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Cool Tech

As far as Kickstarter projects go, this amazing virtual drum kit is tough to beat

Want to get your Keith Moon or John Bonham on, but don’t have space for a real drum kit? No problem: Virtual drumkit Freedrum is your hookup. Here's how you can get your hands on one.
Cool Tech

Brain-spinal interface could one day help paralyzed people walk again

Researchers have helped restore control of non-functioning limbs in monkeys with spinal injuries, raising the hope that the same technology could one day help paralyzed people to walk again.

Legrand and Samsung wants to make a home that thinks for itself and you

Legrand, a world leader in electrical and digital building infrastructure products, aims to deliver the world autonomous homes through an internet-of-things centered initiative named Eliot, with Samsung's Artik cloud platform as…
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Gryphon is the smart router that will protect your home from cyberattacks

Gryphon is a high-performance Wi-Fi router with built-in real-time parental control and smart machine learning security that you can easily manage with a smartphone app. And it's available to pre-order now.
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Machine-learning system aggregates knowledge by surfing web for information

MIT researchers have won a "best paper" award for building an AI system that is able to learn to answer questions about subjects by scanning multiple data sources and compiling the results.

On Election Day, Google tracked nationwide voting issues on a real-time map

Duringt the 2016 election, Google tracked web searches related to voting issues at polling places. It provided insight into the biggest concerns of voters by geographic -- and sometimes demographic -- location.

Apple II recently got its first operating system update in 23 years

What planned obsolescence? Twenty-three years after its last software update, the Apple II just got a new fan-created operating system upgrade, created by coder John Brooks. Here's how you can check it out.
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Drones and machine learning combine to indentify, protect endangered sea cows

Researchers in Australia are using drones and machine-learning technology to spot sea cows in their natural habit. The results could be a major plus for the conservation of endangered species.

Base Forge's 'Lightest' lamp will levitate, change color, brighten your day

Want to really light up a room? Then what you’re looking for, my friend, is a levitating lamp like Lightest, the floating light that can also change color courtesy of a smartphone app.

BenQ's new display doesn't invite peeking from outsiders

Regularly like to compete with other games to see how good you really are? BenQ's new display wants to help make you better than ever, by giving you better control of lighting in and out of the game.
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4 strange, fun tech exhibits that blew us away at ComplexCon

The inaugural ComplexCon event featured a myriad of tech too big and exclusive for the average home. Room-sized sound synthesizers, massive balls that emit animations, and augmented reality dressing rooms are a few examples.

Planning your next flight? Let Lufthansa's friendly new chatbot help out

Meet Mildred, a new tool from Lufthansa searches for the cheapest flights departing in the next nine months. So whether you're looking for a spontaneous getaway or hoping to plan that next big group vacation, let Mildred help you out.