Cool Tech

Stolen identity: A pair of printed glasses tricks facial-recognition software

Carnegie Mellon University researchers recently conducted a study that concluded the right pair of glasses could trick facial-recognition software into thinking you are someone else.

Crazy Kickstarter project gives anyone the ability to create fire tornadoes 1:45

Recently launched via Kickstarter, the Flameflex device allows anyone to enjoy the visual stimulation of a real fire tornado -- which perfectly sets the mood for any occasion -- from the comfort of their home.
Virtual Reality

Enter the Matrix Academy: L’Oréal uses virtual reality to train hairstylists

L'Oréal's Matrix Academy will let stylists learn new techniques using a virtual reality headset. Students will be able to watch two virtual humans from any angle as the stylist works on the client's hair with L'Oréal products.

The Lifeclock One is the only smartwatch Snake Plissken would wear, obviously

Ever find yourself asking yourself which smartwatch would Snake Plissken wear? Wonder no longer, thanks to this new Kickstarter campaign which recreates the iconic Lifeclock One from 'Escape from New York.'

This tiny device can produce clean drinking water for 200 people a day

MSR's Community Chlorine Maker is designed to help people living in developing countries where clean drinking water is at a premium. The incredibly small device can create clean drinking water for up to 200 people per day for as long as…
Cool Tech

Germany comes clean with zero-emission passenger train service

Unveiled during this year's Berlin InnoTrans trade show, the iLint is the world's first zero-emission train that is powered by hydrogen. If all goes as planned, the "hydrail" train will go into operation as soon as next year.

Adobe Project WetBrush and Project StyLit could be game changers for painters and animators

Adobe is showing off two in-development technologies at its MAX conference. StyLit and WetBrush aim to simplify and improve the way animators, illustrators, and painters work by bridging the gap between traditional and digital…
Cool Tech

An all-new Inspire drone from DJI could be flying into view on November 15

Two years after its launch, it looks as if DJI is about to unveil the second generation of its high-end and rather pricey Inspire 1 drone. The original was highly praised when it landed in 2014, so we're expecting great things with the next…
Cool Tech

Amazon wants police officers to have a tiny ‘assistant drone’ on their shoulder

While Amazon is best known for its enormous ecommerce site and line of consumer gadgets, it also has an interest in drone technology. Besides a grand plan to deliver goods by drone, it's now looking into the idea of mini-drones to help cops…
Cool Tech

Pocket-sized possibilities: Meet the smallest self-powered controllable drone

A team of researchers at the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Engineering and Applied Science built the world’s smallest self-powered controllable flying drone. The team sees plenty of potential in its tiny shape.
Cool Tech

We flew the PowerUp FPV drone like a paper airplane and it (mostly) took off

Half-drone, half-paper airplane, the PowerUpFPV flies with a livestreaming camera onboard and an FPV cardboard headset in tow to keep it in the air.
Cool Tech

Can’t find your perfect wine? Blend it yourself with the Vinfusion system

Branded as a "wine-blending experience, where the consumer can adjust the composition on demand," the Vinfusion system purports to have the capacity to "deliver hundreds of different flavors."