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Cool Tech

Google finally brings virtual reality content to YouTube

From 360-degree videos to virtual reality, YouTube creators can now go wild in uploading virtual reality videos to YouTube. Users can view the videos normally, or though their Google Cardboard headsets.

Time to discuss AI ethics — experts gather in January

Some of the brightest minds working in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) will meet up at New York University this coming January. The assembled gathering will discuss the ethical implications of working with artificial intelligence…

The world’s first autonomous buses will debut in Switzerland in spring 2016

Swiss-based startup BestMile is collaborating with PostBus (or CarPostal) to introduce the world's first autonomous public transport system. The initial fleet of electric vehicles will debut in spring 2016 in the city of Sion, Valais.
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Transparent solar cells are here, but they won't see the light of day for years

Ubiquitous Energy is making transparent solar power cells a reality in commercial technology with consumer tech applications in wearable gadgets, smart phone screens, and even in solar powered glass panels that could power whole…
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Boston drone maker releases surveillance UAV that can fly forever

A new drone from Boston drone maker CyPhy Works can fly forever using a very small filament that operates as a tether, and is attached to the drone to serve as a non-stop power supply.

The Pulse uses 3D sensors to turn your every movement into music

Virtual reality music controller the Pulse can sense multiple movements, including hands floating above its surface. The device may be coming to a stage near you, provided the company behind it can raise its $150,000 Kickstarter goal.
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World’s first use of gene editing in leukemia saves life of infant girl

An infant with 'incurable' leukemia was the first person to be successfully treated using the experimental technique of gene editing.
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Does this man hold the key to practical wireless charging? Cota sure looks like it

Hatem Zeine has been cracking the code of wireless power delivery since 2001, and his startup Ossia is finally ready to banish dead batteries forever with Cota, a remote wireless power system he hopes to bring to market in 2016.
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After 19 years of construction, the world’s largest fusion reactor goes online this month

In Germany, a team of researchers are preparing to switch on the largest nuclear fusion plant in the world. Hosted at the Max Planck Institute, the stellarator, also known as Wendelstein 7-X (W7-X), is awaiting regulatory approval…
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Get drunk on yourself: This bartending robot will make a cocktail based on your unique personality

A bartending robot called Social Shot brews custom cocktails to represent individual personality traits based on data collected from Facebook. Ingredients are paired with Big Five personality traits so you can get drunk on…
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Supermassive solar farms might actually have adverse affects on the climate

Widespread desert solar power plants could have unexpected effects on the global environment and make considerable changes to the world's climate patterns. The net effect will be cooling, but full solar power may just buy the Earth some…