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All devices and apps that work with Google Nest

If you have a Nest thermostat or device, or you're planning to purchase one, you'll want to make sure it works with your other smart devices. Thankfully, we've curated the full list for you.
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Weekend Workshop: Become a hipster and build this DIY vinyl record player

Vinyl records are in but instead of buying a record player off the shelf like every other bearded hipster, why not build this DIY turntable that'll quickly make you the hippest person on your entire block?

New ‘metamaterial lens’ is 100,000-times thinner than conventional glass optics

In the future, "metamaterial" could make glass obsolete in the creation of camera lenses and displays. Researchers at Harvard University have created such a lens that's thinner than the light it bends.

Filmmakers take incredible risk flying drone inside Byzantine church

Drones are best-suited for use outdoors, with plenty of room to maneuver. That didn't stop a filmmaking team from attempting a risky shoot inside a French Byzantine church, however. The results are stunning.

Turn anything in your home into a connected device with Mesh

If only making ourselves smarter were as easy as making your whole house smarter, we'd all be geniuses. Alas, such technology does not yet exist, but in the meantime, you can turn your home smart with Mesh, the DIY smart home kit.

Fly with your drone in VR thanks to the Exo360’s five 4K cameras

Queen B Robotics has combined drones with virtual reality, coming up with a drone with five cameras, able to capture 360-degree video. The drone is currently being funded on Indiegogo and was shown off at Augmented World Expo 2016.
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Elon Musk thinks we should insert ‘neural laces’ into our brains so we can become cyborgs

This week, in a conversation at Recode’s annual Code Conference, Musk shared a tentative idea for something called “neural laces,” which he imagines could mitigate the risk of humanity becoming something of a pet to…

Is there anything Alexa can’t do? Not much, now that the AI boasts more than 1,000 skills

Soon, it may be easier to list the things Amazon's Alexa can't do rather than the things it can. On Friday, the smart home system revealed that there are now more than 1,000 third-party skills available on the platform.

iBuyPower just put an LCD display in a gaming PC's side panel

Project Snowblind is iBuyPower's way of offering customers a new method of customization for their pre-built systems, as well as making it stand out from the crowd: it fits an LCD display right into the side panel.
Product Review

OTTO Tuning System Review

Otto gives amateur bike mechanics a digital hand, but it has its own snags.

Don’t want to be in your 360 footage? There’s a robot for that

Capturing 360-degree videos usually means the videographer has to stay in the shot, unless you use this robot dolly from Double Robotics. The 360 Camera Dolly can be controlled remotely, and supports cameras up to five pounds.
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Here are 10 astounding pictures of the world's longest railway tunnel

Dubbed the construction project of the century, the Gotthard Base Tunnel spans more than 35 miles and took more than 17 years to build. The tunnel, which opened on June 1, runs under the Alps and connects the Swiss municipalities of…