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What would Jesus download? German clergy hopes free Wi-Fi initiative will coax people into church

Germans have a new reason to attend church – free Wi-Fi will soon be offered in 220 churches around Berlin and Brandenburg, with plans to install Internet services in all 3,000 Protestant churches in the region.
Cool Tech

Give your skateboard a boost by hooking it up to a battery-operated drill

You already have a skateboard. If you want to give it a boost, add electric drive with a battery-powered drill. It might look odd, but you're the one having fun. Check out the step-by-step video instructions.
Virtual Reality

Can I cry in this headset? The world’s first VR cinema is ironing out the kinks

The VR Cinema offers a rotating list of three packages: Horror, Docu-fiction, and Fun Time for the kids. Each includes a handful of short films in a 30-minute screening.

Make your own beer at home with Beer Bar from SodaStream

Late on Monday, the company that turned you into a connoisseur of homemade fizzy drinks, SodaStream, announced the release of a new Beer Bar system. Unfortunately, it's only being offered in Germany and Switzerland...for now.
Cool Tech

Check out our most detailed view of Pluto to date

While it'll probably be a while yet before any human being sets foot on Pluto, we're being given a closer look than ever before thanks to a new mosaic strip from NASA, heralded as "the most detailed view of Pluto’s terrain…
Cool Tech

A neodymium magnet finally beat a hydraulic press

Unstoppable force, meet immovable object. In a rather epic showdown between two very serious contenders, the hydraulic press finally met its match. The identity of this mighty foe? A neodymium magnet.
Cool Tech

Will swarm intelligence predict America’s next president?

Swarm intelligence has generated quite a buzz this year by predicting the outcome of events better than experts. Today, it will be set up on Reddit to answer questions about the 2016 presidential election.
Cool Tech

Russia wants to crisscross its country with its own Hyperloop-like tracks

With his grand Hyperloop plan, Elon Musk has inspired Russia to start developing its own similar technology in the hope of one day connecting all four corners of the massive nation.
Product Review

Horizon Hobby Chroma 4K Review

The feature-crammed Chroma drone doesn't let a low price weigh it down.
Cool Tech

3D printing using stem cells? Israeli company runs successful lab tests

Nano Dimensions and stem cell researcher Accellta have reportedly run successful lab tests on a 3D-printing prototype capable of printing using stem cells. The breakthrough could pave the way for further bioprinting innovation.

A boatload of additional products are about to 'Work with Nest'

Nest has gained a slew of new partners to the Works with Nest program, including the likes of AT&T, SkyBell, LIFX, and more. With AT&T's Digital Life app, for example, users will be able to control their whole smart home in a…
Cool Tech

Harvard Medical School research suggests that vaccines could help fight Alzheimer’s

Although changes in brain chemistry have been linked to Alzheimer's, scientists have yet to determine a cause, let alone a cure. But treatment may be in sight thanks to the work of researchers from Harvard Medical School.