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Cool Tech

Get drunk on yourself: This bartending robot will make a cocktail based on your unique personality

A bartending robot called Social Shot brews custom cocktails to represent individual personality traits based on data collected from Facebook. Ingredients are paired with Big Five personality traits so you can get drunk on…
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Supermassive solar farms might actually have adverse affects on the climate

Widespread desert solar power plants could have unexpected effects on the global environment and make considerable changes to the world's climate patterns. The net effect will be cooling, but full solar power may just buy the Earth some…
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This algae-eating drone hopes to clean up the Baltic Sea for good

A Swedish design student just created an innovative drone, called the Algae Sea Harvester, which would help clean up the toxic algae buildup occurring in large parts of the Baltic Sea.

Innit wants to digitize food so you know exactly what to make for dinner

Making your kitchen smart is going to take more than one connected appliance. Innit thinks it comes down to food and building a kitchen that knows what you have and when it's going bad.
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The 20 most outrageous and fantastic James Bond gadgets of all time, in GIF format

To celebrate the release of Spectre, we've rounded up the 20 most wonderfully ridiculous James Bond gadgets of all time, and presented them in GIF format for your viewing pleasure.
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‘Artificial nose’ sensors can sniff gases to identify ripe foods before they go bad

Tiny artificial nose sensors can sniff out gases to tell when food is ripe or going bad. They could put an end to global food waste by detecting ethylene, which is produced naturally throughout the produce ripening process.

This smartphone has a secret. Flip it over, and there’s a second screen on the back 2:26

The Siam 7x has a secret. On the front is a 5-inch screen, but flip it over and you'll find a second, E Ink display for notifications, maps, and ebooks. The phone's on Indiegogo right now, and it even comes with a free upgrade to…
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Fancy a career change? NASA’s hiring astronauts!

NASA took to social media this week to let people know it's on the hunt for wannabe astronauts. Yes, if you're bursting with qualifications, stand between 62 and 75 inches, and don't mind spending long periods away from home, this could be…
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U.S. prisons have a major drone problem, and there’s no good solution yet

It's not only the FAA that's looking for a way to down drones flying in restricted areas. The U.S. Prison Bureau, too, is becoming increasingly alarmed at the rising number of incidents involving contraband-carrying flying machines trying…
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Researchers have designed a battery that’s 90 percent more efficient than lithium-ion

Researchers at the University of Cambridge have refined the design of lithium-air batteries to dramatically increase efficiency. They're capable of more than 2,000 recharge cycles.