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DT Daily: Apple iPad leak, smart door lock, Darth Vader runs for office

Today on DT Daily: Apple lets their iPads slip, maybe, a door lock for the 21st century and Darth Vader is running for office. 

Apple is revealing some new hardware today – at least officially – but unofficially, it looks like they accidentally revealed some of their new tech toys a day early.

The eagle-eyed Apple-obsessed team over at 9to5 Mac spotted a page yesterday that appears to have been accidentally posted showing off Apple’s two new iPads. Photos show the new iPads look almost identical to last year’s models, but now have a Touch ID sensor at the bottom, a faster A8X processor, and gold color options, of course. It also appears that iOS 8.1 with Apple Pay is set for release.

What didn’t show up on the maybe accidental page? The rumored and massive 13-inch iPad Pro, so we’re still waiting to see if that materializes this year. Or at all.

We know that dealing with cutting-edge tech is just another part of your day. The Internet, smartphones, electric cars and all the rest have changed your life. So why are you still unlocking your door with a key like its 1714?

Well, partly because those fancy new e-locks are spendy! You’ve got coffee to buy, we understand. Anyway, the folks over at August Smart Lock are hoping you see the light and pick up this fancy but stylish new device, which costs between $200 and $250 and is available now. Cool features include the fact you just install it over your deadbolt – no need to buy a new door or tear out your old lock. Also, it runs on regular batteries.

Of course there’s an app for it, and you can send time-limited digital keys to anyone with a smartphone, be it the plumber, dogwalker, your couch-surfing brother or, you know, that someone special. August claims the lock is not hackable, and it’ll be showing up in the Apple store next week.

And finally, it’s anything BUT politics as usual in the Ukraine and not because of their war, er, disagreement with Russia. It’s because Darth Vader is running for office. That’s right, the dark lord is back and he’s heading up the political arm of the Ukranian Internet Party, which claims 11 million members on their otherwise non Star Wars-themed website.

But the high point of the campaign has to be the ads, which feature Vader, his many minions and even Chewbacca cleaning up the city, fighting crime and having a rousing if unsettling rally in a large city. Even the press conferences are a sight to behold.

Anyway, the big election is October 26 and we’ll know then if the dark side of the force is strong in the Ukraine.