Cool Tech

BUILD 2016: Microsoft talks Cortana, Skype, bots, and intelligence APIs

During the BUILD 2016 keynote, Microsoft talked about upcoming features in Cortana and Skype. The personal assistant will be more integrated into Skype, allowing users to make changes to the Calendar or book a hotel.

A new refrigerator laser can detect food poisoning-related bacteria

To bring your kitchen into the 21st century, simply affix to your refrigerator a laser that can detect microbes on your food. And we think annihilation would be a great next step.
Cool Tech

See what your drone sees in VR with the FreeBird One weatherproof drone 2:16

FreeBird Flight's innovative FreeBird One drone gives pilots a chance to see what their drone sees by utilizing VR and also boasts superior durability and performance. The company just launched the innovative drone on Kickstarter.
Cool Tech

New nanotech fabric dissolves odor and stains whenever it’s exposed to bright light

Researchers at RMIT University in Melbourne developed a nano-enhanced textile that could be used to make clothes that clean themselves in the sun. The nanostructures break down organic material like dirt, sweat, and stains.
Social Media

Microsoft's Tay comes back, gets shut down again

Microsoft created an AI chatbot for Twitter, Kik, and GroupMe, but it pulled the plug after Tay was posting racist and genocidal tweets. Tay came back alive this morning after Microsoft accidentally turned it on, and has since been shut…

If you ordered a HoloLens dev kit, it starts shipping today 1:40

Excited to develop for Microsoft's augmented reality headset? The $3,000 HoloLens' developer kit will be shipping to developers today, and included is the headset, a case, and a Clicker to help navigate the user interface.
Cool Tech

SETI just found more evidence there could be a 9th planet lurking in our solar system

Pluto killer Dr. Michael Brown is making headlines with his claim that he has found evidence of a ninth planet in our solar system. Brown's idea recently received support from an unrelated SETI project that discovered a large…

The Krimston Two lets you run two SIM cards on one iPhone … at the same time

For the smartphone that does everything, you need a case that does even more. Like turn your one iPhone into two. Almost. Meet the Krimston Two, described as "a 1 phone solution to a 2 SIM card problem."
Cool Tech

MIT scientists design a drone that draws on your command

Art and technology are considered to be two very opposite disciplines that attract different types of people. When the pair come together as they do in MIT's flying pantograph, the results can be stunning.
Cool Tech

Are these ‘artificial gills’ a diver’s dream or crowdsourced snake oil? 2:31

Triton is essentially a tankless scuba mask that works like a pair of artificial gills -- but now that the creators have taken the contraption to Indiegogo, we're not completely convinced this isn't just an elaborate hoax
Virtual Reality

Pre-orders are now open for the $400 PlayStation VR Core Bundle

As promised, Sony is now offering the Core Bundle of its upcoming PlayStation VR headset. It includes the headset, an external processing box, and various cords, but doesn't include a PlayStation camera or Move controller.