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Valentine’s Gifts for him and her

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Relationships that are going places

For her

Instagram prints, $30 and up, each

We love the new wave of options for printing your Instagram photos, and homemade thoughtful wall art almost always makes a great gift. If you can sneak your way into her Instagram account, you can get quality square canvas prints of your favorite photos that she’s snapped, or you can have prints made of your own Instagram photos that she might like. One is nice, but these prints really pop when paired in a grouping of three or more.

Click & Grow, $70 and up

What’s better than flowers on Valentine’s day? Well, probably a lot of things, but if you want to take the classic standby in a new direction, try gifting your sweetheart the Click & Grow electronic planting system. With four AA batteries, a little water, and a seed packet, you can grow flowers, herbs, or even baby tomatoes with ease in just two weeks. With special sensors and software, the Click & Grow will stay on schedule even if you leave it alone or forget about it. Besides, there’s something romantic about giving something that will continue to be a gift for a long time. 

For him

Kindle without ads, $109

This one only applies to guys who like to spend time reading, but if your Valentine fits into that category then a Kindle is a great way to go. You’ll get points for buying him something that he’ll actually want to use on a daily basis, and you can rack up even more thoughtful points by loading up the device with books you know he’d be interested in reading. 

iHome iP4, $200

This retro-styled modern take on the boombox from iHome is a great gift for the music lover who also has a fun sense of style, and harbors a little nostalgia for the good old Say Anything days with John Cusack. It has fun but not laughable styling, great sound, is portable, and nicely holds an iPhone or iPod right in the middle for blasting some of his favorite tunes. 

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