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Cool Tech

Cybersecurity expert: Brain wave passwords bring major possibilities, risks

Some experts view brain wave detection as the next frontier in unbeatable passwords. According to a cybersecurity expert in the department of computer science at Texas Tech University, however, it's not as simple as that.
Cool Tech

Skynet — ahem — Google executives scrapped plans to sell AI-powered arms

Google almost sold artificially intelligent robotic arms, a project spearheaded by engineers within its experimental X division, but nixed the idea when it failed to pass executive muster.

At the touch of an app, the Gate smart lock allows you to open your doors

Two former Google Glass engineers have teamed up to create Gate, a smart lock which they are claiming to be the first all-in-one-solution to home access.
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Cocorobo: Japan’s emotionally needy answer to the Roomba now plays J-pop

If there was one thing missing from the ubiquitous Roomba, it was emotional interaction. Thankfully, developers at Sharp have amended that issue with the Cocorobo.

Trends with Benefits: Oculus Touch, self-lacing shoes, Google runs your life 34:41

The Oculus Touch catches the Rift up with HTC’s Vive, Google’s hardware explosion is going to conquer your home, Nike is making sci-fi real, and soon we’ll all be chatting in VR.
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Like a circus performer, SIMbot balances on a ball, and it only has 1 moving part

SIMbot is a tall, slender robot that moves around by balancing on a hollow iron ball that's a bit smaller than a bowling ball. Not only can it easily move in any direction, but it hints at some interesting use-cases with humans.

It might save your life: MIT's Moral Machine asks you to answer moral dilemmas

"Self-driving cars are now practically inevitable ... That is a good thing because they would help save countless lives now being lost daily due to human driver error, and can offer independent mobility to countless others who cannot…

A $25 dash cam could help lower your monthly car insurance

Dashboard cameras come in all shapes and sizes, but unless you're an avid driver, chances are you don't need to spend a fortune on a dash cam. The Sky Innovations DashCam was designed for the budget-minded casual driver and its currently…

AI in agriculture? Algorithms help farmers spot crop disease like experts

A team of researchers at Penn State and the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland has turned the keen eye of artificial intelligence toward agriculture, using deep learning algorithms to help detect crop disease before it…

Exilong smart home irrigation system promises to save water and frustration

Manuals usually make configuring irrigation systems harder, but the Exilong system promises to clear the confusion, take over, and give you your life back. You can monitor and manage an Exilong system via smartphone or web portal.

Samsung is buying the new AI assistant from the masterminds behind Siri

Samsung has acquired Viv Labs, the company founded by the people who created Siri, with the plan on integrating the firm's new AI technology into future Galaxy smartphones and other Samsung products.

Sensory announces a wake word solution for Amazon Alexa devices

California company Sensory's software suite lets Amazon Alexa developers add a "wake word" -- that is, a word that launches Alexa -- to devices of all shapes, sizes, and processing capabilities.