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Cool Tech

Robo-love? Study shows that humans get aroused when asked to touch intimate robot body parts

According to a Stanford study, humans experience physiological arousal when touching robot body parts. When participants were asked to touch the robots' eyes and buttocks, they tapped into social norms in order to understand how…

If Google built a tech-filled city from scratch, would you move there?

If Google's sister company Sidewalk Labs built a city 'from the internet up', would you want to move there? There are no public plans for such a project, but Sidewalk's CEO recently called it "a compelling idea."
Cool Tech

Swashbucklers, beware! Drones can now dodge sword attacks

Sense-and-avoidance technology for drones is improving fast, as highlighted by this stunning demonstration of a system being developed by two Stanford University researchers. Check out how the drone effortlessly dodges the lunges…
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America’s Greatest Makers is like American Idol for geeks, so we talked to one

At first glance, TBS's upcoming show 'America's Greatest Makers' seems like it's just Shark Tank meets American Idol -- but after talking with one of the shows contestants, we found out that it's actually more like a televised startup…
Cool Tech

Upgrades and replacement parts are just a few clicks away with this customizable 3D printed drone

Modular, customizable 'Mosquito' drone is made almost entirely from 3D printed parts. The quadcopter comes in a DIY assembly package for more adventures drone pilots, or a fully-assembled drone that is ready-to-fly and fully configured out…
Product Review

Ampy Move Review

The Ampy Move fails to replace your portable battery or Fitbit.

Nvidia's Drive PX 2 to be used in autonomous racecars for the Roborace Championship

During GTC 2016, Nvidia revealed that its Drive PX 2 supercomputer will be installed in racecars competing in the Roborace Championship. The company is also working on an end-to-end HD mapping system using Tesla GPUs and the Drive PX 2.
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Lumosity just released a series of games designed to make you a more limber linguist

If your lexicon has stagnated a bit since your SAT-studying days, it may be time to expand your vocabulary. And here to help is Lumosity, with its launch of its new Language category of word games.
Virtual Reality

Microsoft HoloLens used to provide virtual tour of Seattle’s 2+U high-rise project

Studio 216 has teamed up with Skanska USA and Microsoft to create the very first Holographic Real Estate Sales Center. Based on the HoloLens AR headset, sales people and clients can together tour the 2+U high-rise project for downtown…
Cool Tech

Dubai’s Waste Management Department will soon use drones to catch litterbugs

To help keep visitors from littering on its beaches and deserts, the Dubai Municipality's Waste Management Department plans on using a fleet of drones to catch people in the act of ditching their trash.

Nvidia new AI brain has eight Pascal GPUs, 7TB of solid state memory, and needs 3,200 watts

Nvidia's newest chip, the first to use the Pascal architecture, is not a gaming powerhouse but instead specifically designed to power artificial intelligence and deep learning networks.