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Cool Tech

With the help of bacteria, this amazing new bio-concrete can repair its own cracks

Researchers have developed a special kind of "bio-concrete" that's imbued with a specific strain of bacteria. When the concrete fractures, the bacteria will spring into action and fill the crack back up with limestone.

New Chrome extension from Google yells at nearby computers to transfer data

An experimental new extension from Google sends URLs between computers using sound, in a manner of speaking. Its application may be limited, but the effect is undeniably cool.

This table absorbs heat during the day, and uses it to warm your house at night

With its sleek oak exterior, the ZEF Climatic Table can seamlessly fit into any space, while acting as a thermostat. It retains and releases heat, based on how hot or cold the room is.

Oculus will not block porn on its upcoming headsets

When Oculus launches its first consumer product in 2016, virtual reality porn will be introduced along with it, a result of Oculus founder Palmer Luckey's decision not to block the adult entertainment industry from using the product.

Until you get the house in Malibu, Atmoph might give the next best ‘view’

Meet the Atmoph Window, a digital “window” that displays 4K videos and sound right on your wall. If your view is lousy, you can enjoy scenes of beaches, gardens, or skylines.

Amazon takes the NYC subway to shorten delivery times

Amazon is giving true creed to the phrase "planes, trains, and automobiles," by hitching a ride on the New York City subway to shorten the delivery times on their same-day delivery services.

Researchers figure out how to create time-lapses from crowd-sourced photos

Researchers at Google and the University of Washington have developed an automated method of producing time-lapses from crowd-source photos. It relies on a combination of algorithms and internet archives.

Google will unleash its self-driving cars on public roads this summer

Google announced on Friday that its self driving car will be ready to start cruising the streets of Mountain View, California, starting this summer. This will be the first time that Google will be taking its own cars onto public roads.
Product Review

Myo Gesture Control Armband Review

Myo reads your muscles for the snappiest gesture tracking ever devised.

Sony’s tennis sensor tells you how much you suck (or rock) at tennis with data

Sony announced the Smart Tennis Sensor, a cute little thing that goes on your tennis racket. This allows tennis players to measure their skills, such as ball spin and swing speed. The sensor is currently available for purchase.