Lytro Camera Review

All Specifications

Type Point and shoot
Features Touchscreen
Optical Zoom 8x
Width 1.61"
Height 1.61"
Depth 4.1"
Weight 7.55oz
File Output .lfp (Light Field Picture)
Focus Constant f/2
Storage 8GB, 16GB
Storage Type Internal flash drive.
Technology Lytro Light Field Sensor and Lytro Light Field Engine 1.0.
Display 1.52 in | 38.55mm back-lit LCD display with glass touchscreen.
Battery Long-life Li-Ion internal battery.
File Output Light field picture file (.lfp).
Light Field Resolution 11 Megarays: the number of light rays captured by the light field sensor.
Software Includes a free desktop application for importing, processing and interacting with living pictures from the camera. It is built for Mac OS and requires Mac OS 10.6.6 or higher. A Windows application is in development.