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Cool Tech

This robotic CT scanner is made for horses, but it could revolutionize human scanning too

Medical imaging technology developed specifically for horses could revolutionize those claustrophobic CT scanners. Horses won't have to undergo general anesthesia to be scanned anymore, and the imaging system could even be applied…

Could YouTube videos help predict Islamic State attacks? Report says yes

Experts say they may have found a way to turn ISIS's hubris against them. According to a new report from Defense One, traffic spikes on YouTube videos may be able to help predict the extremist group's next attacks.
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Can stem cell injections revive a dead brain? Ambitious ‘Reanima Project’ aims to find out

An American biotech company just received ethical approval from a medical watchdog to regenerate dead human brains in a trial that may be the first of its kind.
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Need a temporary office? Step into one of Britain's red telephone boxes

Some of Britain's most iconic sights will soon serve a greater purpose than being the backdrop in your Instagram photo. Bar Works, a co-working company, is planning on turning classic red telephone boxes into mini offices.
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In the future, drone taxis may deliver manufactured organs to hospitals

Biotech company Lung Biotechnology announced it was partnering with Ehang to adapt the 184 drone for the transportation of organs instead of passengers. If the company can pull it off, the method could change the organ donor market in the…
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3Doodler’s new Create Pen jumps off the page — letting you doodle in 3D

3Doodler, the company that created the world's first handheld 3D printing pen, is back with a new version of its flagship product. The new 3Doodler Create will replace the now retired 3Doodler 2.0, adding more refinements than you can count…
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Watch live as the NOAA explores the Marianas Trench with robotic submarines

The Marianas Trench is full of secrets. A 69-day expedition is underway to study the ecosystem of the region as well as to map the areas surrounding the trench itself, and you can watch it all on a live stream, courtesy of NOAA.

New patent suggests the Apple Pencil could become much more than a stylus

Apple's latest patent, awarded on Wednesday, indicates new functionality for the Apple Pencil, including Touch ID security, LiveScribe-like digitization, and hot-swappable writing nibs, any or all of which may be coming soon to the popular…

What’s the most influential gadget ever? According to Time, it starts with an “i”

Happen to be an iPhone user? You also happen to use the most influential gadget ever released, according to Time Magazine's new list. Other Apple products, including the Macintosh and iPod, also made the list.
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Reflow turns plastic waste into 3D print filament, sends profits back to waste pickers

Amsterdam-based company Reflow has launched a Kickstarter campaign to help developing communities and waste pickers turn plastic waste into 3D printing filament.

San Diego goes all in, legally commits to 100 percent renewable energy by 2035

With a budding solar industry and bipartisan support in its government, the city of San Diego has enacted the Climate Action Plan, an initiative designed to have the city operating on 100 percent renewable energy by 2035.