StrapWrap Stores Gadgets on Messenger Bags

StrapWrap Stores Gadgets on Messenger Bags

As if the canvas messenger bag weren’t trendy enough already, Digital Lifestyle Outfitters unveiled a new pouch on Tuesday designed to mate the bags with the trendiest of gadgets – the iPod and iPhone. The DLO StrapWrap slides onto a messenger bag strap, providing an easily accessible spot to hold digital music players and phones.

Although DLO markets it as a pouch for all gadgets, its 2.5inch width clearly caters to the iPod and iPhone, with room for similar-sized gadgets such as BlackBerrys thanks to its stretchy neoprene construction. It includes a side pocket for earbuds or other small accessories, as well as a hook to latch it onto a turnbuckle, preventing it from sliding down the strap.

The case can accommodate straps up to 2.5 inches wide, and uses Velcro to attach, so that users don’t have to physically remove the straps from their bags to slide it on.

The StrapWrap is available now directly through DLO for $19.99.

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