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Save $230 on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Few devices are better suited for on-the-go productivity than the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. The sleek device offers a variety of built-in productivity apps to help keep your entire life organized, while reveling in vivid color and resolution thanks to the touchscreen display. The integrated S Pen…

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  • Value $400.00
  • Discount 58%
  • You Save $230.00

$40 off Targus Canvas Slipcase

Still searching for that perfect, last-minute gift for the student or commuter on your list? The Targus Canvas Slipcase might be your solution, one endowed with faux-leather accents that looks just as stylish when carried as when slung across your shoulder. The white cotton case is lined with soft…

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  • Value $60.00
  • Discount 67%
  • You Save $40.00

75% off Aduro 3-Piece Camera Lens Kit

Smartphones can’t do it all — at least, not with a little help from Aduro. The company’s three-piece camera kit features a fish eye, wide-angle, and micro lens, all of which greatly expand the range and capabilities of your iPhone more than Instagram filters ever could. Each detachable…

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  • Value $40.00
  • Discount 75%
  • You Save $30.00

Over $200 off Canon EOS Rebel T5 DSLR Camera

Few devices are designed to capture the joy of the season in high-resolution better than the Canon EOS Rebel T5 DSLR camera. The EOS Rebel T5 is the perfect introductory camera for first-time DSLR users and budding photographers, offering a powerful 18MP image sensor that captures images with…

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  • Value $549.00
  • Discount 39%
  • You Save $210.00

72% off Veho 360 Mode Retro Speaker

Looking for last minute gift ideas? The Veho 360 Mode retro speaker may be just what Santa ordered. The compact speaker exudes a retro vibe, with sleek styling and leather carrying handle, while simultaneously delivering audio that is of this decade. You can stream audio to the wireless speaker…

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  • Value $179.95
  • Discount 73%
  • You Save $129.96

50% off Canon 75-300mm Zoom Lens

Smartphone cameras can’t do it all. Thankfully, Canon’s 75-300mm III EF Zoom lens lets you get up close and personal with your subject without the exuberant price. The telephoto lens features an f-stop of f/4 and a quick autofocus, allowing for a very shallow depth of field and ensuring…

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  • Value $199.00
  • Discount 51%
  • You Save $100.00

$25 off Wii U Bundle

The Nintendo Wii U might not be able to compete with PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in terms of sheer processing power, but there’s no denying its appeal when it comes to backwards compatability and it fresh take on modern gaming. It’s only gotten better with age, too, while showcasing a…

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  • Value $300.00
  • Discount 9%
  • You Save $25.00

47% off Joby GorillaPod Stand

If you’re into smartphone photography — or simply attaching your phone to random things — there are few better solutions than the Joby GorillaPod for doing so. It intuitive device uses three flexible, rubberized legs that bend and curl around nearly anything, along with a spring-loaded clamp…

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  • Value $29.95
  • Discount 48%
  • You Save $14.12

62% off Armorbox Case for iPhone 6

Sometimes having a case on your phone can be a huge bummer, especially if you prefer a slim profile. Cable and Case’s Armorbox case for the iPhone 6 is still a standout if you want to opt for a little protection, though, offering a stylish design that comes equipped with an integrated stand for…

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  • Value $49.99
  • Discount 63%
  • You Save $31.00

Up to $400 off Panasonic AS530U Series

With sports kicking into full gear and holiday binge watching just around the corner, there’s rarely a better time to consider upgrading your home theater setup. Thankfully, the Panasonic AS530U series offers plenty of functionality at an affordable price. Not only does the impressive, 1080p…

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  • Value $1,200.00
  • Discount 34%
  • You Save $400.00

$30 off Fire HD Kids Edition Tablet

Given how widespread tablets are these days, it’s no wonder that kids want their own. Created specifically for children, the Kids Edition of the Amazon Fire HD offers everything you and your kid might want from a tablet. The Gorilla Glass display and kid-proof enclosure ensure the device…

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  • Value $189.00
  • Discount 16%
  • You Save $30.00

$30 off TomTom Runner

Believe it or not, TomTom doesn’t just manufacturer GPS systems for your car — take the TomTom Runner, for example. The wearable’s high-resolution display showcases your distance, average mile time, running pace, and more with clarity and accuracy, while the one-button control scheme…

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  • Value $129.99
  • Discount 24%
  • You Save $30.00

20% off All SodaStream Soda Makers

Let’s be honest, nothing beats Coca-Cola in a glass bottle. The problem is, it’s neither very good for your health or your wallet. With SodaStream, you can make your own soda at home, while saving money, reducing waste, and keeping your sugar intake in check. Each model makes soda or…

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  • Value $129.99
  • Discount 21%
  • You Save $26.00

Save 20% on the OtterBox Cases + Free 2-Day Shipping

OtterBox cases have long been recognized for providing outstanding protection, especially considering the company offers a bevy of distinct cases that are compatible with more than 20 different devices. The popular Defender series, for instance, offers a three-layer system designed to protect your…

