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Cool Tech

Leaked NASA paper suggests the ‘impossible’ Emdrive engine actually works

The wider scientific community may be skeptical about the viability of Roger Shawyer's EmDrive propulsion system, but a leaked draft of a much-anticipated peer-reviewed paper from NASA describes tests showing the system as "consistently…

Lightmode’s helmet kits make you look like a Tron cast member

Regular helmet lights are boring. LightMode doesn't know the meaning of boring. Their helmet kits let riders make their own light designs on their helmet of choice, creating gear that looks like it was stolen from the Tron set.
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This awesome periodic table shows us how we actually use all those elements

The periodic table may excite some terrifying others. But this unique take on the table from a Seattle-based designer looks like fun for everyone, its fun design and interactive features showing us exactly how we use all of those chemical…

Capsula inflatable backpacks don’t just cushion your stuff, they keep it afloat

Built from waterproof fabrics and zippers, these bags are designed to protect their contents from the elements. Thank to an integrated air valve system, they can also be inflated so that they float on water too.
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SpaceX may have finally zeroed in on cause of September’s rocket explosion

A fueling issue caused a SpaceX rocket to blow up on the launchpad during a test in early September. While the issue has been identified, SpaceX still faces more challenges ahead.
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Rice University just democratized optogenetics with an open-source platform

By modifying the cells to contain certain photoreceptors, optogenetics allowed scientists to regulate, monitor, and measure the activity of cells -- particularly neurons -- even in live organisms.

Carry a Tesla coil in your pocket with Sparkr, a plasma lighter and flashlight

The Sparkr plasma lighter is a flashlight, lantern, and firestarter all rolled into one. It features a rechargeable battery that keeps the device ready for use at all times, and it is even available in a compact version called Sparkr Mini.
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Two decades in the making: NASA completes most powerful space telescope

The largest and most expensive space telescope in history is finally complete, NASA announced last week, as the 20-year project to construct the James Webb Telescope came to an end.

Amazon is having a 1-day sale on the Echo, $40 off

Powered by Alexa, Amazon's personal digital assistant, the Echo Wireless Speaker is one of Amazon's most ambitious devices. To celebrate its 2-year anniversary, Amazon and select retailers are offering the rarely-discounted Echo speaker for…
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Will Dubai build the first Hyperloop? Video teases an announcement tomorrow

One of the companies developing technology for the super-fast Hyperloop transportation system is on the verge of making an important announcement about a major Dubai-based project, according to a video released on Sunday.
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Intel gives fireworks a run for their money with a 500-drone ‘shooting star’ show

In 2015 Intel sent 100 LED-laden drones skyward at once, bagging a Guinness World Record in the process. And now it's gone and taken the feat a step further, using 500 of its new Shooting Star flying machine to create a dazzling…

Get your caffeine and creativity fix with a coffee maker built from Lego bricks

The creative team at Astonishing Studios recently built a one-cup coffee maker almost entirely out of Lego bricks. Just don't forget to bring quarters, because this java's not free.