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Cool Tech

Swiss engineers just unveiled a plane that can reach the edge of space using only solar power

Unveiled in Switzerland today, the SolarStratos are one step closer toward skimming the stars using solar power.
Cool Tech

Not sure what to get for your Secret Santa exchange? Here’s 10 geeky gifts for under $25

Secret Santa exchanges can be daunting if you don't know your assigned recipient. Luckily, we've put together a gift guide that highlights a swath of affordable presents for techies, most of which can be had for under $25.
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Mara Pen is a handheld mouse pointer that will transform your presentations

Mara Pen is a next-gen presentation tool which is described as a combination of two products: a slide changer and a computer mouse you can use in the air, without having to move it on a hard surface.
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Cooking with cold plasma could eradicate the smell of deep fat fryers

Researchers at the Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics are hard at work on a mission to eradicate the smell of cooking grease in deep fryers -- and they're using cold plasma to help them.

Facial recognition rejects New Zealand man’s passport pic — was race a factor?

A 22-year-old student in Australia wanted to return home to New Zealand for the holidays and tried to update his passport, but was rejected by facial recognition software used by the online renewal system. It said his eyes were closed.

PolarPro’s lens filters for DJI drones help you achieve the cinema look

PolarPro's new polarizing and neutral density filters help filmmakers get the cinema look. The filters promise full compatibility with the drones, and attach by simply pushing them over the lens.
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The Rokblok portable record player drives around your vinyl like an RC car 1:05

The very idea of a turntable might not seem all that portable, but the RokBlok by Pink Donut uses a unique approach to solve that problem, riding around on top of a record instead of spinning it.
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Gamers learn to control characters strictly through direct brain stimulation

A team of researchers from the University of Washington have developed a system that allows users to play a two-dimensional video game without seeing, hearing, or sensing the action in any traditional way.
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Flying the Breeze drone just got, well, breezy with a new controller and goggles

The portable Yuneec Breeze drone can now be flown with physical controls and first-erson view goggles instead of just a touchscreen app. The new optional accessory promises enhanced control and an immersive flight experience.
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Sony’s Project Field could give us a new way to play card games

Sony's Project Field is looking to bring a similar mixed reality gaming that Amiibo and Skylander figures allowed, but with card games. Set for a Japan-only release, it will first support the Yokai Watch game, but from there, the sky's the…

Single-use Powrtabs phone chargers are recyclable and fit in your pocket

Powrtabs provide a small boost to your smartphone battery, and we tried them out.These single-use smartphone chargers could be just the backup you need to avoid running out of power when you’re out and about.