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Cool Tech

The International Space Station just turned 15 years old

Fifteen years ago, the iPhone didn't exist, YouTube hadn't come around, and Justin Bieber was just another 6-year-old in Canada. But the International Space Station was already in orbit.
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Google says its drone delivery service could take flight in 2017

Amazon's at it. Walmart's at it. And now Google's at it, too. Yes, all three companies are eyeing delivery services using drones, with Google insisting Monday that it could have a commercial operation up and running as early as 2017.

Apple's survey app uses phone data and radio waves to track your indoor location

Apple's Indoor Survey App, an app which lets business owners map the interior of venues, relies not on Bluetooth to track location, but on radio waves and phone motion sensor data.
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Don’t you wish you’d thought of using tricycles to create this animated street art?

In a brilliantly whimsical move, artists Ygor Marotta and Ceci Soloaga have created animated street art by riding through the streets of cities across the world with projectors attached to their tricycles.
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Scotland has plans to build the world’s biggest floating wind farm

Scotland this week announced that it was building the world's largest floating offshore wind farm. A five turbine facility that could power up to 20,000 homes.
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The NFL could switch to precise tech tracking with Wilson's sensor-studded football of the future

Wilson the NFL's official football manufacturer, and they are well on their way to developing a high-tech chip connected and totally trackable football. It will be released at Super Bowl 50 events, and could be in official NFL gameplay by…

How can you make a drone better? Install Linux on it!

If you've found that your drone lacks processing power, DJI might have something a little beefier — a robust Linux-based computer with a 2.2GHz Nvidia Tegra K1.
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Yamaha's motorcycle-riding robot calls out Valentini Rossi to a challenge on the racetrack

Motobot is a motorcycle-riding robot designed to operate motorcycles in the same way humans would so it can test new safety features and bike systems. Yamaha hopes to beat MotoGP legend Valentino Rossi on the racetrack, but…
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Disney researchers find a way to improve renderings of fabric

The most beloved of Disney characters are known as much for their outfits as they are for their stories, and now, the geniuses at the animation studio have found a more efficient way to render realistic fabrics.

This tough, $100 smartphone looks like an upside down Galaxy S6 Edge

This cool looking smartphone made by Chinese manufacturer Bluboo looks a little like an upside down Galaxy S6 Edge, thanks to its 3D printed rear panel. It's also pretty strong, and costs less than $180.
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Meet Boogli, a cute phone charger that looks like a monster 1:17

The Boogli charger does more than power your mobile devices. If you dock your phone into its arms, it will interact with your music. The accompanying app has a built-in alarm clock with various settings.

The Virtual World’s Fair will transport you to the world’s wonders, and disasters

"Virtual reality is going to change the world." That's been uttered so often many have become cynical of the idea, but in the eyes of Landmark Entertainment's Tony Christopher of, it's no exaggeration.