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FDA approval granted for DIY home sperm-counting tech

Sandstone Diagnostics' Trak home sperm testing system lets men determine sperm count. A smartphone app recommends lifestyle changes, if needed, to increase sperm count and health. Supplies are included to run multiple tests over…
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Smart bike helmet boosts cycling safety with turn signals, brake lights, and GPS

The Classon smart bike helmet from Brooklyness detects cars in your blind spot, signals when you are slowing down or turning, and guides you with GPS. It syncs up with the included app so you can track stats and livestream your ride.
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Minor League Baseball reports by the Associated Press are written by machines

The Associated Press uses algorithm-generated copy to cover Minor League Baseball. The copy is generated by Durham, North Carolina-based Automated Insights. Other copy generated by machines include financial reporting, ecommerce, and real…
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Weekend Workshop: Turn a pile of cardboard into a backyard geodesic dome

Essentially a 21st Century tree house, geodesic domes don't offer much outside of being a fun place to spend a quiet afternoon. Here's how to make your own geodesic dome using cardboard and a laser cutter (or X-Acto knife).
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With masses of hazardous space junk orbiting Earth, Japan offers a solution

Right now there are countless fragments of space junk orbiting Earth that are big enough to cause serious damage to working satellites or even the ISS. Japan's space agency is close to testing an innovative solution it hopes can make space…
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Rosetta’s 5 billion-mile mission through space coming to an end September 30

The European Space Agency says that, come September 30, its Rosetta spacecraft's 5 billion-mile mission will end. Launched on March 2, 2004, Rosetta has spent the past 12 years sending extraordinary photographs of our galaxy back to Earth.
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Low-cost 3D-printed thermos could help diagnose Zika virus by testing saliva

The size of a regular soda can, a new tool for testing for the Zika virus simply requires potential patients to provide a saliva sample and then changes color to reveal whether or not the virus has been detected. It could turn out to be a…
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Google is buying energy from two wind farms that haven't even been built yet

Google's future is looking...gusty. In the tech giant's latest demonstration of its dedication to renewable energy, Google has purchased the future output from two wind power farms in Norway and Sweden

It takes a lot of skill to sweep a game of beer pong played atop a Roomba

Roomba pong or Beeroomba? A viral YouTube video shows that iRobot's autonomous robotic vacuum cleaners can be used to add a degree of difficulty to the drinking game beer pong.
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Augmented-reality headsets could help helicopter rescue pilots fly in dense fog

“Databases containing obstacles and terrain data are used together with real-time data from sensors in order to substitute the lost visual cues in a degraded visual environment” project lead Franz Viertler told Digital Trends.
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Juno just entered Jupiter’s magnetosphere, and the sounds it captured are amazing

At the point where the solar wind collides with Jupiter’s magnetosphere, there’s something called a bow shock, which astrophysicists compare to a sonic boom. NASA's Juno spacecraft recorded a short video and eerie audio of the…
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New version of Furby is more interactive — and maybe creepier than ever

Furby Connect, the latest version of the popular toy, is more interactive than ever, with Bluetooth connectivity, LCD-screen eyes, and updated sensors that react to sound and touch. The Furby Connect app allows owners to interact more with…