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Cool Tech

Robocup hopes robots can beat professional soccer players by 2050

The Messis, Ronaldos, and Neymars of the world may have competition from robots in a few years –- at least that’s the goal of Robocup, an annual robot soccer competition that kicks off today in Leipzig, Germany.

Square Enix, CNN explore the ethics of human augmentation

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided publisher Square Enix and CNN are hosting a human augmentation conference this August, focusing on the potential for breakthroughs and the moral quandaries of modifying the human body.

Mercedes-Benz could use rainwater to improve your car’s traction on snow

A patent filed by Mercedes-Benz parent company Daimler shows how rainwater can be used to improve traction on snowy roads. Water is collected as it drips down the rear window, and sprayed onto the tires to melt snow and ice.

Here’s a high-tech way to find out if your new designer bag is genuine or a fake

Worried your new designer bag isn't genuine, but a convincing fake? One company has had enough, and decided to integrate special smartphone-readable NFC tags into the label to prove authenticity once and for all.
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NASA explains why Jupiter-bound mission is important

Scientists aren’t entirely sure why the Jovian magnetic field is so powerful. One theory states that, deep within Jupiter, a layer of metallic hydrogen is crunched to such a high pressure that it serves as a sort of electrical conductor.
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Soft-wheel robot could play a role in rescue missions or even deep space exploration

“Upon seeing this work, a friend at Iowa State suggested that we have committed the proverbial reinventing of the wheel,” Aaron Mazzeo, assistant professor in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, tells…
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Watch NASA test the monstrous rocket booster that’ll take us to Mars

NASA got one step closer to its mission of launching the Space Launch System (SLS) to Mars by this week testing the world’s most powerful rocket booster for the second (and last) time before launch.
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Neuroscientists just found that texting alters your brainwaves, but they can’t explain why

“This is one of the first reports of a technology-brain interface which have been shown to exist,” Dr. William Tatum of the Mayo Clinic tells Digital Trends.
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The FDA approved this ‘stomach pump’ implant, and doctors aren’t happy about it

The FDA-approved AspireAssist weight-loss device allows obese patients to pump food from their stomach, through a tube, out their belly, and into the toilet without being fully absorbed.

Clever new ‘Diet Eyeglasses’ track your eating habits by monitoring your chewing muscles

“We derive features from the sensors’ measurements and apply machine learning techniques to categorize the foods consumed,” researchers Rui Zhang and Professor Oliver Amft tell Digital Trends.

Max One will wake you when your smoke alarm doesn't

The Max One is a new kind of safety alarm that wants to be sure you're awake when the alternative could be deadly. It can detect the high-frequency sound emitted by many smoke and carbon monoxide detectors that heavy sleepers…

Turn your garbage disposal into a composter with this gadget

Engineering students from Rice University's Oshman Engineering Design Kitchen developed an attachment that turns your average garbage disposal into a composter. Meet the BioBlend.