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AT&T boosts price of unlimited data – DT Daily

If you’re one of those AT&T Wireless customers sticking with the service for the sole reason that you’re grandfathered into its old unlimited data plan, then prepare yourself for a rate hike. AT&T announced that legacy customers still grasping onto the plan discontinued five years ago will be getting charged an additional $5 per phone, raising the existing rate to $35.

AT&T left well enough alone for seven years, but customer’s bills will go up in February 2016. Of course, $35 is still a bargain for unlimited data these days, even if AT&T reserves the right slow down your speed if you blow through more than 22 gigs per month. Caution: If you switch plans in defiance, the option for the unlimited plan goes away forever.

VR is the new frontier in video –you may have noticed it’s popping up everywhere now. And while the solutions for watching VR video can come as cheap as the cost of a smartphone and a piece of cardboard, the cameras needed to capture it … well that’s an entirely different matter. They are complicated and, therefore, expensive. Case in point: Nokia’s amazing new OZO professional VR camera, which comes in at the staggering price of … $60 thousand dollars.

Yeah, you probably won’t be finding one under your Christmas tree this year, but that 60 grand gets you some seriously sweet tech. Unlike other VR cameras that take tons of time and horsepower to render VR video, the OZO can do it on the fly, in real time, and show it to you as you record it. The orbish camera also captures 360 degree audio to go with the video, and it’s wireless, to boot!

And finally, if you’ve been preparing to channel your inner Clark Griswold and go ballistic with your holiday light display this year, you might want to consider the fact that your eye-searing display could be negatively affecting your Wi-Fi signal.

According to U.K. telecommunications giant Ofcom, all those pretty lights are slowing your Wi-Fi down, and this isn’t just some holiday urban legend. The science is pretty simple: Anything that generates electromagnetic fields can get in the way of your Wi-Fi signal. So really, you’re just adding to the havoc that your microwave, electrical system and other stuff is already wreaking on your signal.

You didn’t want to slave for hours in the bitter cold hanging those things up anyway, did you? Ok, then, now you’re off the hook … and you’re welcome.