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Cool Tech

Tor Project launches its first cross-platform messenger app for anonymous, encrypted IM

The Tor Project has launched a beta version of Tor Messenger, a cross-platform messenger client that automatically enables Off-The-Record chat protocol to keep text content and metadeta encrypted and anonymous through the Tor Network.

Smart shorts maker Lumo launches Bodytech biomechanics platform

Lumo Bodytech is making moves to launch the first ever wearable biomechanics platform, which "will enable companies to integrate human body movements or biomechanics into the next generation of wearable technology."
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Forget drones — Starship Technologies wants to deliver goods with six-wheeled robots 0:36

Former Skype co-founders are jumping on the delivery bandwagon with a fleet of terrestrial robots equipped to carry packages to customers over the last mile.

How the first road-worthy 3D-printed car is made at Local Motors 0:37

Arizona-based Local Motors turned to its crowdsourcing roots for its latest project -- a road-worthy, 3D-printed car that can be built in 44 hours for $53K. The firm can produce up to 2,400 of the cars annually.

In an embarrassing error, Google Translate invites people to a Clitoris Festival

This small Spanish town entrusted the translation of its upcoming culinary festival promotional text to Google Translate, which resulted in it being renamed the Clitoris Festival, an embarrassing error that went unnoticed for several…
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Introducing the emoji keyboard, for when typing out words gets too much 1:11

It's finally happened. Someone has designed, built and launched a unique Bluetooth keyboard that lets you type emoji in a flash. Splash out $100 on the Pro model and you'll have 120 emoji to choose from, surely enough to give up…

The Rufus Cuff is a giant tablet for your wrist

Less is more has reigned supreme as the tech industry's design aesthetic, especially when it comes to gadgets and gizmos that seem to get progressively smaller and thinner. But breaking with tradition is wearable tablet Rufus Cuff.
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BAE Systems just invested $30M in a new rocket engine that could revolutionize space travel 1:28

The United Kingdom-based BAE Systems just invested roughly $31.7 million to help research and develop the SABRE rocket engine, a hybrid rocket capable of traveling nearly five times the speed of sound.
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New obstacle avoidance tech lets this drone zip through a thicket at top speed

Powered by an obstacle detection system, an autonomous drone created at MIT can fly at speeds up to 30 miles per hour through an uncharted, tree-filled terrain.
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NASA confirms that the ‘impossible’ EmDrive thruster really works, after new tests 1:44

Researchers at NASA's Eagleworks Laboratories just conducted careful testing of the controversial EmDrive and reported reduction of Lorentz forces and signs of thrust despite a modified test setup