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Virtual Reality

HTC now offering live Vive demos in Microsoft stores, GameStop locations nationwide

HTC teamed up with Microsoft and GameStop to provide live demos of the Vive HMD. Demos will be offered in select Microsoft stores starting this week and will expand to 30 locations in 2016. GameStop will have ten demo locations by…
Cool Tech

Beyond silicon: Scientists craft a diode out of DNA

As circuitry gets smaller, engineers are rapidly approaching the end of silicon's usefulness, which degrades. To move beyond the physical limitations of silicon, Scientists have developed a novel material to replace it -- a molecule of DNA
Cool Tech

Hoverboards are the absolute worst way to run from the police

A Florida man tried to escape from cops this week by using a hoverboard as a getaway vehicle. However, the machine's top speed of around 6 mph meant the chase would only end one way....
Cool Tech

In the not-so-distant future, humans could get heart transplants from genetically engineered pigs

Pig organs may soon extend the lives of people waiting for human organ donors. Experimenters keep hearts from genetically engineered pigs alive in baboon abdomens for more than two years, paving the way for more cross-species transplants.

Got $600,000? Bid on a lens used in the Apollo 15 mission

RR Auction is planning on putting a vintage Zeiss 500mm telephoto lens up for bidding later in April, a piece of equipment that once sat in the personal collection of former astronaut Dave Scott.
Health & Fitness

This gorgeous smart speedometer is like a cycling computer with an analog display

The Omata One, a next-gen speedometer with classic looks, just launched and it could go from zero to 100 real quick. Do not be fooled by its commonplace appearance. The Omata One is more a cyclo-computer with an analog display than a simple…

Latest Windows 10 Build brings Bash, dark theme, Cortana upgrade to Insiders

Windows 10 Build 14316 is now available in the Insider Preview Fast ring, offering Bash support, an updated Cortana, and a dark mode option. Other features include new Microsoft Edge extensions, an updated Action Center, updated emojis, and…
Cool Tech

MIT researchers 3D-print robots that can literally walk off the printer when done 1:19

By creating a new printing method called "printable hydraulics," researchers at MIT found a way to 3D-print a working robot in just one session. After installing a battery and motor, the robot is capable of walking off the…
Virtual Reality

The Orah 4i camera stitches virtual reality and live-streaming together

Imagine sitting down to watch a live sports match, but instead of turning on the TV, you reach for your VR headset. The Orah 4i virtual reality camera doesn't just capture 360-degree footage, but it also live-streams it.
Cool Tech

A gun that shoots champagne? A gun that shoots champagne. 0:49

This champagne gun is a real gadget that sprays bubbly up to 23 feet away, for when putting your thumb on the shaken bottle isn't luxurious enough. It also comes with a pouring attachment for champagne service, or serves as a…

Amped Wireless has a wall-mounted network extender that reaches 11,000 square feet 3:53

Amped Wireless has launched a new wireless network extender that mounts in an electrical socket and provides up to 11,000 square feet of extra coverage.