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Put grandma to work with this iPad power-generating rocking chair

Who says technology is only made for the new generation? While my grandmother may not be cool enough to answer emails and text messages, she does know how to work an iPad. So if you’re visiting sweet old grams and realize your tablet is low on battery, just ask her to hang out in her rocking chair to generate extra juice in that iPad.

Yep, you really can play out that scenario. The iRock chair is built to not only dock an iPad or iPhone for your viewing pleasure, it will also generate battery power as the chair swings back and forth. Built-in 25-watt speakers align the sides of the headrest so grandma to rock out to her classic jams. And yes, adapters for the iPhone 5 Lightning connector will be included if you’re that caught up on the latest gadgets on the market.

“The iRock is an product that explores how furniture can interact with technology and actually support the power for this technology,” the iRock product page reads. “If you use iRock for 60 minutes you can recharge an iPad 3 to 35%.”

Not sure how fast granny would have to swing to get such power back onto your mobile devices, but any charge at all is better than leaving the tablet out to drain. Micasa Lab, the creator of the iRock, says Android compatibility is not yet available but it is something the company aims to add in the near future. Theoretically, one would only need to buy the chair along with various adapters to fit whichever mobile device you want to rock and charge.

The iRock is crafted with Swedish pine wood and will be available in five color options: Black, White, Pink, Green, and Blue. How much will you have to spend for some technological porch accessory? The iRock is available now for a pretty price of €1,300 (or approximately US$1,680), with an estimated shipment date of late 2013. But for a happy grandma, perhaps that sticker tag is priceless.