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Maingear Torq review

Maingear's futuristic-looking Torq looks like a prop from a sci-fi movie, is heavy and powerful, and is the most expensive desktop Digital Trends has ever reviewed. See Full Review »

Our Score 7
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Dell Inspiron One 23 review

  • Attractive design
  • Low-contrast display
  • Poor audio quality
Our Score 6.5
User Score 0

Origin Millennium (2013) review

  • Small enclosure
  • Easy to repair and upgrade
  • Cooling fans are loud, even at idle
Our Score 8.5
User Score 0

Acer Aspire Z3-605 review

  • Simple but functional design
  • Excellent display
  • Plain exterior lacks style
Our Score 6.5
User Score 0

Asus M51AC-US016S review

  • Low-key design with lots of connectivity
  • Quality motherboard with room for upgrades
  • Case has just one empty drive bay
Our Score 8.5
User Score 4.0

Dell XPS 27 Touch review

  • Excellent Design
  • Great 2,560 x 1,440 display
  • Plastic backside feels a bit flimsy for a premium…
Our Score 9
User Score 10.0

Dell XPS 8700 Special Edition review

  • Very fast, 4th-gen CPU
  • Dedicated sound card
  • More RAM than most will ever use
Our Score 7.5
User Score 0

Acer Predator G3 (AG3-605-UR20) review

  • Good, functional design
  • Simple and easy to upgrade
  • Game performance doesn’t set records
Our Score 8
User Score 0

HP Envy Rove 20 review

  • Quality display
  • Mundane design
  • Too heavy and bulky for tablet use
Our Score 5
User Score 0

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When you buy a desktop computer, you're making a statement. You're telling the world (or, at least, the part of the world that sees your desk) that you have serious computing to get done, serious screen real estate to occupy, and serious space to take up. It's a bold move in an increasingly mobile age and it begs a host of very specific questions before you put your money where your desk space used to be. We want to make sure you're not getting a power-sucking vampire machine or one so loud its fan speed goes to 11 while also ensuring the computer you're thinking about meets your needs. Whether you're looking for a behemoth gaming machine or an attractive all-in-one, we'll run the tests and parse the jargon so you know what you're getting and whether or not you should be getting it.

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