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Cool Tech

India’s planned solar zones up the ante for large-scale solar farms worldwide

India plans to cash in on its solar energy richness with solar zones aimed at speeding the transition to sustainable energy. The zones will serve as flagships to encourage the rest of the country to reduce emissions and reliance on fossil…
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Amateur team's Nexø I rocket shows that space exploration is risky business

Copenhagen Suborbitals's Nexø I rocket looked bound for orbit for the first minute after it launched. Alas, the rocket from the first-ever fully crowdfunded, nonprofit space exploration startup met its end in the ocean off of Denmark.
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3D-printing project makes building lab equipment as easy as snapping Legos together

A team of researchers at the University of California, Riverside are using 3D-printed blocks to make building the perfect lab as easy as snapping together a Lego set.
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Life in the fast lane: Zip through airport security with Clear biometric scanning

Frequent travelers can speed up airport check-in with Clear biometric scanning terminals. Skip the lines, scan your boarding pass and fingerprint and move on through. You'll still have to go through security checking, unless…
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Travel-ready ‘Gastronaut’ ice cream bars don’t melt, so you can take them anywhere

34-year-old Rob Collington, founder of Gastronaut Ice Cream, has created the world's first organic, freeze-dried ice cream that promises not to melt all over your hands. Just like the astronauts eat. Kind of.
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Baidu's AI Composer translates famous artworks into melodies you can listen to

Dubbed the Baidu AI Composer, the algorithm uses image recognition software -- supported by what the company calls “the world’s largest neural network” -- that translates the content, tone, and mood of particular images into…
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Push and it pushes back. This robot makes VR environments feel real 1:17

Haptics student Scott Devine has created a way of making virtual reality even more immersive -- by way of a $25,000 industrial robot, which mirrors the movements of the user.
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AI expert says that Russia is on the verge of a ‘major breakthrough’ in artificial intelligence

In the past six months, we’ve seen AI master the board game Go, write a short film script, and infiltrate Snapchat filters ... But what was this breakthrough Alexi Samsonovich hinted at in NYC? Digital Trends reached out to him to find…
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Wearing unsightly 3D glasses at the movies may become a thing of the past

Thanks to a team at MIT and Israel’s Weizmann Institute of Science, we're closer than ever to display technology that allows movie fans to watch 3D movies without those unsightly glasses. It's called Cinema 3D.

Panasonic’s puffy Ballooncam is a drone safe enough to soar above crowds

What do you get when you cross a balloon and a drone? This prototype from Panasonic could improve drone safety as well as flight times. Oh, and it also doubles as a projector for displaying messages at sporting events.

Crowdfunding is coming to British politics with

n the aftermath of the highly contentious Brexit vote, citizens of the U.K. are now looking to take matters into their own hands. Meet, "a new movement setting out to change British politics."

Jiobit aims to make wearables so discreet they’re practically invisible

Jiobit is building a revolutionary chip that, using machine learning and contextual clues, could drastically improve the battery life of wearables. It's working on smartwatches for kids., but it has bigger plans for the future.