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Cool Tech

Keep Your Bitcoins Safe From Bad Guys With KeepKey 3:01

We're not aware of any other digital wallet that employs as many security features as this one, and when you consider the quality of its build, its ease of use, and multiple security layers, KeepKey is arguably one of the best…
Cool Tech

The Kyon smart pet collar is like an Apple Watch for your dog 3:40

KYON is the world's smartest pet tracker, and it looks just like a regular collar. The device is packed with sensors to help understand your dog's health when it can't communicate well, and to make sure your dog never gets lost no…
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Drone wars: Disney may use anti-drone drones to secure the set of Star Wars Episode VIII

Disney is rumored be going to extreme measures in order to prevent unauthorized filming of the upcoming Star Wars Episode VIII using anti-drone technology in addition to an army of guards.

This smart bike runs on Android, and can shoot frickin’ laser beams

The LeEco Le Super Bike really does shoot laser beams. Unfortunately they're not for carving up pedestrians or vaporizing cars, they're for safety purposes. It's one of many cool features on this clever smart bike.

Solar gadgets will make charging less frequent, not eliminate it forever

The next Vector smartwatch will have a solar charging system that will extend its already impressive battery life even more, potentially meaning you'll only have to charge it six times a year.
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NASA’s ‘Robonaut’ bot is losing its sight, but maybe you can help

Robonaut 2, NASA's ISS-based robot-astronaut, is losing its sight. As a result, the space agency is calling on coders to create new algorithms to help it improve its vision, and it's offering $10,000 in prizes for the best work.
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Amazon quietly pulls all hoverboards from its site (again)

Still concerned over fire safety issues, Amazon has again removed all hoverboards from its store. It seems the firm is waiting for new safety certificates to be issued, possibly in the next few weeks, before it reinstates those devices…

Impressive impostors, Google Experiments, and fighting robophobia on Day 3 in Spain 2:12

Xiaomi's Mi 5 is a Samsung impostor we can live with, Android Experiments blend art and engineering, and Pepper the robot teaches us that not all robots are out for human blood. At least, not yet.
Product Review

Vortex Kid’s First Robot Review

Host robot wars in your living room with Vortex’s crazy, programmable bots.
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Fujitsu made a wearable for cows, and it could boost breeding efficiency in a huge way

Fujitsu made a cattle fitness tracker to improve breeding efficiency. The pedometer can tell when cows are in heat, helping farmers to increase successful artificial insemination rates and even make data-informed decisions about the sex of…