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Cool Tech

Comatose man, 25, has his brain 'jump-started' using targeted ultrasound

Dr. Martin Monti, associate professor of psychology and neurosurgery at UCLA, recently "jump-started" the brain of a man who had been in a coma using a beam of targeted ultrasound.

Drop and give me a bookcase: Learn basics of using power tools with Drill Sergeant

University of California, Berkeley Ph.D. student Eldon Schoop has developed an innovative new way to teach people how to use power tools called Drill Sergeant. The system incorporates a set of installable sensors and head-up…

Tesla just moved one step closer to SolarCity acquisition

The FTC has approved the Tesla SolarCity Acquisition. There are more steps to go in the process, but the FTC has ruled out antitrust concerns. The SEC still has to review the transaction and shareholders still have to vote.

To build a better battery, Dyson will spend $1.4 billion, enlist 3,000 engineers

Invention-centric Dyson is set on developing the world's longest-lasting, most reliable, and safest lithium-ion battery, employing thousands of engineers and investing billions of dollars.
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Smart solution for cleaning up oil spills was inspired by nature

Researchers in Germany have created a new material capable of capable of mopping up large quantities of oil, while remaining water-resistant -- and as one of its investigators tells Digital Trends, it's inspired by nature.
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America’s first offshore wind farm is set to come online in October

Deepwater Wind just finished installing and is preparing to flip the switch on America's first offshore wind farm. Starting this fall, the five-turbine wind farm will power Block Island, a small island off the Rhode Island coast.
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Houston, we have a problem: Ambitious space mission faces major danger

The researchers discovered that StarChips face two dangers from heavy atoms and gas floating around in space. For one, collisions with the atoms would wear away at the probe and lead to melting of up to 30 percent of the its mass.
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The PowerEgg is a UFO-like drone that looks straight out of Area 51

While the rotor assemblies are extended from the egg manually, the landing gear is retracted and extended automatically, so when the PowerEgg is flying around, those legs are tucked up in the body. If that’s not straight out of a 1950s…
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The Kinect might not make great games, but it makes great music videos

It's difficult to name more than a handful of half-way decent Kinect games, but now you can point to a music video as a great source of artistic beauty that's only possible because of the Xbox camera.

Augmented Reality for kids is here in the form of the Egger

This is what learning in the 21st century looks like. Meet the Egger, a new interactive augmented reality projector that promises to "inspire creativity, imagination, and benefit early childhood development."
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Manage your time like never before with Zei from Timeular

We're tracking just about everything these days -- steps taken, calories consumed, calories burned, hours slept -- so why not track our most precious resource of all? Track your time with Zei.

A private firm is tracking the habits of visitors to New York City’s Bryant Park

PlaceIQ, an advertising analytics firm which tracks the location of smartphones, has inked an agreement with NYC's Bryant Park Corporation. It will see park visitors' locations -- and subsequently behaviors -- analyzed anonymously.