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Sick of waiting for the dryer? In a few years, new technology could dry clothes in minutes

Ayyoub Momen of Oak Ridge National Laboratory has come up with a new technology that dries clothes extremely quickly while using very little energy. He's working with GE to get the technology to consumers in about four years.

Smart cars are hackable cars. Are the features worth the risk?

Until recently, automotive hacking was a concept that seemed unrealistic and nonthreatening. After two security experts remotely commandeered the systems of a Jeep Cherokee from miles away, the vulnerabilities of the connected car are more…
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This wireless charging technology works with metal phones

Qualcomm says it has solved the problem of enabling wireless charging on phones with metal bodies, and has made the technology available to its partners today. However, the ongoing standards battle may hold back adoption.
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Amazon wants a chunk of airspace given over to delivery drones

Amazon's at a NASA-hosted conference this week brainstorming ideas for an air traffic control system for drones. With its Prime Air quadcopter in mind, the online giant suggested commercial drones be given a 200-feet band of airspace in…

Say hello to Ozo, Nokia’s VR camera ball for professional content creators

Here it is then, Nokia's first major product since Microsoft bought its mobile phone unit 2 years ago. Determined to get into virtual reality early on, the Finnish company has unveiled Ozo, a VR camera ball that helps media pros capture…
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The MB4.0 origami bridge could save your life in a natural disaster

The traditional Japanese art of origami may have originated using paper, but now, the intricate folds have inspired what scientists claim to be "the world’s fastest, largest, strongest, and lightest expanding temporary bridge."
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Astronomers capture video of platinum-laden ‘trillion-dollar asteroid’ zooming past Earth

Unlike all the other space rocks that come hurtling past our home planet every month, the asteroid known as 2011 UW158 happens to contain somewhere around $5.4 trillion dollars worth of platinum, give or take a few billion.
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CERN’s Large Hadron Collider is behind U2’s tour art

The stunning imagery created for the band's tour by artist Jeff Frost is actually time-lapse footage from CERN's Large Hadron Collider. The message behind the dizzying array of colors is meant to be the "neural net of humanity,"
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Watch this guy control his Lego robot by moving around in a Lego exoskeleton

Danny Benedettelli's next step in his Cyclops project is a functional robot which he can wirelessly control by wearing an exoskeleton made up of Legos.
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Japanese university sets world record with an insane 2 quadrillion-watt laser burst

Scientists at Osaka University in Japan have reportedly fired the world's most powerful laser beam. Researchers used the university's massive, 300-foot LFEX machine to blast out a 2 petawatt burst -- allegedly the most energetic burst ever…
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The world’s first e-ink traffic signs are now live in Sydney, Australia

Love how your Kindle reads? Now, you can have the same reading experience on the road -- no, not with your e-reader, but rather with the new e-ink road signs that have been introduced to the world for the first time in Sydney, Australia.