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Cool Tech

This jacket made of stainless steel yarn will harvest the sun’s energy to keep you warm

We're powering just about everything with the sun these days, so why not throw clothes into the mix? ThermalTech is a new material trend at the intersection of fashion, technology, and eco-friendliness that harvests the energy of the sun.
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Meet the guy who makes GPS geoglyph art by riding his bike around Baltimore

With the city as his canvas, a bike as his brush, and a myriad of GPS location tracking apps as his paint, Baltimore resident Michael Wallace has been making oddball virtual art for the past seven years

Keep warm without the layers with ThermalTech's solar-powered outerwear

Given that it’s winter, it seems fitting that startup ThermalTech would announce an Indiegogo campaign on what it calls “the world’s first solar-powered smart fabric” to stay warm without having to layer up when venturing outside.
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Bizarre Google patent describes a box on wheels that receives drone deliveries

While Google has already said it's hoping to launch a commercial drone-based delivery business some time next year, it also appears to be exploring additional technology to interact with the drones. This patent reveals all. Sort of.
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Pepper the robot gets sales training, ready to sell phones in its own store

Pepper the robot is keen to show how well it can read people's emotions, and will put its skills to the test in its own phone retail store, which will be staffed entirely by Pepper 'bots. It's a world-first, and opens in Japan for a limited…

The Mulciber modernizes traditional wood-burning stoves to burn wood better

The Mulciber is a modernized wood stove that burns wood more efficiently and reuses its heat resources to reduce the carbon footprint from heating and cooking on traditionally-constructed wood-burning stoves.
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New conductive concrete can de-ice itself to keep roads and runways safe for travelers

New conductive concrete uses an electric current to melt away snow and ice, keeping roads and runways safer for travelers. The electricity is conducted through slabs of the new concrete, without posing any danger to people touching the…
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This amphibious loon copter is designed to fly, float, and swim under water 3:01

Oakland University's Embedded Systems Research Laboratory recently unveiled a multi-rotor drone capable of submerging itself underwater and still operating. Dubbed the Loon Copter, it's currently a finalist at Dubai's Drones for…

Hands-on with the HDR-beating QuantumFilm camera sensor 7:32

InVisage, a technology company, has announced a new type of smartphone camera sensor called QuantumFilm. It's coming to smartphones and digital cameras soon, and will bring a film-like look to pictures taken with them. We saw it…

Once you go flat … B.o.B. releases Neil Tyson diss track about flat earth

Rapper B.o.B. has released a new Neil DeGrasse Tyson diss track, following a twitter back-and-forth with the world renowned astrophysicist in which the rapper argued that the world is flat.