in massive chemical baths 1:34

What is more exciting than 3D printing, nanotechnology and drones? The answer, at least according to cutting-edge research at BAE Systems and the University of Glasgow, is a mixture of all three.
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Suzuki takes its expertise to the Moon in seeking the Google Lunar Xprize

Suzuki will partner with Japanese lunar exploration team Hakuto, the automaker announced yesterday. Through the partnership, Suzuki will provide technical support to help develop Hakuto’s lunar rover to compete for the Google Lunar…
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NASA’s high-flying scientific balloon has just set a world record

NASA has recently started using a high-flying Super Pressure Balloon (SPB) to help it explore the universe. Altitude issues forced the space agency to cut the balloon's latest mission short, but not before it set a new record for flight…
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Starship Technologies’ cute sidewalk drones will roll into London soon 1:49

Starship Technologies is bringing drone delivery back down to earth with a fleet of six-wheeled robots that deliver goods on the ground. Tests will start soon in London, and in Washington, D.C..
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The Zore X smart gun lock will notify your phone if your firearm gets moved

The Zore X smart gun lock lets you unlock your gun remotely via a mobile app, and can even alert you if a person is tampering with your weapon. Its Indiegogo campaign has already raised 294 percent of its funding goal with month…

Dyson’s 360 Eye vacuum is so complex you need a special engineer to set it up

Dyson is looking toward the future with the 360 Eye, a robotic vacuum cleaner. Only problem? It's so complex it requires an engineer to set it up. And perhaps that's not too much to ask considering the huge price tag.

Put a tiny home on it: Rooftop cabins could help solve Berlin's space crunch

While we're throwing parties on our rooftops, a few folks in Berlin are considering turning the tops of their buildings into alternative living spaces, with minuscule houses that sit right on top of the 55,000 unoccupied roofs in Berlin.

Researchers just improved the camera that shoots a billion frames per second

What would you photograph at 100 billion frames per second? Scientists behind the newly updated camera hope to be able to see how neurons work. The camera also has potential for photographing chemical reactions, explosions, and even…