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Drone Wars: DJI just filed a lawsuit against Yuneec for patent infringement

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) manufacturer DJI has filed a patent infringement suit against competitor Yuneec, citing at least two examples patent infringement. The Chinese manufacturer has taken its case to the California District Court.
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Two scientists propose using lasers to cloak Earth … from aliens

Scientists at Columbia University's Cool Worlds Lab say it's possible to cloak Earth by using lasers. The two say it would allow Earth to stay out of the line of sight from alien onlookers by filling in dips in star brightness.
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Just for the Tech Of It: Transparent wood, fly-bombing drones, a ninth planet 4:00

Genetically modified flies dropped by drone could solve Ethiopia's tsetse fly problem, transparent wood is the material of the future, and a new planet could be lurking somewhere in our solar system, but we can't even see it.

This architect wants to build levitating houses to eliminate the threat of flooding

With the threat of rising sea levels, an increasing number of people are being forced to either leave their homes or deal with the flooding. But what if a house didn't even touch the ground? One architect imagines a floating house.
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Is Planet Nine behind mass extinctions on Earth? One astrophysicist says yes

Planet Nine's long trek around the sun may take it through a region of space where the solar systems comets originate, flinging them towards Earth and possibly causing mass extinctions as a result.

Google apologizes for Gmail’s big Gfail on April Fools’ Day

Gmail's annual April Fools' Day prank backfired when a joke Send + Drop Mic email button sent spinning minion images to all recipients. The company issued an apologetic update on the Official Gmail Blog.

Tech giants: Blocking Clean Power Plan will be ‘costly’

Google, Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft filed an amicus brief supporting the Obama administration's Clean Power Plan. The plan would regulate the emissions from electric power plants.

Do you work virtually all the time? Dell's latest Precision desktops are for you

Dell's Precision Tower 5810, 7810, and 7910 workstations and its Rack 7910 will begin offering VR-ready configurations on April 5. This includes new Intel Broadwell EP processors and the latest professional GPUs from AMD and Nvidia.

Laugh it up! The 30 best April Fools’ Day tech jokes of 2016

It's that time of year again, where we all need to be wary of what we see, hear, and read. Because it may not be all it seems. That's right, it's April Fools' Day, and here are the best jokes we've found so far.
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Ethiopia is fighting the spread of disease with a drone that drops irradiated tsetse flies

Ethiopian officials are about to deploy a drone that will unleash a hellfire of flies upon select parts of the country. This concept isn't some twisted attack, but instead, is a radical, life-saving plan for the country's…

Acer's new HD projector for gaming costs a hefty $5,000

Acer has injected a projector into its Predator product line, the Z850. It's capable of up to a 1,920 x 1,200 resolution at 120 inches from as little as 18.5 inches away. This projector is easy to carry and setup, but costs $5,000.
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Newly-developed transparent wood could be used in buildings, solar cells, and more

A new transparent wood material developed in Stockholm could be used in buildings, solar cells, and more. The wood veneer is chemically engineered to let light through, and is an affordable and sustainable way to double down on exterior…