Cool Tech

German engineers 3D-printed a camera that’s smaller than a grain of salt

This 3D-printed camera may be about the size of a grain of salt, but it has three lenses and an LED light. Small enough to be injected, this camera concept could be used in medicine, robotics, drones, and more.
Cool Tech

Watch this Miniature Falcon 9 rocket nail its barge landing

YouTube user and RC hobbyist ajw61185 built a Falcon 9 model rocket that not only looks impressive, it also is outstanding at it landings. In a video clip, the model is shown landing on barge floating in a swimming pool.
Cool Tech

Smart billboards will identify car models and target ads to drivers

A new system being developed in Japan identifies vehicles by make and model and displays highly targeted ads. In testing, vehicle identification was accurate 94 percent of the time. Billboard companies expect to charge more for targeted…
Virtual Reality

With Google’s new Expeditions app, teachers can take their whole class on a VR field trip

There are already more than 200 different Expeditions which can be taken -- with each one curated with integrated descriptions, talking points, and questions. Currently, trips include visits to historical landmarks, diving…
Cool Tech

Roli's Seaboard Rise MIDI controller offers a whole new way to make music 5:42

Digital Trends checked in with Roli at CE Week 2016 to test the Seaboard RISE midi controller, a keyboard that adds extra gesture-based controls. The Rise also gives musicians more control than your average keyboard.

Turn your stove into a smart stove with Toch Smarturns

If you're looking to turn your average stove into a smart stove, there are no replacements necessary -- just additions. With Toch Smarturns, you'll be able to bring your cooktop into the 21st century, all without any heavy…
Cool Tech

Cutting-edge metastasis prediction algorithm can accurately predict the spread of cancer

“Our algorithms have shown to achieve high accuracy, even in the presence of noise in the data, and with limited sample sizes,” researcher Giulio Caravagna tells Digital Trends.
Cool Tech

The Onvi Prophix video toothbrush lets you spot-check your dental care

Have you ever wondered what your teeth looked like while you’re brushing them? Well wonder no more. The Prophix video toothbrush from dental care start-up Onvi toothbrush lets you scope out your teeth as you brush them by watching a live…
Cool Tech

Scientists are building an enormous telescope — at the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea

“Neutrinos are extremely important, and capable of telling us a great deal about life on Earth and the evolution of the universe,” Maarten de Jong, a spokesperson for the Cubic Kilometer Neutrino Telescope collaboration, tells…

Edo blocks are the giant cardboard Legos you’ve always wanted

Launching via Kickstarter this week, Edo blocks are essentially giant cardboard Legos that offer users the ability to construct anything from living room forts and race cars to giraffes and elephants.
Cool Tech

Tactical AI beats a US Air Force colonel in a dogfighting simulation

“ALPHA is an incredibly difficult opponent to face,” creator Nick Ernest tells Digital Trends. Are we looking at the next big AI breakthrough?

Snowfox Trackerphone aims to give kids independence, parents peace of mind

An Indiegogo campaign has been started for a phone/tracker that's being touted as the device that will give your kids their independence, while still letting you, the parent, keep an eye on them and make sure they're safe.