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How Google crammed Buckingham Palace in a magical Cardboard box

Buckingham Palace is the latest location to be added to Google's Expedition program, which lets kids around the world visit incredible places they may never have the chance to otherwise, through the magic of 360-degree images on Google…
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A railgun may grace the turret of the Navy’s next-generation Zumwalt destroyer

Railguns are such a promising technology that a Navy admiral wants to skip the time-consuming prototype stage and begin deploying the weapon on an operational destroyer as soon as 2018.

This prototype shows how amazing flexible screens might be

A prototype flexible smartphone developed by a Canadian university has given us a glimpse at how the technology could change the way we interact with mobile devices. It adds bend and haptic feedback sensors to the screen, moving…
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Peter Diamandis’ XPRIZE to award the brightest advancement in AI with $5 million

Speaking at a TED conference in Vancouver, XPRIZE CEO and founder Peter Diamandis announced a new $5 million award for innovative advancements in AI. Teams will compete every year at IBM's World of Watson before a finalist is selected in…

Zuckerberg snubs Kanye's Twitter begging, fans toss coins in his can on Gofundme

A loyal Kanye West fan created a GoFundMe page to raise money in light of Kanye West's tweet, saying that he is $53 million in debt. Kanye stated that he's invested nearly all of his earnings into creating his clothing line and new music.
Virtual Reality

Fox Sports just partnered up with a VR company, plans to broadcast live sports in VR

Fox Sports, one of the biggest broadcasters of sports, has entered a five year partnership with leading live sports virtual reality company NextVR. Under the partnership, the 2016 Daytona 500 will be live broadcasted in VR for the first…
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Setting knowledge free: Sci-Hub is The Pirate Bay for research papers

A Kazakhstani scientist has become the enemy of the commercial research journal industry because she thinks no one should pay to read scientific research.
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Astronomers just snapped photos of the most massive black hole we’ve ever observed

The Hubble Space Telescope captured new images of distant galaxy NGC 4889. It looks peaceful from about 300 million light-years away, but the galaxy is home to a supermassive black hole measuring 21 billion times the size of the…
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New study suggests that therapy via virtual reality can help patients with depression

The University of London and the Catalan Institution for Research and Advanced Studies (ICREA) conducted a study that suggests that virtual reality can help reduce symptoms of depression.

No more embezzling bankers: new Monopoly edition goes paperless

The American toy and board game company Hasbro is modernizing one of its most popular games: Monopoly. The new "Ultimate Banking Edition" is replacing its fake currency with "scannable" ATM bank cards that automate bookkeeping.
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This tiny glass ‘Superman memory crystal’ stores 360TB for eternity

A new data storage technique can pack 360 TB of info onto a tiny glass disk and store it for billions of years, giving humanity the means to record data that will outlast our civilization.