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Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are helping retail stores regain relevance

Sixty years after the opening of the first shopping mall, retailers are turning to mixed commerce, combining smaller physical spaces with 3D technology. The goal is to increase customer engagement while cutting costly floorspace.

Get some companionable help in the kitchen with AI-enabled HelloEgg

This is one egg you don't want to break. Meet HelloEgg, the child of an old-fashioned egg timer and some very new AI technology. It's branded as the "first smart assistant designed especially for the kitchen."

The Goby toothbrush is an aesthetically pleasing addition to your bathroom

There's a new company looking to cut out the middle man when it comes to your teeth. Meet Goby, the first direct-to-consumer rechargeable electric toothbrush that believes your mouth deserves better.
Cool Tech

Sick of tying your shoes? Turn them into slip-ons with Hickies 2.0

Hickies, the same company that debuted five years ago to turn any shoe into a slip-on, is back again with Hickies 2.0 -- described as "an improved high performance model" for any kind of shoe on any kind of terrain.

Is this the world’s most beautiful bike lane?

Check out this amazing sparkling blue bike lane built for night riders in Poland. It's hoped the path, which contains special sun-powered particles that glow in the dark, will prove more effective – and cheaper – than street lamps.

Researchers have built world’s tiniest transistor with 1-nanometer gate

A research team at the Department of Energy's Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory have created a transistor with a functional 1-nanometer gate, which they are claiming is the smallest working transistor yet made.

Algorithm solves cake-cutting problem that has haunted mathematicians

Looking to cut up a cake fairly? It's a lot more complicated than you thought, particularly among a large group of people -- as computer scientists proved with a new algorithm . It also serves as an important metaphor for other division…
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Faster than a speeding — elevator. Shanghai Tower claims to have world's fastest

The Shanghai Tower now boasts the world's fastest elevator. The elevator can travel at near-cheetah speeds, but can it be topped?

RadarCat doesn’t purr, but it can recognize a human leg and other objects

Researchers at Scotland's University of St Andrews created a device called RadarCat that will recognize real-world objects. This system is based on Google's Soli sensor that uses radar to detect finger movement.
Cool Tech

Nothing left behind: GearEye keeps tabs on everything from lenses to SD cards

A startup is working to ensure photographers never arrive at a shoot without an SD card again. GearEye is a new system that checks your gear bag to make sure nothing is left behind: drones, lenses and anything you can slap a sticker on.
Cool Tech

Infrared camera could help dentists discover cavities much earlier

A new smart technology could provide a new way for dentists to carry out checks for cavities: using a noninvasive infrared camera that could catch tooth damage before it’s too late.

Sharp’s smartphone concept has the gorgeous rounded corners you’ve always wanted

Sharp has shown off a new smartphone concept called the Corner R, which has one feature other phones lack -- almost no bezel thanks to its rounded display. And boy is it beautiful.