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Cool Tech

This artificial skin can detect touch — and it’s made from tinfoil and sticky notes

An artificial skin with the sensory function of human skin has been created out of household items by a team of researchers from King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST).
Cool Tech

Boston Dynamics’ latest generation ATLAS robot is more agile and humanlike than ever 2:41

Boston Dynamics' new ATLAS robot can squat, pick up boxes, and get up after falling down, all thanks to an updated system of sensors and circuitry. The smaller size of this robot is also closer to an average human height and…

5 ways the ‘supermaterial’ graphene could transform the tech around us

We checked out the Graphene Pavilion at MWC in Barcelona and found five intriguing prototypes that show off what graphene might bring to electronics in the near future.
Cool Tech

Clumsy drone pilots, DJI has launched a repair service to fix your crashed copter

Sooner or later your drone will probably come down a little harder than intended. With such mishaps in mind, DJI has launched a new care program offering repairs for smashed up Phantom and Inspire quadcopters. Plans start at $99 for six…
Cool Tech

This distraction-free smart typewriter will make sure you actually get some work done

Freewrite is a no-frills smart typewriter aimed squarely at procrastinators. The distraction-free device, which went on sale Tuesday, includes an E Ink display and syncs with the cloud so you can save all your work with ease.

Make your own espresso via Bluetooth on Nespresso’s Prodigio machine 1:19

Nespresso unveiled a new espresso machine called the "Prodigio," built with Bluetooth connectivity that allows users to to schedule a brewing time, brew coffee right away, and more through their smartphone or tablet.
Cool Tech

These flexible ‘strap lights’ clip to your gear with magnets, outshine headlamps 1:26

Ra is a strap light packed with powerful LEDs and rare-earth metal magnets so it's hands-free and completely adaptable for all kinds of outdoor adventures. The creators wanted a powerful area lighting solution that worked better…
Cool Tech

SpaceX ‘not expected’ to successfully land its upgraded Falcon 9 at sea Wednesday

Despite typical optimism from Elon Musk's aerospace company, the agency says it does not expect to successfully land its Falcon 9 on a barge Wednesday. Instead, it's focused on delivering a 12,000-pound payload for the Asia-based SES.
Home Theater

We tried out this portable home theater for one, and we’re already hooked

The brilliant Glyph portable mediawear is coming to a store near you. The personal home theater device is one of the coolest things we've seen at MWC, offering a thrillingly immersive A/V experience for one.

The Aerocool Dream Box is only limited by your imagination

Aerocool's new Dream Box isn't the only PC case you have to build yourself, but it might be the only one that lets you build it however you like, with 188 parts that fit into a wide variety of configurations.