Cool Tech
Cool Tech

Weekend Workshop: Embrace the Force with this full-size replica of BB-8

Star Wars: The Force Awakens introduced the fan favorite BB-8 droid when it released in 2015, and we've got your ticket to building your very own replica using little more than a few pieces of foam, some spray paint, and contact cement.
Cool Tech

This reusable sanitizer uses UV light to murder odor-causing microbes living in your shoes

The UV Pro Shoe Sanitizer is a sterilizing solution for your sweaty kicks. The devices uses UVC lighting to kill almost 100% of bacteria and fungus that can cause skin issues, infections, and that terrible smell.
Movies & TV

Who does artificial intelligence think will win at the Oscars?

In honor of the impending Oscars, Unanimous A.I. pooled the ever-perceptive general populace, and has come up with its predictions for the six major award categories. Check them out and see if you agree.
Cool Tech

Fearing a possible GPS outage, the U.S. Navy resumes teaching celestial navigation

US Navy officers have begun training in celestial navigation so they won't have to rely on GPS technology. Although GPS is convenient and useful, it is also extremely vulnerable and the military is dangerously reliant on access to the…
Health & Fitness

A uterus transplant was just completed in the U.S. for the first time

On Thursday, surgeons at the Cleveland Clinic successfully completed the first-ever uterus transplant in the United States, giving new hope to women who may have related childbirth issues.

AT&T is suing the Louisville Metro Council over Google Fiber

AT&T says the Louisville Metro Council in Kentucky has no right to regulate telephone polls, so it's suing to shut down an ordinance that gave Google Fiber easy access to AT&T's own poles.
Cool Tech

The US Air Force just unveiled initial renderings of its new B-21 stealth bomber

At the Air Force Association's Air Warfare Symposium on February 26, Air Force Secretary Deborah Lee James officially revealed the first image of the department's new B-21 stealth bomber from manufacturer Northrop Grumman.
Cool Tech

Just for the tech of it: AI doctors, robot lawyers, headphones that get you high 3:29

AI is helping doctors fight cancer by reading their notes, a pair of headphones can get you high, and a free online robot will help you argue out of a parking ticket.
Cool Tech

Could a spacecraft really make the journey to Mars in 30 minutes? One physicist says yes 2:06

UC Santa Barbera professor Philip Lubin theorizes that by using directed energy propulsion, a spacecraft could reasonably reach Mars in just 30 minutes instead of the 260 days scientists currently believe it would take.
Cool Tech

We’ve seen the light! Li-Fi is the future of wireless connectivity

The promise of faster and more stable Internet access through our lights is really exciting. We got a demo of PureLiFi in action at MWC 2016 and talked with the COO about the future of this technology.