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Cool Tech

Ingenious SunPort plug lets you use solar energy even if you don’t have solar panels 2:26

Contrary to what you might think, you don't necessarily have to be a producer of solar energy in order to be a consumer of it -- and there's a brilliant new device on Kickstarter that makes it more accessible than ever before.
Cool Tech

Surgeons successfully perform a double hand transplant on an 8-year-old boy

Surgeons at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia successfully performed a double hand transplant on the youngest person ever, an 8-year-old boy named Zion.

Apple patents a crazy stylus that senses texture to make 3D files

For a company that hates the stylus, Apple sure has a lot of patents for cool styli. Two new patents explain how a stylus could record and transmit different textures on a digital surface to make 3D creations.

Stephen Hawking, Elon Musk, Steve Wozniak call for autonomous weapon ban

While the idea of robotic assassins might be fun for sci-fi action flicks, it isn't a joke to the brightest minds of our time. Together, they've signed a letter asking countries around the world to ban the development of autonomous weapons…

Watch Sonya Belousova play Mario Bros. themes on a Nintendo piano

In a rather gimmicky but nonetheless impressive showing of skill, Belousova plays a series of video game theme songs on a Nintendo "player piano" that is certainly far more accessible than "traditional" classical music.
Cool Tech

Never say never: NASA’s ‘impossible’ EM Drive shows promise in tests by German scientists

Thanks to the apparent confirmation of the scientific validity of the EM Drive, the research of British scientist Roger Shawyer has now been accepted by the International Academy of Astronautics (IAA) and published in Acta Astronautica.
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Chop down mountains with the edge of your hand in this augmented-reality sandbox

Researchers from UC Davis and UCLA just unveiled an augmented reality sandbox that lets people modify and alter a topographical map with only their hands.
Cool Tech

Thanks to Project Loon, Sri Lanka will soon have universal Internet access

Project Loon is Google's ambitious plan to provide cheap Internet access to underdeveloped parts of the world via a fleet of high altitude balloons. After years of testing and refining the technology, the company is finally ready to deploy…

Turn any food into caviar-like pearls with the Wonka-like Spherificator

Our fancy parties never involve caviar, but they could, thanks to the Imperial Spherificator. Well, it will still be fake caviar but in the familiar roe form. Use any liquid to make little spheres that burst when you bite them.

See how gestures would have controlled Microsoft’s cancelled McLaren phone

Remember that Microsoft McLaren Windows phone from last year? It was supposed to offer Kinect-like gestures, but Microsoft cancelled it. This new video of the device sheds some light on this mysterious device.

GoFish Cam is…you guessed it…like a GoPro for fishing

Videos of fishing trips involve a lot of posing with dead fish. GoFish cam gives people the chance to show off the action instead. It records HD footage of fish on the line. With video proof the saying "fishermen tell tall tales," will be a…