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Cool Tech

The world’s brightest X-ray laser is about to get 10,000 times brighter

Scientists at the DOE's SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory are preparing to upgrade the lab's X-Ray laser instrument with a new laser that is 10,000 times brighter and 8,000 times faster than the existing Linac Coherent Light…
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NASA and Japan just released over 2.95 million thermal satellite photos of Earth, for free

Japan's ASTER sensing instrument has been orbiting the Earth for the past 16 years collecting data about the Earth's surface. Now, following an announcement by NASA and Japan, all of ASTER's maps and data products are available to the…

Wear me to the ball game: Zepp 2 sensor adds Smart Coach system to improve form

Zepp is introducing an updated sensor that has a different form factor, allowing it to pack in more sensors, and utilize Bluetooth low energy. The company is also unveiling a new Smart Coach system in its respective apps.
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George Orwell is rolling in his grave: This drone has built-in facial recognition tech

The latest trend in the selfie movement is autonomous shooting, which was kicked off last year by the Lily drone. The latest selfie drone to join the growing fleet of camera-equipped, self-tracking drones is the ROAM-e from Australian…

HP’s sparkly Spectre is the world’s thinnest laptop, at just 10.4 millimeters thick

HP is launching a new Spectre laptop that takes the crown of "world's thinnest" notebook, and does so with several millimeters to spare. Surprisingly, the laptop will have a full Core mobile processor, rather than Core M.
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California drone heads to Africa on mission to save lives

A California drone startup has struck a deal with the Rwandan government to use its flying machine for the delivery of urgent medical supplies around the country. Zipline International says its service could save thousands of…
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These sensor-packed fake eggs are helping revive endangered vulture populations

3D-printed, sensor-packed eggs are helping save the vulture population by allowing conservationists to collect incubation data. At the International Centre for Birds of Prey in the UK, the eggs are making captivity breeding much safer and…
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MIT biologists have developed a programming language for bacteria

A new programming language allows scientists to custom-code bacteria that can measure and analyze the health of other cells. Complex sensors and logic systems allow the genetically engineered bacteria to administer drugs whenever necessary.
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Japanese scientists have created artificial skin that can grow hair and sweat

Developed at the RIKEN Center for Developmental Biology in Japan, a batch of lab-grown skin implanted in mice showed the ability to sweat and grow hair. Over 14 days, the implants also showed no sign of rejection in the mice.
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Triton ‘artificial gill’ creators cancel $800K Indiegogo campaign, re-launch with new video

After conducting a veritable boatload of research, we were 99.9 percent sure the artificial gill technology was nothing more than high-octane snake oil. But as it turns out, Khademi and his co-conspirators weren't totally full of…
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Physicists just discovered a new state of matter called ‘quantum spin liquid’

The first evidence of so-called "quantum spin liquid" has been discovered in the real world, and it may have important applications to accelerate the viability of quantum computing overall.

Toyota Connected is making the driving experience more seamless than ever

Toyota Connected "builds on Toyota’s global vision of a future of mobility that is clean, safe, and convenient," relying upon Microsoft Azure's cloud technology system to power up 21st-century driving.