Samsung NX3000

We haven't had a chance to fully test this product yet, but we've assembled this helpful overview of relevant information on it.

The Samsung NX3000 is an interchangeable lens digital camera featuring a well-developed software suite, 3.0″ articulating display, and Wi-Fi connectivity. The 20.3 megapixel CMOS sensor is high quality for detailed shots in JPG or RAW, and the kit includes a lens and external flash for serious quality and lighting. The software package includes remote viewfinder functionality, as well as a series of other services. The NX Mount has a wide variety of available lens types so you can change it up whenever you need to.

Release Information

  • $530.00

Key Features

  • 20.3 megapixel CMOS sensor
  • 3.0″ articulating screen
  • NX Mount compatible
  • Wi-Fi connectivity

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