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Cool Tech

hitchBOT team overwhelmed by offers of support, bot could be rebuilt

Transformed by a heartless ne'er-do-well into a headless pile of broken parts, hitchBOT the hitchhiking robot could yet live to thumb another ride thanks to numerous offers from kind strangers to help rebuild the damaged android.
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No, it’s not a hamburger: The MicFlip is a fully reversible micro USB

It's a small but serious annoyance -- attempting to plug in a USB cable, only to find that you've gotten it upside down. Now, you never have to worry about plugging in your USB "the wrong way," thanks to MicFlip, the first reversible USB.
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hitchBOT meets his untimely end in the City of (Not) So Brotherly Love

Philadelphia has officially lost its right to its kind city nickname. After two weeks on the road, the hitchhiking robot who made headlines after successfully trekking across Canada has met his sad demise in Pennsylvania's largest city.

Your pictures probably don’t look like you

We're really bad at picking photos that actually look like us. According to scientists from the University of New South Wales in Australia, "we are so poor a picking good likenesses of our face that strangers make better selections."
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Now you can 3D print a robotic, high-power telescope for your smartphone

Building a DIY telescope is one thing, but building a professional-grade telescope that can robotically track celestial objects is entirely another. London's Open Space Agency has developed a downloadable telescope that can be generated by…
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This 65-foot flamethrower is totally legal to own for a mere $1,600

XMatter's X15 Flamethrower not only spits fire some 50 feet into the air but it looks like something straight out of a Hollywood science fiction movie.

Follow these 6 simple steps to turn any smartphone into a 3D hologram projector

Stop what you're doing right now and try this incredibly cool trick to turn your smartphone into a 3D hologram projector. All it takes is a few simple tools and an old CD case to bring the future to the present.
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Meal-replacement Soylent shakes now come bottled and pre-mixed

Just like version 1.0, Soylent 2.0 provides all the vitamins, minerals, fats, carbohydrates, and protein that your body needs -- but this time, it comes pre-mixed and ready to drink in a 16 ounce bottle

Need to finish that text? BMW’s EnLighten App will tell you when the light turns green

BMW has officially announced the EnLighten app, a program that allows drivers to know how long red or green lights will last. The app connects with participating cities’ traffic light control systems and was developed with Oregon startup…
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Stunt rider Robbie Maddison takes on a giant Tahitian wave – on a dirt bike 3:59

Who needs a surfboard when you have a motorbike that does the same thing? That's what stuntman Robbie Maddison thought, though when he used his modified dirt bike to take on a giant wave in Tahiti he said he thought he was going…
Product Review

Sharp Wireless High-Res Audio Player Review

Put away your cables: Sharp’s WHRAP makes wireless home theater a reality.