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  • Value $39.90
  • Discount 20%
  • You Save $7.98

80% off 3D Luxe Tempered-Glass Screen Protector

Are you on screen protection patrol this holiday season? Then make your job easy with the 3D Luxe tempered-glass screen protector. Engineered to achieve 9H hardness, this screen protector has an oleophobic coating to resist fingerprints, an anti-shatter film for extra protection, and is slightly…

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  • Value $39.95
  • Discount 80%
  • You Save $31.96

Half off $50 Sharper Image Gift Card

Who doesn’t love free money? Now through December 24, you can purchase a $50 gift card to Sharper Image for a mere $25, courtesy of online discount retailer Groupon. The company’s website is lined with high-end technology and the latest gadgets, rendering it just as suitable for picking up a…

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  • Value $50.00
  • Discount 50%
  • You Save $25.00

$20 off Bodum Assam 24oz Tea Press

Crafting the perfect cup of tea should never be difficult. Thankfully, the Bodum Assam Tea Press works like a French press does for coffee, allowing you to steep your tea for as long as you desire. The small holes in the stainless steel press allow you to brew anything from fine ground mate to…

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  • Value $60.00
  • Discount 34%
  • You Save $20.01

$60 off Jawbone UP24 Fitness Band

If style and size are two features you covet most in a fitness band, then the Jawbone UP24 should definitely be on your radar. This display-less wearable seamlessly tracks your movement, eating, and sleeping patterns, providing you with a comprehensive report of all your stats with the help of an…

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  • Value $129.99
  • Discount 47%
  • You Save $60.00

43% off iHome IBT60 Speaker

There’s a good deal to be said about impressive sound housed within a small package. The expandable iHome IBT60 speaker is the perfect example, one that provides unexpected volume and enhanced, low frequencies. The portable speakers allows you to stream your music via Bluetooth or the…

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  • Value $62.99
  • Discount 61%
  • You Save $38.00

Save $70 on Jarv NMotion Earbuds and Armband Bundle

Looking for the perfect gift for the runner — or aspiring runner — on your list? Well, Jarv NMotion’s recent bundle might just be the perfect fit given it provides a pair of Bluetooth headphones and a lightweight armband that fits most mobile devices with a display up to 5 inches. Built-in…

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  • Value $99.99
  • Discount 71%
  • You Save $70.00

$90 off Philips DC 390137 Speaker

No holiday party is complete without the perfect playlist and speakers. This season look to Philips’ DC390137 speaker dock to meet your listening needs. This speaker sports a stylish aluminum design that is sure to impress. Philips uses Dynamic Bass Boost to enhance the low end at every volume…

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  • Value $149.99
  • Discount 61%
  • You Save $90.00

10% off iPhone Protection

Giving or expecting a new iPhone this year? Be sure it is covered from the accidental tumble or spill with With next day replacement and unlimited claims, there should be no reason not to protect your new gift. For one more reason to protect your new iPhone, DT is offering an…

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  • Value $5.99
  • Discount 10%
  • You Save $0.59

10% off Tablet Protection Plan

With the holidays rapidly approaching now is the perfect time to be sure your tablet is covered. Between little guest and holiday parties, who knows when your tablet may take a fall or be mistaken for a coaster. You can rest assured that your tablet will be covered from accidental damage with…

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  • Value $5.99
  • Discount 10%
  • You Save $0.59

10% off Smartphone Protection Plan

Everyone knows the feeling of dropping their smartphone and wondering if it survived. With coverage from Protect Your Bubble you would no longer have to worry. Protect Your Bubble covers cracked screens and liquid damage and with unlimited claims and next day replacement there is never a reason to…

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  • Value $5.99
  • Discount 10%
  • You Save $0.59

Over 60% Off OtterBox Defender for Samsung Tablets

When it comes to phone and tablet cases, manufacturers tend to focus on blending unique design with useful protection. This normally equates to a product that sacrifices some substance for style. Thankfully, the OtterBox Defender is not one of those products. Not only does the behemoth case comes…

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  • Value $89.95
  • Discount 57%
  • You Save $50.94

$950 off Samsung Curved H8000 Smart LED TV Series

It seems that Smart TV’s are the new norm, and with so many options, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Luckily Samsung’s Curved H8000 Smart TV series is a clear winner, sporting arange of curved displays with 1080p resolution. The device’s panoramic effect results in a picture that…

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  • Value $2,249.99
  • Discount 43%
  • You Save $952.00

$500 off Panasonic TC-60AS530U Smart TV

If you haven’t capitalized on a Smart TV quite yet, now may be a good time to do so. Not only do Smart TVs tout access to apps typically reserved for external hardware, but they also allow you to remotely cast your own photos, videos, and other content in high definition on your TV…

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  • Value $1,299.99
  • Discount 39%
  • You Save $500.00