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The recPOP Wi-Fi head-up display turns your smartphone into an infotainment center

A French company called RoadEyesCams has released the recPOP, a new type of head-up display for your car. Acting more like an aftermarket screen than a traditional HUD, the recPOP projects information from your smartphone onto a…
Cool Tech

Welcome to the future: This 3D printer uses living cells to print human tissue

A Philadelphia-based startup has produced a groundbreaking new 3D printer that uses a specially engineered ink that can be combined with living cells to build living, three-dimensional tissue structures.

The secret port on your Apple Watch … revealed?

The Apple Watch's theorized diagnostic port is possibly a whole lot more, and carries with it great accessory potential. One such accessory will charge your Apple Watch while you wear it using a flexible lithium-ion battery.
Cool Tech

Brilliant new imaging system gives soldiers hybrid thermal/night vision on the battlefield

Currently, soldiers need to to carry separate imaging systems for each function: goggles for night vision, and a special scope for thermal imaging. BAE's new RTA system fixes that.

ParkiT’s open spot detection technology is like an ‘X-ray for parking lots’

A Texas startup called ParkiT is looking to make parking more efficient and intuitive. By integrating a real-time web monitoring interface into existing camera systems, ParkiT’s tech could allow parking operators to supervise their…

Google Now expanding to third party applications

Google is opening up its Google Now voice command feature to developers for use in third-party applications. While current implementation is limited, Google Now will be expanding in the coming months.

Still need to get a Mother’s Day gift? Here are some gadgets she’ll actually use

Even if your mom still prefers her landline to her cellphone, you can get her some cool gadgets this Mother's Day that will make her life easier. Hey, she deserves it!

SmartPlate uses cameras and sensors to determine your dinner’s nutritional value

If you're eating an individually wrapped frozen meal, it's easy to count the calories you're consuming. But what about that homemade lasagna? How big is a serving? SmartPlate uses cameras and sensors to tell you the calorie count.
Cool Tech

Say “Cheese!” New technique can bust you for being hammered from an infrared pic

Thanks to a new technique developed by pair of physics professors, cops might not need a breathalyzer to tell if you're drunk anymore -- all they'd need is an infrared photo of your face.

New GE light bulbs to warn of hurricanes, find you a parking spot, and more

GE is marrying the ordinary lightbulb with the Internet of Things, adding sensors to direct drivers to available spaces, give warnings in the event of a hurricane through a public-address speaker, direct first-responders, and more.
Cool Tech

Future luggage from Samsonite may check itself in and follow you around

Samsung's partnering with luggage maker Samsonite to produce smart baggage that checks itself in, relays its location, and follows you around. And that's just scratching the surface.